Uranus Ingress Into Aries: Tips From The Goat

I was just advising a Geminian client, this is no time to get bogged down.   We’ve got a slew of planets leaving Pisces for Aries over the next weeks and where we’re all in a big soup at the moment, this is not going to last.

If you’re loosely tied to someone or something, the chances you will be separated from it by the end of April are strong so allowing the connection to dissolve makes sense.

I say let the weak connections collapse. Use the energy to reinforce your connection to people who support you and who you feel comfortable supporting.

It’s a new start, see?  Why cart all this crap into your new beginning?

You most definitely see this happening around here. I am ready to ROCK.


Uranus Ingress Into Aries: Tips From The Goat — 22 Comments

  1. While I know that Saturn dissolves the weak links, if I know I did something to help it become weak, do I just accept that mistake and move forward, let it go? Continue to learn and invest in myself with consideration for the other?

  2. hrae, if you can put the relationship together, then try. If the person has blocked you out – the rejection is probably meant to teach you something / humble you so if this is the case, I’d pick up on that angle.

  3. I had to let many weak connections collapse over the past couple of years… Recently, I’ve decided to just relax with all of the solitude I’m living in and let those remaining weak connections dwindle away… I’m a little saddened by the losses, but am turning my attention to new things that I feel are truly aligned with what I want from this life and what I am willing to give and do from now forward…

    I feel the rush of new energies coming at me and I’m ready to face the new and turn my back on the old. I keep saying it, but it’s how I feel…

    I have my helmet on…

  4. I can absolutely see people flowing away from me and I from them. In other cases, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound – I have my back and you have mine – we both (or all) like the deal.

  5. Loosely tied?
    I am loosing a friendship now ,and it is hard. We have been somewhat loosely tied, but those few times we have spendt together was amazing. Felt like a karmic relationship, like we have known eachother for centuries, it’s very natural relating.

    But I have been the begger before and will never do that to myself again. Also I might get tons out of our friendship and she zero ,so I don’t know. Maybe next life.

    I am feeling losely tied to my new job, wonder if it was a mistake taking it.Hope it is a fleeting feeling.

    Try to remind my self the grass is not allways greener. And atleast now I have some growth.

  6. thanks, this is reassuring. currently frustrated by various circumstances in life. think about doing a consultation soon…when i get a moment!

  7. at around 8 pm last night I felt a marked shift. Don’t know exactly what it was, but the sensation was truly remarkable. Crap had been piling up on my dining room table for months, that I hadn’t been able to do anything about. Oh, I’d try, but somehow I was always redirected elsewhere. Last night though, everything just clicked into place.
    Some are leaving in my life, yet others are returning. Learning to accept that I am not in control, allowing the universe to take me where it wants me, that has been hard. Theo talks about the importance of maintaining positivity during this cardinal crisis time, and I am actively working on that. Sometimes it’s easier than others.

  8. “I have been the begger before and will never do that to myself again.”

    I’m sorry Iathina:( I have felt this too and it is not good.

    I also agree with mp–love these posts Elsa, and the team of writers you have here, too!

  9. Haha ruth – stuff has been piling up in my living room inc on the table since the Man was last here, many months ago now. It’s all tidy enough, but getting dusty now… and really does need ‘tidying away’.

    The trouble in my current circumstances with letting all the loose ties dissolve and letting go, is that I’m left with little else. Nothing or rather nobody that’s close, anyway. With my Cancer and Libra, and an Earth Sun Moon and stellium, I’d like to feel connected to *something* – to *someone*

  10. @Tam … that is one of my favorite plumeria:) your gravitar…

    Loose connections, like loose cannons god, let ’em go. I tend to hold on far longer than healthy. If Aries is the Rock then maybe this time I can let ’em roll. Goofy limmericks help me lighten up. LOL

  11. Let loose connections go … I think I have a hard time with figuring out which connections are the loosest and need to go. Could this be something related to my 11th house Scorpio moon? I’m pretty persistent with maintaining links with people, sometimes to my own chagrin.

  12. “I say let the weak connections collapse. Use the energy to reinforce your connection to people who support you and who you feel comfortable supporting.”

    ‘You are the weakest link, goodbye!!’ I remember that line from that show!

  13. I’m doing my best. I told this person, yesterday, that they wouldn’t be hearing from me in the time in which they would accept contact from me, and today, they try to further hurt me, along with saying they are having nothing more to do with me. I have several things I could use against them, in the way they’re trying to hurt me, but I won’t do it. I lost my temper over and over, and said things that I regret, at times in the past, and he – he thanked me for being a part of his life, in January (after I’d apologized for my part in any hurt feelings) – this, when I was going to move on. He sent me things, like his new website, and told me other things, and encouraged contact, and when I back away, after losing my temper again…

    I need this Aries energy. I’ve been feeling more myself, and he, knowing I’ve been in a bad state, and knowing all of the reasons why, is possibly trying to actually get me to the point of killing myself (this is the guy who threatened to off himself a few weeks ago, when I hadn’t been in touch – when he’d told me to take the time I needed, and stay away if I needed to). Full Moon in Leo was in my 10th house, and his 1st (trine his Sun/Moon, sextile his Mars/Saturn).

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