Uranus in Taurus Under The Full Moon In Scorpio: April 26, 2021

full moon in scorpio 2021The sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus in Taurus is very tight at this time. I am not sure how long this post might be here. The site is on the blink and we may have to revert to a backup. If so, everything new will no longer exist.

An event like this would fit with the sky at the moment. It’s unpredictable!

I continue to believe this full moon has tremendous potential, so long as you’re willing to take a hard look at your life (sun) and what you think (Mercury). What you value and who and how you love (Venus) must also be faced.

You may not like this concept but if you have planets between 0-12 of the Fixed signs, I don’t think you’ll be able to avoid it.

Put succinctly, these areas of life require an update the reflects your matured state. By now you know more than you did a month ago. You’re not going to be able to go back!

I am writing because all of this will intensify when the moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, right before it ingresses into Scorpio tomorrow. You may very well find your back against the wall.

How are you feeling, heading into this event?

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Uranus in Taurus Under The Full Moon In Scorpio: April 26, 2021 — 14 Comments

  1. I’m worried. It’s all happening in my sixth house of work. Not a comfortable place to have Uranus for a Capricorn. I’m learning to roll with it, though.

  2. Yes, I think you are correct. Perhaps for me innovating is addressing my situation less defensively trying to be more perfect (my usual) and try to have fun with what’s coming up using to pursue some ideas that I have been fearful to put forward.

  3. The line up is happening in my 8th house. And after a 2020 divorce, I still feel impacted the area of marriage and joint resources. Over the last month I’ve tried to be proactive in areas of finance I’m not familiar with and feel my ex has tried to continue to obscure. I dread what I may find out but I really am ready for clarity.

  4. Deep breathes,for me divorce, not just divided troubles , it subtracted deleted and erased a block of pain and uncertainty
    Betting you trust yourself honor life that’s coming and can accept
    The here and now,best thing about the rear view it keeps
    Getting smaller as you advance.keep on trucking ahead you’ll
    Do great
    Myself; I am in jellyfish mode
    Hoping to show my grace in days ahead, I like myself when reflective not reactive as I become a Tsunami
    When provoked, My Bad

  5. I have a natal Pluto @ 7′ in the 2nd House and a Progressed Mars in Leo @ 0′. Been struggling with needing external validation. I did a lot of emotional healings a month ago, but still going through it.

  6. All of this is happening in my 11th/12th house and my moon, venus and Pluto are all fixed within these degrees (in 9th and 5th house). I was already feeling a bit beaten down today and this was before reading this.

  7. I notice current 35 year olds, such as my youngest son & his wife, have their natal Pluto R and in tight orb to this full moon; for mine- 5th & 2nd H, respectively. So many things could surface from the past couple of years- forced termination of pregnancy, business pressures from not being able to just conduct business. I just want to tell them to keep it light, be careful, and nurture each other.

  8. Pluto rxing in the third. And Uranus in early leo. Am shaking my head at how the info my brain has collected and stored can resurface with a different slant that confuses my mental state. And then voila I get the answer as to what info I am receiving and why. It was a continual barrage of stuff that came up in my sleeping dreams and stayed with me. Consideration of all those individual events led me to the common denominator. But why this clarification is needed now is not known to me. So yes, there is some heavy duty mercury action happening, with a renewal of what is important to me and how I might better express myself. Me head is being rolfed.

  9. Yep. Just opened a box of things I had not read in 11 years and discovered I’ve been trying to workout the same issues -family (mother/daughter) issues, communication issues, relationship issues, trying find my place under the sun issues, you name it, since I was 30 something and I’m in my 60’s now. This Full Moon in Scorpio in my 12th House has revealed so much I for sure can’t ignore it.

  10. Uranus is still hanging out on my MC. Get this, I just asked for a lower position at work because I want to have less hours and a more consistent schedule so I can work on my side business and study for my clinical licensure exam. So I ask to be demoted and not even a week later they promote me again. They just promoted me AGAIN to an even better paying position than before. ?

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