Uranus Square Pluto: Rebelling Against Taboo

Astrologers agree, Uranus square Pluto is a big one. The transit is in effect into 2015 so there will be a lot to say on the topic. (tag Uranus square Pluto). A transit like this will manifest in an endless number of ways, in personal lives as well as in the collective as a whole.  Pluto is associated with taboo and Uranus with the unexpected and rebellion.  These planets in combination, disturb.

One thing I’m noticing is that I am seeing more and more OVERT racism and other forms of bigotry.  It has become taboo to consider race in our society and people are rebelling against this restriction and I don’t think they are going to stop.

Uranus in Aries is reckless for one thing. It’s reckless and independent and it’s not going to be stopped by rules (Capricorn) that are in the process of decaying (Pluto). 

On the flip side, Pluto in Capricorn (power structure) is not going to cower at the sight of all these angry (Aries) individuals (Uranus) so we have a epic clash setting up here.

Note that what is taboo (Pluto) is changing (Uranus).

How do you Uranus Pluto square playing in your life?



Uranus Square Pluto: Rebelling Against Taboo — 19 Comments

  1. Uranus has been stomping all over my Chiron and North Node, and therefore Pluto is now squaring off against them, and about to square off against my Uranus and Jupiter. :-/

  2. though i don’t want its only gone be destruction from here on.
    Pluto is not happy with whats happening and Uranus will not rest until he adds his uranium to plutonium. So you can expect.

    Saturn soon heading to Scorpio and mutual conception it looks like from my point of view they will be supportive of each other for a long time to come. But the midpoint pluto will force Saturn in his house and saturn will try to impose structure for pluto. But we have uranus battling with pluto so saturn will be in his highest fall.

    Pluto and uranus will work together forcing saturn. With his epic fail in the house of scorpio.

    SATURN will pay his Karma! 🙂

  3. Spot on. It’s been brewing for the past 3 years with Pluto transits. I’ve had to deal with this all my life, except now I can sort people by their reactions and standards. If I’m going to be stigmatized and demonized for all sorts of things by a variety of people, then I’m doing my best to learn as much as I can about their race and culture to fight back for myself.

    It helps me sort things out in reality, not utopia, and find ways to reach people at their core a lot faster, to stand my ground, or convey that I can use my heritage to my advantage. It’s exhausting though, and let me tell you being female doubles the work. It’s reality that I may lose to some, but I’m not going to just roll over without a fight. I do find that when I act out the Saturn-Pluto, I get huge backlash in the form of kindergarten behavior in young men I have to deal with.

  4. I think the rise in overt racism, or any ism for that matter is tied to one’s dawning perception of newly lowered status. As someone who works with many different races, it has always been apparent to me that the “minorities” were much more vocal in their racism, while the standard for the “ruling” class was to insist benignly that “we are all the same”. Well, now with the economic crisis, housing crisis, loss of face internationally, etc., the “ruling” class is not so smug and therefore not so benign. The levels are changing and we’re probably going to see more of this as people of all races & statuses try to maintain their level or move up the ladder.

  5. @Chelley, I hear your ‘read’. “The levels are changing” but I believe the real changes will come when Pluto levels things broadly, flattening the curve, and turning the ladder horizontal rather than vertical.

  6. My Capricorn Moon is involved with this (and natally, Uranus and Pluto aspect my Moon, too). I am certain my family will be unrecognizable in physical form by the end of this. It’s okay. Life continues and I am resolved to live life as best I can with whatever challenges I face.

  7. With a square like this, what I tend to expect is more “one then the other” but not “both”. So, a person might wind up impulsively having some sex in the middle of a bunch of clowns, for example. That’d probably be more Uranus like that pluto. After they had sex in the clowns, then they whip and chain the clowns with no sex. Now we have pluto.

    I see it more as “individuality vs the urge to merge” which can obviously create some taboo.

  8. It sounds like nuclear (Uranus) war (Aries) amongst the powers that be (Pluto in Cap) to me.

    These transits have Uranus conjunct my Chiron in Aries, square Pluto on my ASC in Capricorn. I’ve already been thru the ringer, and I dread the unpredictability of transiting Uranus added to the mix.

  9. I’ve been reckless in a lot of areas for a while now. I said bye bye to being “nice” and I’m just real. It’s made me really uncomfortable. But I think it is a good thing to show one’s true colors. Even if they are hideous :/

  10. I’ve seen a rise in pedophilia in the media. Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs ad (and she’s on Cosmo) & that French 10-year-old model that poses in WTF fashion ads.

    Anonymous, that group of hackers, acted on threats to crash the servers of various HUGE pedophiliac websites with enormous databases and $$$ coming through.

    I think this is going to culminate in the revealing of the secret child prostition rings in the US and around the world that involve the rich and powerful.


  11. This involves my 11th, 2nd and 8th houses. While Uranus is in the early degrees of Aries it is in opposition with my natal Pluto and squaring Natal Jupiter. Pluto has moved off (now 5 degrees from) my natal Jupiter and Pluto and is moving toward a square with my Mars.

    There are a lot of things breaking down–too much to describe really. But, I still have faith (Jupiter).

  12. In local news here, a teenage daughter found her mother dead in the kitchen, with her head bludgeoned in. They are an Iraqi family. There was a note calling her mother a terrorist and telling them to go back to their own country.

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