Uranus Retrograde – Dates & Degrees – 2019-2020

uranus glass coasterUranus will turn retrograde in Taurus on August 11th. I want to give you the details here because I expect they’ll matter.

For example, consider the recent earthquakes. The first pass could be the first stage. A bigger earthquake might occur on the retrograde pass or when the planet passes a certain point after turning direct.

I don’t mean to make his simpler than it is. Mars triggers things too!  But I want you to get a feel for this.  Because if you’ve invested in the stock market, or left or started a relationship, there might be some significant shocks coming.

Here are details…

  • Uranus retrograde – August 11, 2019 @ 6 degrees Taurus
  • Uranus stations direct – January 11, 2020 @ 2 degrees Taurus

Please note, Uranus will turn direct at the same time Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. This is profound. See tag – 2020

  • Uranus leaves it’ shadow – April 26, 2020, crossing 6 degrees, 37 minute of Taurus
  • Uranus retrograde – August 16, 2020 @ 10 degrees Taurus
  • Uranus stations direct -January 16, 2021 @ 6 degrees Taurus

Catching this?  Uranus will station @ 6 degrees Taurus, not once but twice!

Needless to say, it you have planets in the first 12 degrees of a Fixed sign, you will be impacted by this. It’s not something you can prepare for other that trying to get in a mindset that will allow you roll with things, minus any panic!

Also, consider the house that where Uranus is transiting. It’s that area of like that’s going to be up in the air during this time frame.

What house is Uranus transiting in your chart?

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Uranus Retrograde – Dates & Degrees – 2019-2020 — 78 Comments

  1. Uranus in 9th heading towards conjunction of Midheaven at 11 deg. Squares Leo Venus 9 and Mercury 10, both in 12th. Just falls short of Scorp Moon at 15. *bits knuckles*

  2. Uranus will meet my kiron and move forwrd my daughter’s Moon in Taurus. I am scared… On the 6th of August my kids will go abroad with the father and I’ll be on my own for the first time!! I won’t see them for 2 weeks..

      • Ok, probably because in 13 years and a half we have never spent so many days apart. I’ll miss her but at the same time I can’t wait to have all this time just for ME!! ?

      • Update: still alive and in good health ? Uranus is entering my natal 5th house, it might involve my kids or be about me. We’ll see..

  3. Uranus is transiting my 12th house. There is a lot happening behind the scenes. I don’t know how to explain it, I’m just not all there, and anyone who thinks they understand me from the surface is barely getting a glimpse of what’s actually going on.

    As for significant transits, 6 degrees Taurus exactly squares my MC/IC in Aquarius and Leo. I expect a career change for sure, and possibly a residence change, but especially career. I just don’t know the details yet of how this will play out. 2 degrees Taurus trines my Uranus in Capricorn exactly. 10 degrees Taurus trines my Neptune in Capricorn exactly (and trines my Saturn at 9 degrees Capricorn). So I think I will be able to adjust to the changes well and this is overall going to be a positive thing.

    • Uranus will be in my 6th house, and I have a 2 degree Taurus in my natal chart. I’m a little scared actually because I don’t exactly know what this means for me, I know 6th house is the house of health so I’m doubly anxious!

      • Welcome, Eliza. It does not have to be bad. You can change your diet, or your routine or the way you work. You can volunteer your help or start writing… this is not a bad thing.

  4. My 11th house ,conjuncting venus at 4 degrees. I didn’t even feel a tremor or Anything remotely touching my venus the first time around. I’m ready for a little shaking up (the good kind) not making lite of earthquakes and the damage they do.

  5. Uranus is in my 10th house right now of career and status. how it will affect me in retrograde? Anyone knows, please tell me ?

    • Priyanka – right off the bat I’d say changes at work – different job responsibilities or people you report to, or you changing jobs; different corporate culture or new technology used.

    • Both my partner and I have Uranus messing with our first house natal Mars during this Rx period. In my 3H it will square my Aqu Sun/Mars in 1H. Uranus is transiting his 7th house opposing his 1H Mars. Yikes! I’m glad our travel/vacation is over! Elsa, did you post somewhere what to expect through the houses? You always slay with that…maybe I missed it.

  6. This is on my first Husbands birthday, He has a large stellium in Leo. I wonder how this is going to affect him.

  7. Hi, I am having a bad day today so please keep that in mind…

    I find this intriguing since this whole crush situation (it’s transiting Uranus in 7th/descendant/Sun/Chiron conjunction) started “officially” on the first go-round of that transit. So far, I think he likes me well enough in general but not romantically specifically overall (but maybe a bit? There are moments). I don’t want to let on that I like him like that and just want him to get interested on his own, really. Otherwise it’s too awkward and I haaaate those situations and would run away if he found out and it wasn’t mutual. I don’t want to lose the friendship or the friend group over that either.

    I know I should move on and you’d think this transit would provide me with more opportunities to meet potentials, but so far no dice and I just went on two major trips and a class where I met no one. I’d love to meet someone who would be into me and I’d love it if this one did, but probably not gonna happen (sigh). He’s definitely worthy, but I don’t exactly turn 99.9% of men’s cranks and vice versa so there you go.

    As usual. I’m just so sick of the universe telling me no, no, no, EVEN DURING THIS TRANSIT, apparently? I’m ready to move on and get back into love again but I guess the universe still isn’t and all this may end up with is a pointless crush.

    This is the kind of thing where I debate going to a psychic except then I am paying them to tell me lies and bullshit, right? But sometimes I just want to know officially “it’s hopeless, it will never ever ever happen for you, give up and shut up.”

    So I wonder what’s going to happen when this gets triggered over and over again. Maybe he would get interested back then? Or I am just going to torture myself and lie to myself.

    If you’re not meant to have it, you’re not, I guess…

    • I’m kind of going through something similar as you. I have a thing for one of my male friends, who happens to be 15 years my senior. He seems to be attracted to me off and on but luckily I’m starting to lose any romantic interest in him because we’re just good friends and I really don’t think he’s into me at all. At least that’s what I tell myself to prepare for heartbreak on his end. He knows I liked him but really hasn’t said anything to me and just flirts whenever he feels like it.

      I also have Uranus transiting my 7th house as well but instead of conjunctions to Sun and Chiron, one’s a trine and the other sextile although the sextile hasn’t actually been triggered yet. Uranus however will go over my DSC (at 5 degrees) twice before finally staying in the 7th house for the next 7 years.

    • I’m going through the same things as you two.. transiting my 7th House. I have a friend that I really like, but He’s not all that into me. We tried a relationship during the retrograde (beginning of July) but it only lasted 3 days cause he realized that he wants to be single (ended a 5 year relationship a year ago) And also, his attraction for me waxes and wanes. I’m trying to give up hope, but sometimes he’ll say things to give me hope but I know it’s just talk. We’ve settled on just basically being friends with benefits, but I want more. I know he doesn’t. So I’m trying to swallow all my feelings for him like a hard pill. In the meantime, I’m trying to go on dates and have fun. It’s funny cause someone I dated 3 years ago(Cancer) popped back in my life in June while me and the other guy (Virgo) were kind of going through a bout. I saw him(Cancer) last night and my attraction for him picked up again. We(Virgo) haven’t had full on “sex” yet, but i think I’ll cut it off after the first time. I just want to see if there’s actual chemistry there like I think it is and if not, then strictly friends. I just hope that my feelings don’t grow more after we do it, but I’ll never let him know. Not anymore.
      Good luck to both of you with this 7th house transit!! I hope someone awesome and eccentric comes into your life and it’s a fun time!!

  8. Transitting Uranus is in my 3rd house and is squaring my 12th house sun. This energy is not always easy, eg restlessness. I would not want this square natally ?

    • Hades Moon – I, too, have Tr Uranus in my 3H. It currently forms a fixed T-square with my Aquarius ASC and Leo DC. My personal freedom verses partnering. It’s a volatile balancing act.

        • I have Uranus 3H – Sun 12H natal square. I lived very much with long distance relationships, it suited very well this energy pattern. In close relationship I need high amount of space and freedom.
          Yes, to the restlessness, it can’t even be described… I’m a permanent subscriber to all wellness & yoga practices… Over the years, I’ve learnt that I constantly need to invest time in the practice of mediation to calm the restlessness.

  9. Uranus square one more day today with a umbrella Juipter trine to Sun soon…how has it been these past 9 days….horid with heat waves and poor food choices..

    • Uranus is at the v first degrees of my 8th house- I personally find this house v complex so I still don’t know what to expect. Uranus in the 7th was an absolute nightmare as it aspected several planets in all my cardinal houses. One thing I know for sure is Uranus in the 8th has a better feel to it than the 7 yrs it was in Aries. It’s also now in sextile aspect to my personal planets in Pisces (6th house). So my take is that’s going to be abt work and other people’s money (I work in finance) in the area of sustainability which is my passion and also a theme highlighted with Uranus in Taurus. This makes me v excited. In matters of love though, Uranus has been keeping me on my toes for the last 10+ yrs and still is (I have Uranus square Venus natally so that isn’t a surprise I guess). Anyone has any insights re Uranus in the 8th ♥️?

  10. Hi Elsa, Thanks for the heads up. I am so uncomfortable and unhappy right now, and trying to keep my mouth shut. I will probably schedule some time with you – Uranus is square my Mars (exact) and today Sun is Conjunct my Mars. Mars is two degrees from my ascendent. Been needing to makes some changes for a while – but very uncomfortable and unhappy at the moment. Plus a family member is sick. Thanks for posting. I need to try to detach and figure that somehow this is for my best since it is so symbolically potent.

    • Hi Liz,

      Not sure what Sun rules in your chart but with it conjunct Mars and square Uranus, I would be careful of accidents if I were you. Same applies to males in your life.


  11. It’s transiting my 7th house at the moment and will end up back in my 6th house, which quite frankly I’m not too thrilled about.

    7th house matters really haven’t shown themselves to me at all so far. I thought once Uranus hit my DSC to the degree, something would happen involving relationships. But nothing and I can’t say that I’m not disappointed.

  12. Uranus transiting the 2nd opposite Neptune at 4′ in the 8th. Definite up and downs financially the past 2 years. Job routine changes. Things that I dearly valued once no longer matter. Simplifying and dropping some activities/people.

  13. My MC is 6° Taurus. I’m a stay-at-home mom with no career to speak of, so I’ve no idea what to expect.
    I’m more concerned about t.Uranus opposing my boyfriend’s Venus at 5°58′ Scorpio and our composite Sun/Mercury/Saturn at 5-6° Scorpio. Yikes!

  14. Sun at 5 Tau and Jup at 7 Tau in the 12th house… Uranus has just cozied up to me and I’m getting ready for a rocking and rolling 18 months.

  15. My husband’s ascendant is 6 degrees Taurus. We moved into our first house a month ago. It’s awesome and we are really happy with it and the new neighborhood. Hoping all of the back and forth across his ascendant doesn’t mar that.

  16. 12th house. And it will hit my sun exactly in my 12th next year. I suppose i should expect a few changes in 2020 😉

  17. Well, he told me he doesn’t want to date me.
    Then I proceeded to have dreams about car vandalism, potential rape and murder and car bombings.
    Fuck my life.

  18. Uranus is transiting my natal 6th. I am more concerned about it’s squaring natal Uranus. What I am wondering is if the retro Uranus will slow things down. I could use a break. No sooner does something come into my head, than it materializes. Sometimes in not so nice ways. I am at a high creative level which is good, but I would like things to materialize in my own time instead of being thrust upon me.

  19. Elsa, I don’t have Fixed signs in the first 12 degrees but I have a Virgo stellium with two planets on each side of this degree, in my 2nd house. I think this 10th house Uranus in Taurus stationing is going to impact me big time!

  20. Uranus transiting 7th house/Taurus. Have Sun 11°Taurus, Mars 4°Leo, Pluto 9°Leo, and AC-Scorpio 9°.
    Think I’m in for a very bumpy ride & afraid of wrecking! Any suggestions?

  21. Uranus transiting 8 house… opposing natal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto. I understand there is work to be done, but get me some sleep first, I need some rest to keep going. I don’t even dare to think any further…

  22. Surpizes on the way!
    transiting Uranus in the 7th trining Natal Pluto at 6 Virgo, in the 11th, opposing Natal Neptune at 7 Scorpio in the first….its time for a transformation…in relationships

  23. I am at my age 62/63 Uranus square natal Uranus transit (natal Uranus is 6 degrees Leo)and it’s currently in my 4th house. Natally, Uranus is in a wide square to my otherwise unaspected natal Moon (13 degrees Taurus). Nothing seems to be happening, which makes me nervous, because it probably is and I just haven’t noticed it yet!

  24. Natal Uranus at 12’ Scorpio aspects most of my planets and conjuncts my AC at 7’58” Scorpio. Uranus rules my 4th, IC. For the past year or so, TR Uranus has been within 5 degrees of my DC. My husband has been away at least half of the week since January; negotiations for this work commitment began in around August of last year. Before that he was away on another assignment every fortnight. TR Uranus will go back and forth over my DC next year and I’m sure that will bring longer separations.

    I’ve been romantically interested in an Aquarian for the last 2 years. That probably also falls under the TR Uranus in DC umbrella. I can’t say whether shyness precludes him from having a IRL relationship with me but he has terrible fondness for Internet, Social Media-based (Uranian you’d agree) relationships. Unfortunately for me, my 7th and 12th are both ruled by Venus in Leo in 10th. Everyone I have a 1-1 with is normally on the internet, in public or in their careers. Being a Cancer Sun, this is not satisfying at all.

    So apart from TR Uranus dancing on my DC next year, TR Saturn will also be approaching and also dancing over my IC. The saving grace in this situation is my Sun conjunct an exalted and happy Jupiter; I tend to have adventures, be they alone or with other people. And as you probably already notice, I have a philosophical bend.

  25. Uranus is trolling my 8th where my moon sits at 10 degrees.
    Ive been in a very intimate friendship with a Scorpio(8th house…ugh!). Its caused me aloooooot of pain but I wouldnt have missed it for the world. I learned alot about myself. Im looking to move in with my son to repair my heart from this(unrequited love situation) and my finances.

    This retrograde also will affect my Aquarian Saturn in the 5th at 5 degrees, my Taurus moon at 10 degrees and my venus Scorpio in my 2nd house at 9 degrees. Oh and my north node in leo at 7 degrees in the 11th….not sure but I imagine the impact will be emotionally charged. Did I mention my Saturn Return will be here starting March 2020? Yeeeahhh…gooood times ?

  26. I’ve got transit Uranus opposition Neptune,Mercury & Jupiter all conjunct natally in the 12th house. Sparks are flying everywhere, spiritually, mentally and physically. Help!!

  27. Agust 11, 2020, Uranus will retrograde over my SN In Taurus in my 6th House. This could impact several things in my live-it will also be exactly opposite my NN in my 12th (Scorpio-ruled by Pluto which is in my 9th house-where my natal Uranus sits). Do you see the correlations and the potential ricochet? So daily routines, health could be impacted-for better or worse-my Spiritual development could take an uptick or a breakthrough maybe if not break down or change in someway and luckily my Pluto is in Virgo so is supported though widely by 6 degrees . And on top of that it will trine my Venus in Capricorn in my second house so could effect my money OR self esteem in some way. I hope it’s all good!

  28. This hits my ASC at 5 degrees and opposes N. Uranus at 8 deg. Also have N. Chiron (4), Venus and Mars both at 1.
    For the last year I have been dealing with my autoimmune symptoms coming back full-force (brought on by my second pregnancy) and for the last few months I’ve been intensely working with a medical intuitive to get to the root of the cause, as western medicine has completely failed me.
    As this is also my Uranus opposition, I’m hoping to be freed from all the programming that has kept me a slave to this dis-ease. I have already felt some positive progress forward and I’m ready to power through the rest.
    The Saturn/Pluto party has been right on top of my MC at 17 so 2020 should be an interesting year, I’m ready for all the transition/change.

  29. I’m hoping for something involving my willpower to meet and achieve my goals regarding my body image and creativity.

    33, pretty much overweight my whole life. Not looking for a relationship, but looking to give myself something I didn’t have growing up. (Healthy weight) alot of other problems have taken higher priority over the years, but I don’t think I have anything more important than my health at the moment. Im Hoping that addressing and fixing my health, will fix my creativity as well.

    Pallas 4 degrees Scorpio, Venus 7 degrees Scorpio, Pluto 8 degrees Scorpio. All 1st house. (Ascendant 26 degrees libra)

    Mars 8 degrees Pisces in my fifth. Not getting a Hard Angles from Uranus right now, but I very much Miss fun and creativity in my life. Or maybe I’ll will the lotto.

    Since Uranus has moved through Taurus, I feel less inclined towards the options of relationships in my life. I do want stable relationships I can rely and build on, but I don’t currently like the ones I’ve been investing in for years, and I don’t like my options either.

    I think that’s very Uranus/7th/Taurus.

    I’m honestly more excited for addressing my Venus/1st house issues, and completely unexpecting or believing anything could change with my 7th/house relationship/partner issues. Unless I suddenly got a really cool friend group that’s taurin/libra/aquarius in someway. That would make me more happier than say… A marriage proposal.

    We’ll see…

  30. Both of the retrogrades hit my 10th house. My MC is at 2.31 Taurus; my POF at 6.42 Scorpio.
    Right now my job is as a “Temp” employee (for 6 years). Have been waiting on Full-time and a raise to what I am worth for at least a few months now.
    Get a new “boss” on the 26th, we’ll see how it goes – expecting either what I want or to be looking for a new job.
    I almost want to try a completely different field, but have nothing pulling me.
    Not sure I should put a lot of effort in as with Uranus retrogrades it sounds like there could be several changes in a relatively short period of time.

    • Transit Uranus in this location and in this sign on a personal level (rather than it’s location in Taurus affecting us collectively) will probably require you to look for any nagging feeling that something in your life needs to be changed and probably where you are fearful of change. You have to look deeper with Uranus and any changes required might not be immediately obvious and not surprisingly we do need to look to where we can affect positive change with our own influence on the collective level (for example, what we need to do to save our planet !) Look where you can unlock potential by working with the planets associated with your Midheaven. Go beyond identity and career and discover how these angles – and their associated planets – describe a focus and purpose for your life. These angles and their planets have the power to inspire or prod you forward into the world. Learn the true meaning of the angles.

  31. wow this transit will be going backwards and forwards over an opposition to my ascendent and moon. No idea what to expect except maybe healing/understanding primal relationship 7th house wounds (natal Chiron in early Taurus)?

  32. Transit Uranus, 2nd hs, in Taurus is squaring my natal sun in leo, 3*. And transit uranus is opposite progressed venus in scorpio,6*. Also,Progressed MC is opposite natal Uranus in virgo.
    Ascendant at 22* aries, squaring the saturn/pluto conjunction in capricorn (when Uranus goes direct again in january ’20..)
    Uranus is like a wake up call but it goes really,really fast sometimes so I need my seatbelts on and especially take good care of myself.

  33. Uranus RX is in my 2nd conj my Venus 3 Taurus 38 today 11-13-19, square my Pluto 3 Leo. Been around these degrees for quite a while. thank you for all your share. Glad you are up and around already after surgery.

  34. Last year, I had transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Mars squared a stellium in Libra and was I worried ! But….then, when Uranus came around and joined the party hitting my natal Moon/Saturn conjunction (5 and 6 degrees Taurus) opposition natal Sun, my mother (who was my rock) was informed she would have to a “common” heart surgery. I dropped everything and flew back to Greece where she lived and I also had lived until 2012. Due to brutal complications no one expected, she never woke up from the surgery, stayed in a coma and died four weeks later. Two days following her death, my best male friend in Greece who was helping me with the funeral was in an accident the day before her funeral, was in a coma and died 4 months later. He also happened to live right next door to my house (my mother’s home) in Greece. It was all so sudden and tragic. My father, who lost his wife of 50 or so years, doesn’t speak Greek so he needed me of course and, as an only child, I had to settle “affairs” , taxes, inheritance which were not in order… etc and was busy planning on bringing him and his two dogs, back to the USA with me, selling our properties etc. I refused to see anyone because everything had happened so suddenly and because I was swamped with “paper work”, never ending problems which were popping up all over the place which never allowed me anytime to grieve. However, I did accept my best friend’s offer (a woman) to come see me for my birthday which was three weeks after my mother’s funeral. She came to see me.. and she and my father fell instantly in love right there before my very eyes… which is beautiful as I love them both so much… but it was SOOOOOOOOOO shocking and overwhelming. Now, they are getting married in a few weeks. I had left suddenly for Greece exactly a year ago, August 25th with just a carry on as I was only to be there two weeks. I didn’t …no, couldn’t return until the end of November. Talk about a crazy, crazy Uranus transit! …that was certainly one of them! …and all these years I was paranoid of Pluto transits. To me, Pluto “ain’t got nothing” on Uranus!!! Lol! . I was researching Uranus on this “anniversary” of my departure last year and found your site.Thank you for your posts 🙂

  35. I currently have transit Uranus EXACTLY conjunct my natal Mars in the 6th house. This is also EXACTLY opposite my natal Pluto in the 12th house. Health issues have definitely popped up out of nowhere and seem to be rather inexplicable. Nothing debilitating, but definitely bothersome. I’ve been specifically been dealing with rashes- I’m 33 yrs. old and have NEVER had any kind of rashes or eczema, etc. EVER- and I’m wondering if this is the Mars conjunction, you know, all that fire energy. Do you think that unconventional approaches would serve me best when it comes to my health at the moment, considering doctors seem to know nothing about it and wacky Uranus is in my health house? Thank you!!!

    • I can’t help but to think of my own Uranus transit on my Mars in the six house of Pisces a good few years ago. I’m sorry to hear you’re having skin rashes, I had the exact same problem and as you, I never had any problems with my skin. I went all natural about this and it cleared out in its own time. Have faith that rashes do go in their own time. I cleaned my diet, I wasn’t drinking, I eliminated certain allergens like gluten and dairy. I was also out in the sun every time I could. Sun light really helped – I don’t know where you live, but I live in Ireland so any place in the world would definitely have more sunshine than here!. Please remain positive and focus on your own well-being. This transit really helped me get to know and listen to my body. As Elsa says, anger issues may be at fault and I remember having to deal with a bully at work at the time. But the solution to these problems are always in our hands. Do address anything that feels unbalanced in your life while you do the great work Uranus is asking of you in the six house.

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