Uranus Square Pluto Transit To Mercury – Personal Upheaval

The Uranus Pluto transit to my natal Mercury has created tremendous upheaval in my life. Nothing bad has happened. But in the last couple months, we’ve decided to move ‘cross country, a year sooner.  I’ve planted grass over my garden, torn up the kitchen and now the bathroom.

I’ve given a truckload of stuff to my neighbor, who likes to have yard sales. I don’t want to move this stuff, or sell it, so this is the easiest way to clear things out and reward a good neighbor (Mercury) in the process.

I’ve stopped talking on the phone, almost entirely, for reasons I never anticipated. For one thing, my husband, who used to be home about four days a month, is now here twenty-four days a month.  This has changed my daily routine, dramatically.

I also started taking classes, twice a week in the evening (Mercury in the 9th / education). Between all this and the consultations I do, free time is hard to come by.

Our house was also hit by a hail storm a couple weeks ago. They’ll be pounding nails into the new roof soon. We also need to replace, gutters and windows and have the front of the house painted.

Most notable of all, I went to a doctor for something I thought was routine. I’ve been going to doctors since, because something is terribly wrong. I expect to get a diagnosis this week, but who knows.

I do know that the diagnoses, when it comes, will be devastating. But not to me, of course. I don’t have that gene.

My thought (Mercury) about all of this, is that it is interesting (Mercury). These planets aspect my natal Mars, next. I don’t see anything calming down in the next six months or so.

In spite of how this sounds, I feel happy and I do not feel worried or afraid. I’ve had numerous problem for a number of years. If anything, I am glad this story is advancing, even if it is advancing somewhere bad.

I think this is due to my 9th house. Experience educates. The quality of that experience is irrelevant.

No matter what happens, I’m going to get something good out of it. I really see no other possibility.

How is the Uranus Pluto playing in your life?


Uranus Square Pluto Transit To Mercury – Personal Upheaval — 39 Comments

  1. I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and prayers. I read somewhere that we should look on our challenges in life as choices we made before coming here. Obstacles we chose to conquer in this lifetime. Whatever our problems are, we knew coming in what we were taking on. Don’t know if that helps or not…it helps me. Much love to you always.

    • That is so strange. I went to a physic in a town in Florida who said I checked very many items to experience on “The Board” before coming here again. And, yikes!

  2. All the best Elsa amongst those changes. I hope your health matter has some way of being alleviated.

    The square has mostly been affecting my relationship and asking me to adapt and transform myself for the purpose of partnership. Not an easy process (suffer from some anxiety about the unpredictable) but a really helpful long-term one.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I feel like I am going somewhere and can deal with the clunky transit.

      The work on the bathroom is about 5-6 days, total. But it’s been drug out for almost 4 weeks, due to weird things happening, like the contractor is sick, had to move on short notice, or whatever.

      And we were going to move in April, then we were going to move in November, now it’s May…but it doesn’t much matter. In the end, we’ll be moved, one way or the other. And the bathroom will be done, one way or the other. And I will have a Dx, one way or the other.

      At least the site is fixed…that was worst! 🙂

  3. I truly wish I could be as even-keeled as you, Elsa. You have helped me so much, indirectly, with your posts both on the blog and in the forums. You have an incredible amount of insight.

    I know we are perfect strangers but I still can’t help but hope for the best for you, your results, and your family and loved ones in regards to this situation.

  4. It just occurred to me that Uranus/Pluto squaring Dad’s Mercury in Libra might be connected to his A-fib diagnosis and treatment. Pluto is squaring his Mercury exact now, and he just had procedures done to fix his heart rhythm. This problem only surfaced recently.

  5. It’s better to have a diagnosis and do what you need to do to get better. It might feel worse, knowing and dealing, but it is better. I’ve found illness to be the most powerful teacher, and bizarrely, a route to happiness…not that I haven’t suffered, quite the contrary, but my body wisdom has forced me to make changes I needed to make but never would have had the strength to do if I’d had any other option. If you can learn the lessons gracefully and make the changes quickly, the body may not need to scream as loudly.

    I wish you all the best, Elsa. I find myself thinking of you often, with gratitude, respect and appreciation.

    I do flower essence consultations and blends, by donation and over the phone. I’m happy to send you a custom blend gratis, if that’s of interest to you.
    Best of luck!!

  6. On Wednesday June 13, 2013 Uranus hit Aries at 12 degrees and opposed my first house Libra Saturn exactly. I had a heart attack while leading a dance exercise class. It was mild and my prognosis is good but then on January 23, 2014 Pluto hit Capricorn at 12 degrees and squared my natal Saturn I had a second cardio episode that required hospitalization but wasnot a full blown heart attack. With a four planet Libra stellium straddling the first and second houses I know this is a long term experience for me. It has already crossed my first house Libra Mars and during that time I think I began to look after my own welfare and desires in a way I had not done before (or at least in decades)and part of those desires was taking on fitness seriously. I became a certified aerobic instructor at 57 and I really believe it prepared for the health crisis I have been facing. I’m more in touch with my body as a whole.

    I hope you find that spur of strength when your Mars meets this aspect.

    I will have it near Saturn for a while after that is second house Neptune and then Venus.

  7. I have not had Pluto or Uranus directly aspecting my own chart but I discovered a while ago that my relationship chart (composite) is!! The grand cross or parts thereof have been crossing exactly on the angles! Ahhhhh.

    It was kind of a relief to have an explanation for all the ups and downs.

    I have grown sooo much… through tremendous drama and trauma and yet even though it is hard sometimes… its also quite fascinating as we seem to be actually changing and morphing daily. I keep thinking this is it its over as we weather another crisis then somehow we seem to stay with it and grow through it and there’s another rainbow after the storm.

    I have sun merc in 9th so I too love to learn from whatever I am going through. This has been intense and I am still there… hanging on for the ride.

    And there is lots of good stuff as well (or I would still be here)

    BTW: Wishing you so much love and light on your healing journey. What an adventure this life is!!

  8. Hi Elsa, I’m watching your blog closely since my mercury (17 Capricorn)will be ‘crushed’ by pluto and uranus pretty soon. My mercury (on end of eighth / cusp of ninth house) is exactly square my Aries moon (17 degrees) conjunction saturn (18) in 12th house, so I’m expecting some trials soon (uranus will conjunct my moon and square my merc in March next year, so it’s coommming soon!) I’ve weathered a pluto conjunction sun in eighth house capricorn and even though it left me soul-scorched I can see the benefits and feel ready to take on the squares and conjunctions ahead. There’s been nothing like these series of Pluto / Uranus squares to redefine ourselves – from the inside out – not merely cosmetic. The Ur-plu squares have been hellishly hard but that’s what has been needed to reshape us, to ready us for the challenge of being better than we ever imagined. I love your take on things, particularly your straight-talking honesty. Keep on sharing Elsa, we need that.

  9. Elsa–I see you are taking this in good spirits which is the only way…sending you energy and sympatico. Im heading to brain surgery Thursday on the Solar Eclipse. And the man I spoke to you about summer before last? has been in chemo since Jan. Both recurrrances of conditions we’d had the same year, long before we met! Eat organic and stay fit as you can to weather the storm! You are surrounded with love! Namaste.

  10. Elsa, sending back to you the love you send out in your blog. When you are ready to say more, we are here. But for now, know that many people you have helped are sending that positive energy your way.

  11. I don’t know why but I keep thinking about Edgar Cayce : / Pluto, Mercury, Uranus. What’s happening with Chiron I wonder, and is there a
    link with the Forum, it seems so fundamental. For me I think it’s conj. natal Saturn in Pisces. I wonder what he is doing right now…

  12. I am sending you well wishes. Pluto conjunct my north node square my Mercury and of course Uranus is opposite. I spent 65 days in bed with a torn disc figuring out how to rearrange life. Sounds like you are doing the same and that you are coming to a new way of living life not just spiritually but mentally and with your health. The highs can be high and the lows can be low. My thoughts are with you and everyone else who is having their but kicked by U/P. I will visualize you making a smooth life transition.

  13. Just read the details == I’m so sorry but so glad it’s not worse. You will prevail! You are the healthiest looking, strongest, most energetic sick person on earth! Your voice, your smile, your wit, your humor, your moxie, your indomitable spirit, your brilliant mind will pound Lupus into the ground! And you will feel better soon now that you’ll be on the right meds. ((((Huge hugs!)))

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