Uranus Square Pluto: Force of Nature

This gal has the angles of her chart at 10 degrees Cardinal.

“…It will be like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. You’ll be in a new land very soon, so I would just hang like a loose tooth and wait for the force of nature, headed your way…”

Here are the exact dates and degrees of the Uranus Pluto square.

Have you ever been pretty much, picked up and put down somewhere new?

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Uranus Square Pluto: Force of Nature — 17 Comments

  1. Elsa, I have my natal Chiron sitting at Aires 5 deg. So far I know, Chiron works with emotion. Then Should I expect uncertain and sudden emotional change/hit by this cardinal??

    I have Natal Uranus at 3 deg Libra, that is opposing by transiting Uranus.they are opposing each other, gives me sudden panic attack 🙁

  2. Yes, when Uranus crossed my MC back in 1990.

    Pluto will be there very soon (13 Cap). I just made a huge life change when Pluto crossed my moon (7 Cap), so more big changes will be afoot in the next couple of years…

  3. Thanks Elsa.
    Last time your questioned situation happened to me is at the start of this year (2012). I dropped in a completely new/bitter situation to deal with that I didn’t have any idea.Transiting Uranus & Mars was involved with my natal planets. I had to fight and survived but not easy.

  4. Yeah, about ten years ago actually. I should look at the transits and see what was going on then. 🙂

    Storm picked me up from the east coast and set me down in Los Angeles. What do you know?

  5. Have you ever been pretty much, picked up and put down somewhere new?

    Yes, almost literally. About every 10 years.

    My angles are at 6 degrees Cardinal, so it was on my Cap ASC near my birthday this year.
    The rest will hit all my Libra planets – Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury. Yay!

  6. Not even going to get started with U/P; born w/ both in the 12th, both retro. Suffice it to say I don’t even feel like I belong on this planet.

    @Sona, if Im reading you correctly, you had a rough start of 2012? If so, ditto here (major accident; took all year to heal), so you have company in that disastrous 2012 beginning. Hope things worked out better for you.

  7. Oh, goodie! My angles are 15 degrees of cardinal, so I’ll land in Oz in 2015. But first, let’s just see what those two planets have in store for me next May when they hit my moon at Cap 11…

  8. Twice in my life this has happened – I went from having one life to having something 180 degrees different in a year’s time. The first was the worst year of my life. If it could go wrong, it did. But after 15 months of this misery, it was like a switch was flipped and everything was golden – anything I wanted came my way. Go figure. The second time I was fat, depressed, no friends and unhappily married. A year later I’d lost 60 lbs., left my marriage, was happy and had lots of friends to support me.

  9. this is a cyclic occurrence in my life. it used to happen sometimes a couple times a year and then settled into once every 5-7ish years. now i feel raring to go with some subconscious urge to do it again (i seem to thrive on the prospect (sag moon) and then find the energy to create the new life (leo and jup close to MC). but a few years down the line, i feel the need to change everything again.
    its exhausting craving the change but being unable to see how to ‘maturely’ make it happen, i feel backed into a corner. this must have some connection to the corpses post but i am so neptuned out, i cant see it at the moment. its getting to be a really loooong moment lol

  10. My god, I can only hope… 😀 Uranus-Pluto will be near my angles perhaps as early as next year, but definitely by 2014 (I’m comfortable declaring that with a 3º orb *grins*).

    I am so ready. SO. Ready. I want the whirlwind — champing at the bit!

  11. My best friend’s Rising is at 10 degrees Cancer. I just found out today that she is two months pregnant with TWINS. Her IVF treatments took very well apparently. She will be in a new land very very very soon indeed. lol

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