Uranus Square Pluto – When Is The Last Time You Tried Something New?

scorpio-plaquePeople have a broad variety of problems. I hear about then in a variety of ways.

Some people are in a crisis, but others are merely stuck.

They may be stuck in fear. They may be stuck for any number of reasons, but a good percentage of them are stuck because they just won’t try anything new.

I was talking to a client awhile back. He’d been trying and failing at something for two years. Two years!

“Do you fish?” I asked.

“I do,” he said.

“If you showed up at a pond, every day for two years and never caught a fish, would you continue to fish that pond..?”

I don’t know why people do this. It’s not because they’re stupid. In most cases, it just doesn’t occur to them that radical change may be the only answer. Hard core, experimentation!

Most people do come to a time when they truly have to recreate themselves. They’ve got to toss worn out believes about themselves or others. They have to lose 100 pounds. They’ve got to realize that whatever they’re doing doesn’t work, and hasn’t worked in years.

It’s not scary. It’s like walking ‘cross a room and turning on the light.

Uranus in aspect to Pluto will allow you to try new things. So many people wear worn out labels. Do you remember when it was cool to be a “bitch” or even a “flaming bitch” or “bitch on steroids”?  This sounds ridiculous today.

The Sun is conjunct Venus in Scorpio today.  What a great time to burn off the dross and rise from ashes.

When is the last time you changed your label, on any level?



Uranus Square Pluto – When Is The Last Time You Tried Something New? — 14 Comments

  1. People rarely know “how to”. Is why the How To books do so well. Then too people are stubborn… like me and decide that everything around them should change to fit “the Queen”. Hahaha damn fixed signs!

  2. Seriously, when the kids started school I went in to complain about the early 8:20am start. I said… I can never get them here at that time. The secretary just looked at me and said well…do your best!
    I opposed saying why not start at 9 am? Like some of the other schools. My last one is a senior in high school now and whenever that lady sees me she laughs and says remember when? Tells me she has been telling that story for years because it always gets a laugh. But I’ll tell ya… I was completely serious. Guess that’s what made it so funny! hahaha

  3. I’ve been in ruts twice in my adult life. The first time I moved to Vegas, the second time to Alaska 🙂 Radical change is aweeeeesome. It solved my problems completely. I’m pretty mutable, change is easy for me.

    • Oh, Jilly. I’m sorry your health has taken such a drastic turn. Much peace to you.
      I priced a pre-plan for my mother at the suggestion of her attorney and the nursing home. I need to finalize and pay for it. It turns out, as you probably know, when a person has spent all their money and use Medicaid for nursing home care, the ONLY money not considered an asset is the $10,000 paid for a pre-planned funeral.
      Also, you may want to have your house value reassessed. I also found out the full PVA taxed value is expected to be used as an asset. Mother’s house is now reassessed at a lower value.
      Best wishes.

      • I’m OK – just thinking about the future! I do have to figure out long term care options per my geneticist though – maybe when Saturn is opp my Moon next year….

  4. I’m stuck in this crap job which is sucking the life out of me with no (astrological)opportunity for escape until January.

    My SO is facing big changes. He’s been eating junk for a while and letting himself go-now his blood sugar is at diabetes level and he truly must est better and lose weight. He also needs to do something about the work situation-renew his certifications or more education. He hasn’t figured out what yet. Very stubborn Virgo.

  5. I changed my label in a huge way 10 years ago and it was so liberating! Now I feel like something the cat dragged in and for the life of me i can’t figure out how to change the label again – or find the energy to do so!

  6. If you told me on January 1 that I would be running the egg business and going to farmer’s markets, I would have laughed in your face! Can’t complain – it’s a great job.

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