Uranus Retrogrades Back Into Aries On Election Day, 2018

Uranus will retrograde back into Aries on November 6, 2018.  Aries is a Mars-ruled sign. It’s fast. When you put these energies together they signify speedy change.

Uranus is associated with freedom.  Mars is independent. It’s about the individual. There is nothing co-dependent happening here.

Add to this, Mars is currently Aquarius. These planets are in mutual reception.  Whatever happens, I don’t think it’s going to be cushy for anyone,

What do you think?

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Uranus Retrogrades Back Into Aries On Election Day, 2018 — 20 Comments

  1. That’s a really clear and concise look at the energies at play, Elsa. Well done!

    And thank you, because…

    Whatever the results of the elections tomorrow, everybody can come back to this post to get their bearings and (re-)align themselves properly to successfully go forth, with the new reality, whatever it will have become.

    I know I will.

  2. If these planets and signs were converted to items in a recipe, I would expect my kitchen to blow up. I’ve entered the data in my Iphone calendar and will be very observant.

  3. I notice that it will be early March 2019 before Uranus goes back into (Venus-ruled) Taurus.

    I betcha we will ALL be relieved when THAT happens.

    I suspect the intervening 4 months will be a little unsettling… starting tomorrow!

  4. Mixed blessing. Populism erupted during Uranus in Aries and a number of insane negative things happened that outweighed the positive things. I’m a d head for not putting in my absentee ballot. Don’t know how to atone. Hopefully my non-dumb idiots will show up for some non violent opposition.

  5. I don’t think relationships are gonna feel cushy for awhile, either!

    On a personal level…ST died (broke free from me) when Uranus sat at 28 Aries. His natal Uranus was 29 Libra. I wonder if the next four months will be a reversal, where I finally let go of him completely and move on.

  6. This point on the calendar,for me,
    Is always private, difficult to find the place on my timeline that branded me,me
    So tough to explain I’m swimming in the snow globe
    Can’t get out others can’t come in but I am so exposed

  7. Venus in Libra opposing Uranus–looks like a “changing of the guard” or “an upending of the ‘old’ order.” Venus, women, playing a key role in regards to the change.

    • “Changing of the ‘old’ order” is certainly applicable in the Arizona Senate race: two women are running for the first time to hold this seat.

  8. Seeing we’ve been treated to the blue wave theory for the better part of a year, I’m guessing a surprise upset could be in the cards.

  9. I voted libertarian! it’s about change, disruption and the individual! this explains it perfectly. –>north node is at 29 aries

  10. Wow: could the universe have said its time for change any more graphically!
    Uranus, Jupiter, nodal axis – all changing signs plus this new moon…
    Astrology never ceases to trip me out!

    I think Jupiter in Sag will be reaping what you’ve sown – some chickens coming home to roost: & maybe they’ll lay golden eggs 😉
    Also highlights nature of beliefs versus truth
    & the exposure of lies (I do think the current USA administration could see some serious heat in the next two years)
    I’m a bit worried that Uranus transit in Taurus could be another financial crisis – sure hope not

  11. I welcome the retrograde. I need a breather. The last 7 years were life changing emotionally since Aries is in both my 7th and 8th house but there was life color and energy. They were definitely memorable years. Now in Taurus there was a reversal of fortune. I became stagnant.definitely grounding but I truly missed the fire.

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