Uranus in Taurus: Upsetting Power Structures

The effects of Uranus in Taurus have been evident in my life since day one.  Keep in mind, the planet will retrograde back into Aries before settling into the sign in 2019. You can check the dates on the here:  Uranus in Aries 2018-2019.

This is good. It will give the Fixed signs a heads up of what’s to come, followed by a reprieve which will offer them the chance to prepare.  Satori and I are bound to offer a workshop on this. We usually hold workshops in the late summer, before the holidays.

I mentioned in one of my newsletters, Uranus in Taurus was breaking up dirt clods.  I don’t know that I explained what I meant. I want to do that now, in real life terms.

Let’s say you have a community of whatever size. Invariably there people who gain power by forming alliances. These alliances can long-lasting. People become entrenched in their positions and anyone or anything new that comes along is blocked or crushed or thwarted in some way.

It’s connections like these, I see being broken up. Pulverized in some cases.  It’s happening everywhere I look, 360 degrees.  Close in, but also on the world stage.

In some cases, the clod is or will be reduced to dust, as in “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. The person or persons is just no longer there to stand in the way.

You might be smelling, Scorpio, at this point. This is intentional. Scorpio is involved, along with the other Fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius.  People with emphasis on these signs will be profoundly changed over the next seven years.

My neighbor comes over with his tractor to turn up my garden each year. It’s really a sight to see, close up.  The machine has no problem upending the earth, regardless of how long it’s been allowed to exist, undisturbed. It’s only bound and stable right up until it’s not.

A lot of astrologers are mentioning earthquakes in regards to Uranus in Taurus and we’re sure to see them. But it’s far more interesting to me, to consider people and their Fixed positions and personalities, change, F-A-S-T. One day you’re on top, the next day you’re not. One day you’re in charge. The next day you’re sidelined, or worse.  This transit can and will make mincemeat of EGO.

You might also be then one who has been oppressed and becomes loose if not entirely unleashed. I am feeling this way myself. It’s quite painful for some reason.  But one glance at that picture should tell you, if you’re the dirt, you’ve got to chance to remain as-is when the tractor rolls.

Are you seeing Fixed Power Structures being broken up? Tell us!

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Uranus in Taurus: Upsetting Power Structures — 39 Comments

  1. I have just one planet, Pluto, in a fixed sign, so that is generational. But I am close to several people with multiple fixed planets. My three kids have that signature and all will go through their first Saturn return in over the next seven years. The others I know are either facing serious health issues for themselves, their significant other or a child. Paraphrasing you comment to Colby above, I hope they can all maintain their bearings.

  2. Yes! Trump is breaking up alliances with European democracies that we created after WWll. He is instead befriending dictators…will we become an autocracy like his new friends, Putin and Kim? Are we already?

  3. I am one of those coming loose; Saturn and Uranus are trining my early Virgo sun.

    I think I know what you mean, that the process is a painful – to fully comprehend the ties that are binding you, and the struggle to accept that there is a need to let go, is upsetting. To start fresh is a wonderful prospect, but there is so much work to do and Saturn in Capricorn is making sure you really understand the simultaneous need for order and structure. If nothing else, it’s exhausting!

    • This is so spot on for me as well, 4 planets in Scorpio including the Sun.

      My IC is in Taurus and my mom is a Taurus. It’s hard that our bond is so torn and upset because I feel so emotionally let down by her, and now we have agreed to not speak to each other this summer , because of a conflict typical for a Taurus-Scorpio relation. She is stubborn and can only see her side – I am stubborn as well, but I CAN se it from her side as well. The taurus issue is, she can’t see my side because she is stubborn as F…. I am growing sick of it after 15 years of trying to get through to her, make her ubderstand.

      I think it will be a rough summer…..

  4. I have a Grand Cross in fixed signs. Mars/Taurus, Jupiter/Scorpio, Uranus/Leo and Chiron/Aquarius. I’ve spent the last two years thinking, meditating and strategizing how I *feel* I must change, and *how* I can respond to drastic change, whether internal or external, anticipated or not.

  5. Coming slowly unglued here. I feel pressure from all sides to dismantle my old life, piece by piece. Hurry up and do it already.

    Uranus isn’t even waiting on my slow ass. He’s racing forward and kicking over the traces.

    I have Chiron and Moon in Taurus. I’m about to be torn up.

  6. Now that my husbands health has settled down I am starting to focus on my health. Thought I was having a heart attack last weekend. Went to er and stayed over night.I am going to go in for a stress test Friday. This has been a main concern of mine, hoping my health stays stable while taking care of my hubby.

  7. All kinds of change occurring at my job… and with a heavy dose of secrecy to boot. I am going to dinner with a friend tonight and she says she has something to tell me. She has an in on information before anyone else. I feel that it will have something more to do with my job with the Venus/Uranus square today. Transit Venus 6H Leo and transit Uranus 2H Taurus. We shall see…

  8. Oh baby! BULLSEYE! [Pun intended] Yes, the dirt is flying and I fall into that category of being changed in the next seven years. Thing is, change is the ONE constant in my life and I should be used to changing, but Fixed is Fixed and even when changes happen, I get complacent in the new rut and hate to be pushed out of it even when I know it’s time to change again.

    The Fixed signs just don’t like to be changed and when the rug gets yanked out from under us, it is down right scary. Gotta revert to Neptune and remember, GO WITH THE FLOW OR DROWN.

  9. Uranus will first oppose my Mars in Scorpio, then conjunct Jupiter, Ceres, Mercury, Moon, Venus PF in Taurus, in that order. Then it will conjunct my Sun and Asc. I figure I’m in for a wild ride.

  10. I have never had so many bulls show up in my life. Like actual ones. Passed by a farm and 4 were sitting down. They are in my emails and stuff I come across online and even some papers. Weird.

  11. My family has issues (are there families that don’t?) and I am expecting ours are gonna get busted up, with this Uranus in Taurus transit. I am also expecting at least one of my elderly parents will die, perhaps both. (I have a Narcissist father, a Stockholm Syndrome mother, a dead brother, and three other brothers who like me are Adult Children Of.)

    This transit will happen mostly in my third house, so I expect it to involve me and my siblings.

    Although I am more heavily Cardinal, I have significant presence in the Fixed signs, which I will have to sit down and study in light of the information you have provided. Looking forward to the workshop also.

    I am actually looking forward to this transit, because Uranus in Aries through my 2nd house (assets) was brutal and devastating. I am well aware that there are clods that need to be busted up, both on the parental side and the siblings side, and once busted up, things are bound to be better, for everyone.

    I also have very recently amped up my relationship with one brother in particular, and it is very, very good for the both of us. It dawned on me yesterday as a matter of fact that he may possibly be the best thing (person) ever to come into my life, bar none. (There is a big age gap, so we are only in the past few years getting to really know each other.) My dream come true would be for the both us to go in business together. I got reports from Elsa recently, and both the synastry and our composite chart are most favorable, and he is receptive to the idea.

    So, Uranus in Taurus? Bring it on! Let’s bust those clods and let’s then plant a very promising crop!

  12. Sudden flash of insight, after writing the above, and looking at my “fixed”…

    My natal Uranus is in fixed Leo in 7th house, so perhaps a sudden partnership with said brother will be triggered.

    I have Ascendant (face presented to the world) and Chiron (wounded healer) in fixed Aquarius, so wouldn’t it be nice if my issues in those areas got busted up and readied for fertile planting (and harvesting).

    And I have MC, Jup and Nep in Scorpio in 9th house, all of that corresponding to a joint area of interest and expertise for my brother and I to go in business together (research/publishing).

    Wow, I like the hope, the possibilities… in that entire picture!

    And by the way, yesterday I was hard at work patiently, and with determination (Saturn in Capricorn), busting up hard clay along my house to fix a foundation problem, which said brother is helping me with…

    Oh wow! 🙂

  13. Whenever a “shake up” transit like this comes my way I always feel like I’m gonna be on the upside then I get dragged under.


    • I think… (but don’t know) When you can move and allow others to move as well, it feels more liberated. When you feel as though you need to stop others from moving on their path (technically independent of yours), in order to move on your path, you are at once oppressing and feeling oppressed. When you just can’t stop comparing yourself to others and what they have and begin to strike out, you are oppressed. What you are oppressed by, I don’t know. It depends on where you stand. Who’s to say? Owning up to your responsibility & human limits and hardcore “bare feet in the dirt” compassion for each other & appreciation…. might free people from that cage. Morphing other types of people into some kind of animal— a form of dehumanization — does not. Hating other people traps you too.

      Just taking a stable at your question haha

      • Sorry EDIT!
        “When you just can’t stop comparing yourself to others and what they have and are *able to* strike out, you are probably FEELING oppressed BUT ALSO oppressing others. The blame and scapegoating does nothing but try to make you feel better. Really. But probably doesn’t fix the actual problem.

  14. I am starting a more solid systematic study of Buddhism and the “non-self” and how everything is connected, related to Einstein’s space-time concepts and quantum physics (12th house) and it’s blowing my mind.

    I’m dancing hip hop (what? Me? Dance that?!!… Well. See what happens!) sometimes I get SO uncomfortable, but I’m facing what I have been *thinking* I am all these years.

    I am detaching from forcing myself to have a career where I am like an oval peg in a round hole, probably to please my dad (and even my boyfriend) and appear responsible. Suddenly feeling like all that stuff is false.

    Also, I’m realizing this boyfriend of several years probably isn’t coming back, after we took a break and well, I’m letting him go because I don’t feel like being available and open when… commitments become a tug of war. I wish him well.

    I am realizing that we might be moving and we might be on the move and that’s okay…. We need to let go of so much stuff, so we (my mom and I) can travel, so she can enjoy things she never got to.

  15. Well spring itself starts growing things so fast like path one day
    5’ briars the next week
    That’s off the charts around here
    Looks like everything is being nuked
    Up meaning super fertilized
    School committee folks are being grilled on expenses
    Last year we took pay cut
    Superintendent took pay raise
    Now it seems they have overages
    For many line items
    Last meeting I watched shocking
    How the expression “ oh don’t worry we will make sure we spend all of that” is added on when overage is in the sentence
    I am shocked how few people actually are involved in in millions
    Of dollars of tax payer money
    We are taxed up the wazoo
    Around here and I find the super
    A very “ oh we will look into that”
    Blanket statement kind of guy
    So disappointing as I work in the poverty sector where the catch phrase is” ok we’re good”
    The poor have so little and act so modest, the rich just stick their
    Hands out and shove in some Deep Pockets

  16. 5 planets in Scorpio and Leo! I hate change even being a Gemini Sun. I actually feel sick if my usual routine is upended! I am getting rumblings of change throughout my life and am definitely not looking forward to it but will have to change the way I look at things I guess. All for my soul’s development I know.

  17. Yes, I see it around me. People who held sway and bullied their way to get there are now with their faces in the dirt. Others around them see the cabal they have created in tight little alliances, and are rebelling. Or, walking away with head high. I like what I’m seeing. I expect it to intensify.
    Uranus in Taurus has just arrived in my 10th house.

    • I mean that we don’t usually mention “death” when talking about Taurus. But what happens with Taurus impacts the other Fixed signs.

      Sorry for writing in code like that. My fault! 🙂

  18. I am eager with anticipation! Three planets in Leo (Merc, Mars & Uranus)and three planets (Moon, Jup, Nept)in Scorpio.

    Let us rock and roll!!

  19. hmmm, interesting. The big boss…the Superintendent has announced his retirement. This will churn up alot of earth I believe.

  20. I remember when Uranus first entered Taurus. My life was being turned upside down. Husband’s dead, now I have to move, next thing I know, money is flying out the door like gangbusters for this unexpected expense and that one, loading up the car to donate or sell most of ST’s stuff (or our stuff) in order to downsize and help me let him go.

    Now things have settled down for a few months, but they’re picking up again. Pretty soon I’ll have to find a cheaper place to live, upend my life AGAIN, and release some of ST’s ashes at sea. Some longstanding health problems are now being addressed, which means more big changes for me. There are some small loose ends involving ST’s affairs that I need to tie up, and enough time has passed that I think I can face them now.

    I expect Uranus in Taurus will come in like a whirlwind again. Comfort and stability….it was nice knowing you. LOL

  21. Lets see. In fixed signs yes Venus Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd. Aquarius Saturn in 5th with South Node. Leo north node in 11th along with Ceres, Juno along with a few other asteroids. Scariest is Taurus moon and fortune in 8th and 9th. Dont want to lose/change my intuition and sensitivity.
    I confess this greatly unnerves me.

  22. A relief to read this, though I don’t know what to expect. I probably need to schedule some time with you coming up. I have a 10th house Taurus Sun, with Leo Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius. I have felt smushed, beaten down, under someone’s thumb for about the last 7 years. I welcome the changes. I am plotting silently, but will pull the trigger at some point to make some moves. It has been a long 7-8years for me. Long. I just hope I start feeling better about things. I do feel beaten down. I just don’t show it to anyone.

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