CONTROL: Uranus Square Pluto, Saturn & Cardinal Energy In General

With Uranus set to square Pluto into 2015, CONTROL is going to be an ongoing theme. With Venus conjunct Saturn, Mars conjunct Pluto on Saturn-ruled Capricorn, and the Moon in Aries setting off the Uranus/Pluto square, I thought this would be a good thing write about today.

I see a lot of people stressed over their inability to control events and the actions of others. In some cases, rules are being made for us. In other cases, we are having to make rules, we’d rather not.

As an example of the former, I’d rather not have my crotch grabbed in order to get on a plane. As an example of the latter, we had to ban political discussion on the boards here, because the conflicts that arose were unrelenting and destructive.

I am also seeing people spectacularly pissed when people STILL don’t see things their way or fall into line and there is no right side here. It’s clash that I want to highlight.

We are simply going to have to live with intense (Pluto) conflict (Aries) over the next couple of years, while Uranus and Pluto square off. It makes sense to devise a strategy (Aries) to survive this (Pluto)…and defend (Saturn) your psyche (Scorpio).

I don’t think whining is not going to be effective in this climate. Either is endlessly lamenting whatever it is you feel you have lost. Pushing square pegs into round holes, has never worked since the beginning of time, and a person cannot control the thoughts and feelings of the people around them.

If you take things like this that don’t work, off the table, it makes it easier to focus on things you can do that will be helpful, effective and workable.

Do you have a plan for your life? If so, how did you manage this?

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CONTROL: Uranus Square Pluto, Saturn & Cardinal Energy In General — 19 Comments

  1. You know what? I’ve been chafing at some of the restrictions I’m facing in my inner life lately. However, I have to accept them, I can’t do much about them.

    No wonder I started feeling stifled as I felt like more and more restrictions were coming into my life this week. But I’m doing my best to deal with them.

    I’m seeking freedom via the 10th house route, but I realize I’m still going to have to tackle 1st house-7th house themes (learning how to express my needs while dealing with other people is a huge challenge for me). I think I can work with the 3rd house-9th house challenge, but I think later on, the 10th house-4th house challenges (they are difficult now, but I think when I move out, they will be easier) will be easier to deal with.

    Thank you for highlighting this Elsa. Now I’m feeling much calmer in the face of obstacles.

  2. I have a plan. And much as dorchid said, I focus on that. I’ve said repeatedly around here, I don’t have time right now for anything that doesn’t contribute to the plan.

    If this fails, it will not be because I didn’t commit and execute.

  3. great post !

    learning to defend my psyche is HUGE these days. And seeing all the ways and hows of not having developed this skill…

    strategy ?
    just left a bad marriage & am in training for a more suitable job situation. back in therapy.
    Patience. Setting boundaries with others for once. Protect myself . more patience. did I mention patience as my primary strategy ?

    thanks for the valuable info…

  4. I had a plan and it blew up. Thank you Uranus and Pluto, you fuckwits! Lol

    I am just going to devise a new plan. Call me crazy or even ineffectual but having to concoct a new plan under these circumstances is not the end of the world for me. It’s happened before…I’m sure it will happen again.

    Some things in my life (art) are going spectacularly. I have to remind myself of that when shit starts to hit the fan. My romantic life is amazingly good. I’m well supported by the people who love me, even if I don’t see them that often.

    There is always something to be grateful for. Always. I try to remember that, as a general coping strategy.

  5. My plan is forming. It will be a heck of few years ahead of me- libra in me will have to work overtime or scorpio will sting. I am focusing on the 1 house nn- keeping in mind that some things will have to be left in the dust….

  6. I love how you lay out the issue, and open up options for dealing. Yes, I have a plan and when the net which once held me fast, but is now riddled with holes swings my way I wait it out. Not so easily seduced.

    My art, like Kashmiri, is my solid bridge to getting through. Fiction and parables sort out the conflicts and write themselves through me. Merc and Scorpio along with Chiron natally support my Saturn heavy chart , instead of fight, I write!

    @Shannon … yeah, I commit to the plan and make the art support the effort … and execute.

    Thanks Elsa, I’m taking this one to the ‘bank.’

  7. I shall be flowing like water until 2017. My eye is on the prize. There are like a gazillion landmines around me that would probably blow up if I engaged them. It’s so bad that I probably won’t be uttering many words to my family for the next 5 years. I can’t afford to. If anyone has a problem with me or anyone else in the family (which they will), they are free to talk to me about it but I have no input and they will be speaking to my smiling hologram. I’m so detached it’s scary. I don’t want to be like this but this is truly a matter of survival for me. I cannot tell you the minor squabbles I stupidly got involved with per the request of family members this past year. These squabbles were an energy drain and just plain stupid. Under Saturn in Scorpio, I am barely making it energy wise and don’t have energy to spare on conflicts. This is my first time living among my family in 18 years so I’d forgotten how to navigate being around them while avoiding the toxicity. After this last year, I certainly relearned. Detach, detach, detach…..and act fast and efficiently to rebuild my life thoroughly and solidly. So solid that I won’t ever have to come back here again. So solid that a hurricane or natural disaster won’t send me back. Rock solid with insurances plans, long term care insurance, IRA’s, 401ks, car warranties, great credit. You name it, I want it if it keeps me independent and on my own. The only thing I can control is how well I can adjust and how well I can plan/build my life. If I see conflict in my path, I’m flowing under it or around it…..or going in the opposite direction period.

  8. I have to say that the Mars conjunct Pluto is a very heavy-handed aspect, but the square to Uranus has freed me, suddenly, from a terrible job situation and several personal situations that were not working anymore.

    In my chart, transiting Mars/Pluto opposes my MC, while Uranus squares that and is conjunct my 7th house cusp. I left my job after 20 years because I knew they planned to replace me with a younger, cheaper worker. I had had enough one day, went on vacation and never returned!

    I had a high position of responsibility at the company, but my management created an oppressive environment for me when Pluto/Mars approached opposition with my MC. I was being set up. I also am in my second Saturn return right now, but thats another story.

    The Uranus square to the Mars/Pluto conjunction was sort of a blessing for me and I am doing much better now. I let go of many professional associations and a job that just wasn’t for me anymore. It was a traumatic experience, all the way around. The Mars/Pluto energy is a very ruthless combination, especially if its in opposition to the MC. There was no way to overcome it in my case. I won by leaving.

    I don’t really have a solid plan at the moment. I basically will do some kind of computer consulting when I go back to work, but I am going to be 59 in December, so some kind of semi-retirement is also on my mind. I’ve worked for more than 40 years, so a little freedom feels pretty good to me at the moment and I’m enjoying that immensely.

  9. After reading this entry, I was reminded of an old song:

    Elsewhere by Sarah McLachlan

    For anyone who is looking for a strategy, and especially after Saturn in Libra with all the “reaching out and reaching in and holding out and holding in”, I am reminding myself to be myself.

    I think its a good idea to:
    Finding the calm inside yourself
    Finding a space where you can breathe
    Create a heaven for no one else but you
    A place within yourself and your own life that you can defend and feel proud of

    And, most of all, to live your life the way you feel is right for you;
    it might not be right for others but it’s right for you…

  10. As it happens, this is a very good description for what’s been going on in my life for the past couple of months. I have been really focused on controlling events and situations. I’ve taken up the idea that I have to do everything or else there will be nothings. So I’ve made a ton of plans this year and been spectacularly dissapointed by some of them. Also I am a scorpio and the most significant person in my life is an aquarius. Most days we get on well but this year we’ve been locked in a reoccurring argument that has been turning happy moments of celebration into difficult stressfull moments. I don’t want to keep banging heads but dropping the issue would feel like accepting defeat or pretending that the outcome isn’t important. Thoughts?

  11. Aquarius rising and Mars in Aquarius to the fore. Showed the door to the control freak who tied up my wind chimes and told me not to hum. Not looking for approval from anybody really does equal freedom. Survive, detach, remain compassionate, behind closed doors do blessing prayers for the needy, cull, cull, cull.

  12. I am 27 still in a 20 year battle with my father who is an aquarius also. I’m a leo he’s my opposite but damn. He is a bully and then somehow always turns himself into a victim and even when he is blantantly in the wrong he will not apologize. He brushes and from my scardy pisces mom even she admitted he has a dismissive attitude towards me. I don’t know why, three years ago I left the father of my two children after five years of him in and out. For the first time he put hands on me and I dropped him. A wonderful guy came into my life with a daughter of his own and ever since he has taken better care in three years of my kids and I. Everyone but my father likes him, my dad likes my abusive shit baby father but the good guy gets shot down. Now I’m expecting my third with new guy and I still can’t tell my fam. Tom I go to housing court to rid this stupid ud I got from bd finally and hopefully in a month my guy and I can finally move in. I’m good for my bf since his bm is a piece of shit. His family dislikes me even though his daughter loves me, his bm makes hell even 3 yrs ltr and after she just had another baby. His gma treats me like ish because she’s a scorpio, ggb is a scorpio and bm is taurus. So I’m fighting with them he’s fighting with my dad. Holidays are horrible because neither will let us come in. I’m super stressed. My kids have tried to talk to their gpa about their dads behavior and how they love their step dad more for what he does and how he takes care of them still even tho he can’t come in. Its hard talking to aquarius my dad is a pain in the ass. I confront him for an answer and he dances me around the room. He can’t think of a reason to dislike my new guy he has a job blah blah. Everytime there was a blowup my father made it over his daughter which would set my bf off. I ride with my bf because everyone knows what he dealing with. Bm brings him to court over any feeling she has. His gma creates issues, his mother died when he was in hs and father incarcerated since forver. He has nobody but me and his gma who is aging and has her own problems. My mom likes him and tries to talk to my dad but its his house. Idk. Weird.

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