Uranus Square Pluto: Complete Reorientation

Occasionally I work with someone who could benefit by completely re-working the priorities in their life. Sometimes the necessity to do this is forced upon a person. For example, serious illness may be involved or a divorce or a death in the family. In other cases, this just hangs out there as an option.

It’s not that a person is doing anything wrong, necessarily.  Boredom can push a person to this.

“Jeez, man. I have partnered with 7 alcoholics in a row. I’m going to stop here, change my MO and reinvent myself.”

I admit there are many who turn away from challenge like this, but there are many who do not. Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn create a climate conducive to total overhaul of your life.

How interested are you in change (Uranus) at a core (Pluto) level?


Uranus Square Pluto: Complete Reorientation — 24 Comments

  1. Good morning Elsa………
    I am so tired of Pluto in my first house by transit………Urnaus square to Pluto conjunt my north node opposing my Mars and South Node which are conjunt…a curse……my life has not been the same since June of 2009……….I have almost lost everything of material value and my career…….hoping I get to keep my home………
    what a mess…….I need a break big time…..progressed moon in the 12th n Sag and the progressed moon in my 4th conjunct my 5th….

  2. Just this morning I told the brilliant older woman who lives across the street that I have to keep remembering that who I am, and that’s enough to stop me from positioning myself as the pack mule like I am used to. At 53, the crone energy is within reach, although I feel more like a perennial rookie, always having to prove myself at the grunt tasks. That’s an old pattern, and time for it to go.

    Saturn crossing Ascendant and Neptune, + Uranus sq. Pluto, which is conj. natal Saturn right now. When I envision myself as the Saturn figure I look like, I can raise my game instantly. This is a game changer for me. And after the day I had yesterday, I’d best make a habit of this. Great way to start this morning, Elsa! Thanks-

  3. I had something like that happen in the early to mid 1990’s. I’d finally gotten rid of a fundamentally rotten girlfriend and determined that life was too short to put up with other people’s crap. I totally changed my life. I wonder if there was a similar sky back then. Too bad I don’t remember the date.

  4. @Sio – sometimes surgery is what’s needed to heal.

    I am constantly working on changing at the core, and have been for a few years now. I came to a crucial point in my life, and realized I need to overhaul how I move in the world.

    It’s been good work. Very hard, painful at times, but I’m not even half done, and I’m very happy with where I’m at.

  5. I have a stellium in Cancer so I suppose I don’t have a choice 😉

    My life has done a 180 in the past 3 years and still going strong.

  6. lots of changes have happened recently in my personal life, and the personal life of my partner – hes recently come to the end of a 3 yr long divorce battle, involving custody fights and arrangements, moving house, financial upheaval, career change, etc… and it obviously has effected the status of the relationship he and i have had, and the outlook for the future of our relationship… what i’ve been dealing with has been making choices to change habits of the past that were not allowing me to grow as an individual or for our relationship to grow in the way i wanted… ive had to set examples through ending old out-dated ways of doing things, and begining a new, healthier cycle that fosters the growth i am craving in my life. it feels very positive, like the light at the end of the tunnel, and im very hopeful for the next year when jupiter moves out of gemini, his sun sign, and into cancer, my sun sign! 🙂

  7. I wasn’t very interested in it at all. Wasn’t even aware of such a thing. But in hindsight there was a tension mounting. And when Uranus opposed natal pluto on MH well, all hell broke loose. And then there was more hell. And more hell. More than I could humanly endure. I was entrenched. I shut down, did as little as possible, scribbled nonsense in my journal until it turned into aha releases. Dealt with the stuff I had to deal with until it dissipated. I’m all about keepin it simple now. It was time I put my Self in the equation of life instead of everyone else’s demands. I was just thinking yesterday that I allowed my creative juices to be shut down. Not good.

    How easy to nutshell that period of my life now. It must be over. I’m different now but somehow the same. Renewal???

  8. Yes, I am interested, very much so. And not afraid of it; at least, I think I’m not. I’ve got my AC/DC axis involved in this next direct square, in addition to my Jupiter-Venus conjunction. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m changing what I can.

  9. As far as career goes, I’ll admit I’m sensing a forced bend in the road. I’m getting tired of doing what I’m doing.

  10. Very. natal Pluto cj MC in libra I ‘m doing this ovehaul thing right now. I’v been used to having to reconstruct over and over again, i didn’t have a choice. But i enjoy a challenge (moon juptier in aries) opposes pluto. I worked to.implement change and business model transformation programs in the enterprise… now i’m doing that with my own self! Pluto transiting my house 1 and uranus in 4.

  11. I’m a Taurus, so I’m not sure? Which is to say, yes, but can I actually deal with change enough to do it most of the time?

  12. I’d say I’m pretty interested in transforming at a core level, as I have pluto in aspect to so much of my chart. Uranus, not as much (though, I did rate higher than expected on Donna Cunningham’s Uranus test).

  13. ”Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn create a climate conducive to total overhaul of your life.”

    Wholly & completely….!!

    I have no choice right now…my career has come to a complete ‘spanner in the works’ scenario…

    Aries/Taurus cusp -rising
    Pluto/Saturn -Scorpio
    Neptune -Capricorn
    also..Venus/Pallas Athene/North Node & Lilith – in Taurus 1st house..!!!!

    Suffice to say i’m real (((F’d))) off about it right now..

    I remember a while ago.. someone here (cant remember who) writing a response to one of Elsa’s posts, quote;
    ”Feels like a grind stone across my tenth house”

    I can totally relate to that quote right now… :-/

  14. The down turn in my community’s economy (& a whole bunch of other personal crapola!) has crunched my earnings..so i am doing my best to think outside the box of how i can do a complete overhaul of my occupation/career right now…which has been totally unexpected..

    It means i have to ‘change’ from the inside & out also…with no turning back.

    This Uranus & Pluto square is going to crunch my ass..i can feel it already. But like a raging ram/bull ‘rising’ to the occasion…bring it on i say!!!

  15. I am working with this and Saturn in Scorpio is helping me. I am so grateful to be able to work my way to independance, even if it will take effort. And time.

  16. It has made me make a major liestyle and emotional change to improve my health and overall physical well-being.

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