Uranus Retrograde – August 15th, 2020

Urianus retrograde

Hi-diddly-ho, retrograde-ino!

Uranus turns retrograde on August 15th at 10 degrees Taurus. I know retrograde periods worry some people, but personally I see this as a positive. Like the picture, it may be scary at first glance, but a closer look shows it to be less threatening than it seems.

Uranus is an agent of change, a disruptor. He’s been direct since January 10th, 2020. Think of how much the world has changed! The life we as a collective are living now would have been incomprehensible even a year ago. Society has been turned on its head!

But now we get a chance to breathe. We get to go back over the ground we’ve walked and figure out exactly what the hell happened and where to go from here.

And we’re well-supported in this task.  As Uranus stations, he takes nothing but positive aspects. There’s a sextile from the Moon and Venus in Cancer, and a trine from Jupiter in Capricorn. How do you feeeeeel about all this? What do you want? And what does the future look like now that everything has changed?

Focus on the small, tangible changes you can make to prepare yourself to live well even in the midst of uncertainty. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart, use the sign’s earthy tenacity to get ready for the even bigger changes ahead. Ground yourself in the simple things. Because when Uranus turns direct in January 2021, we’re back on the roller coaster. Strap in now so you can enjoy the ride!

Where does 10 degrees Taurus fall in your chart? How are you faring?



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Uranus Retrograde – August 15th, 2020 — 33 Comments

  1. I have it in my 7th house but I haven’t noticed anything for that, unless you count me chopping my hair off and dying it a bright red. I guess it takes a while for 7th house matters to fully show themselves during long term transits.

  2. Yeah, my 7th house developments are dead these days because I don’t interact with my crush or others in person. I’ve texted him a few times and gotten responses, but all he has to talk about is work since that’s all he does. I wish, but….

    • Sounds like the person I like. They message me when something exciting happens regarding work or when it’s chaotic at work for them. Or I don’t hear from them for periods at a time.

      Plus we’re in different states.

  3. A recent tornado (Uranus) picked up two cars and tossed them in a field (Taurus) half a mile away. Two young people died in one car, the man in the other car survived. Farmers who were in their farm vehicles working their land (Taurus) also got caught in this same tornado (Uranus).

    Separate incident, in my town, two back-to-the-land earthy types (Taurus) who were out cycling got hit ‘out-of-the-blue’ (Uranus) by one of our local transit busses gone rogue (driver may have had a heart attack, TBD) and died on the spot.

    I think a lot of people are indeed ready for Uranus in Taurus to cool its jets! It ain’t just Covid rearranging people’s lives. Beirut also comes to mind.

    All the usual out-of-the-blue (Uranus) catastrophes are still happening, drastically rearranging people’s lives, amplified by the rampant virus. (Although one could argue that Beirut was not out-of-the-blue, it still is a very Uranian event.)

    • Interesting points. I wouldn’t consider Covid ‘out of the blue’. Scientists had been warning governments for years this could happen. Same with Beruit explosion – various authorities had been warning the government for seven years that there was an extreme danger of an explosion. I think Uranus is simply uncovering and exposing leaders’ lies and total disinterest in how to improve humanity’s condition.

  4. On a personal level, I recently discovered / was informed “out-of-the-blue” (didn’t see it coming) that I have to vacate my lodgings. (Uranus is transiting my Taurus 4th house: “home”.)

    I have since been divesting myself of “stuff” at a fast and furious pace.

    Glad to hear of the upcoming slowdown.

    “But now we get a chance to breathe. We get to go back over the ground we’ve walked and figure out exactly what the hell happened and where to go from here.

    Yep. That sounds about right!

  5. It’s exactly conjunct my Moon 2H… been dealing with some women who are pissed off that I have been able to rightly collect unemployment benefits because I was laid off from one of two jobs I have with the same company. I have still worked at reduced hours the entire time and have been following the guidelines that I have been given in this situation. I haven’t once bragged or brought up anything about this, but one of them is HR and I’m sure she’s behind it all bcuz she has access to the info. I think they have drama bonded over me!

    They have not been afraid to jab and poke at any moment. I respond to them; “I didn’t make the rules, I’m just following them. And if you were in my shoes you’d do the same thing.” Mind you, neither one of these women has lost or had their hours reduced, in fact, they have been able to work less hours and still get full pay and medical benefits. I am sure there are MILLIONS of people out there that would be thrilled with that set up!

    Watch what you bitch about, Karma is right around the corner…

  6. Uranus transits my 4th House. The campground we live on is home to a dozen of us, full time . 4th house is home. We have made this camp home because it’s affordable. We’re getting the boot; the mega rig summer recreationals are pissed because there’s no room for them. This is a short version of the story. We’ve been edge dwellers for a dozen yrs . How to respond and go forward is in the works.
    Small change? Clear my cataracts to see clearly, sew new masks, and baby bedding for the grandson coming soon, practice self care & keep connected here🤞🏼

  7. The picture sure looks like Sagittarius to me. The mischievous look gave it away. I definitely don’t think it’s Chiron who is either to engrossed in his wounds or healing to be playful.

    Jupiter is involved in a Yod the same day, so the picture was an interesting choice…..possibly a subtle symbolism that while we’re all distracted by Uranus Rx, other things are a foot!

  8. Mars in Taurus in 11th house
    Ok ,still working for son at ice cream
    Store,and attending 2 farmers markets a week cutting flowers
    All Tuesday and Friday selling
    Wednesday and Saturday then ice cream till 10 every night, starting
    To ache , but feel good to help
    Planning to make a me list soon
    I think if I wasn’t so busy my feelings of hoping to find companionship would be more exaggerated and harder to feel but need to bounce like a bunny now

    • Your life is full, Raerae. Your “need to bounce like a bunny now” is right on. We live on land with more than three dozen bunnies and rabbits. Wild ones. They don’t walk. They bounce and then sprint!

  9. Rx Uranus in Taurus 3H. On August 10th in addition to the Moon and Tr Venus conjunction in Cancer, Rx Uranus will be sextiling my natal Pisces Moon and Rx Ceres conjunction. Plus, Rx Uranus will be forming an Earth trine with Rx Pallas Athene and my natal Virgo Pallas Athene. Lots of home-related issues. I have put some serious thought to moving to another neighborhood. I am currently preparing my house for resale so, once I’ve made my decision, I can quickly proceed. It appears that my decision will be made once Rx Uranus goes direct in January 2021.

    • Hi Jayne, Uranus at 11• Taurus falls in my 3rd House, and I also have my Moon in Pisces in the 2nd House… I have been thinking of moving out of the city, still in the yearning/planning stages at the moment. You must also have Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter in your 12th House… intense!

  10. Interestingly at the time of Uranus turning retro, venus will be at 7 degree cancer. At the time of its direct motion, it will be at 7 degree Capricorn. I think people having 7 degree should keep an eye. Positive for earth and water signs!

    Personally I have natal venus at 7 degree cancer

      • This will be 3 degrees of my Capricorn (2nd House) Venus and 3 degrees of my SN in Taurus (6th House) 4 degrees of my Vertex in Cancer (8th house). Something about my Legacy…but I don’t really have one, not one to mention, that anyone but myself and close friends would know about. Maybe I’ll decide what I’d like to leave behind but I have (God willing) years left.

  11. 6th house directly opposite my Scorpion Neptune0°,N.N.4° and Jupiter2°, conjunct and sq my Aquarius sun.2°
    On this ride for … 2 years.omce it gets done tjete. 2021 on. Hits my 12° Venus ,chrion 15°
    And in end of next year,
    My 29° moon.
    My next few years will be about learning to walk.
    Then with Saturn and Jupiter
    Walk without as much.
    , then
    Walk if lucky

  12. It sits right on my 10 degree taurus moon in my 8th house. Not sure whats happening…if I feel anything. It is emotional freedom from the deep painful intense feelings Ive had for past 6 years. Replaced by a softer, still, deep love, akin more to Philia than Eros…less destablizing less entrapping,less engulfing of my attention
    But I admit Ill miss feeling so alive with so much intensity. Because the 8th house transforms me like that. Always has all my life. Its freeing, yes… but I feel rather sad when it happens because its permanent and at the cost of me losing intense feelings for those involved. I hope at my age I can hold on to the new place and hold it precious. I think this time I will.

  13. 6th, trining natal Jupiter and sun. Will I get lucky and be able to retire? Or does the Rx mean I will be hung up for awhile yet?

    I am feeling good. I am still cautious when venturing out. Everyone has to wear a mask here now till September sometime. Hopefully the governor bashers will let the mask rule stay in effect so that we can see what the results of that will be. I would really like to see that we can have some kind of effect on the sick/death rate. Like we can actually participate and make a difference.

    A couple of people I talked to this weekend mentioned that they are sleeping long hours and can’t remember the last time they were able to sleep this much. Uranus slowing to a halt?

    • Uranus trine Jupiter. Just more blotto. As I get older I am a hands on person. It’s supposed to be lucky this transit. That is yet to be seen. I am going to be looking at the muchness of Jupiter. The too muchness. It can be overwhelming. I mean I like the disposition and the gratefulness. But sometimes I want to say stop already. Enough!!!

  14. 10 degrees is in my first house with my ASC at 5 and Mercury at 26. The 1st has always confused me a bit, in that I know it has to do with how we look and firsts, but other than that I’m not sure. My looks haven’t really changed much in the last year or 2 so I don’t know how it’s affecting me?

  15. 10 deg is 3rd house 1 degree shy of IC. Sibling issues abound old issues are bbbback! This time I’m putting my ego in check and taking more of a witness position. I’m choosing to agree with siblings request for me to stand down. Also trying to sell house and move across the country- moving towards my dream and yet I feel blocked continually and mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. I can’t wait until U settles down. I hope for a quick house sale and new beginning.

  16. I have a question. It may be pertinent to many. I live 2,000 miles from my birthplace. Should I relocate my chart to where I live now? Thanks!

  17. 10 degree Taurus transiting my 9H. Not 100% what this will mean for me. I’ve been feeling a need to expand my knowledge and try new things. Anyone have any advice or think there are things I need to watch out for?

  18. So my birthday was August 15th, the day Uranus went retrograde. Does this have any impact on my solar return chart and my year ahead?

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