Uranus In Taurus: Social Media & Profit

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This is a good time to look around at what’s happening, to observe the effects of this transit.

I have Uranus in the 7th house, which is Venus Uranus exchange. I’m interested in this topic from any and all angles.

If you doubt me, check this out:

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It’s this next post that’s prompted me to post today. I wrote it in 2016, when Venus was conjunct Uranus in Aries. I would expect the same conjunction in Taurus would show a progression. I think it does and I think the progression is well defined.

This was then:


It’s about people breaking off from each other and from social media in general.  Today, the trend continues but now, MONEY, is involved. CASH. Taurus. Fortunes!

People simply don’t post personal things on social media like they used to. They spend less time on these sites and they take the trouble to sign out in an effort to thwart tracking.

People are also deleting apps from their phones as they become more aware, and spooked, by the profound invasion of privacy.

I can smell the desperation. Outside of email that relates to this site / my job, I would estimate that ninety percent of my email consists of social media sites sending me notices of all different kinds, focused on getting me to SIGN IN.  Well I won’t sign in, because it’s BORING.

There is a shift underway, in that people want real, earthy relationships (Taurus). Sure we can connect via the Internet when it makes sense to do so. But I think people want to simplify their lives at this point. The constant notifications which would be better described as ALERTS, has become annoying to Taurus… a bull who doesn’t really care for flies buzzing around.

Look for real quality.  That’s another change. You just can’t throw some shit up there and call it “art”.  You also can’t throw some shit up there and call it “love” or even “relating”.

The pic above is of my son, a Taurus. I’m guessing you can see the bull in him.  He’s really not into “cheap” and “flimsy”.

What are you seeing with Uranus in Taurus? What has value, now?

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Uranus In Taurus: Social Media & Profit — 5 Comments

  1. I’d love it if social media died or at least went out of style now. So sick of its drama. I miss when people actually wrote more than a tweet.

    I am meeting more interesting people under this transit so far (acting people! yay!) but so far no romance. Ah well.

  2. A lot of volatility for Cryptocurrencies (Uranus-technology and Venus/Taurus-money). Cryptocurrency trades have been all over the place since Uranus entered Taurus, and with Venus’ recent conjoin, this virtual currency market has seemed to become even more turbulent; Ponzi schemes, huge wins on same day trading, more strict regulations, cybersecurity threats, new launches, sell-offs etc…

    It’s quite possible this is all just teething problems and that when T.Pluto enters Aquarius (innovation) and T.Neptune enters Aries (action), around about the time T.Uranus is getting ready to leave Taurus, cryptocurrency could be more mainstream.

  3. Russia was in the news again for buying more gild and not relying on the US dollar, which has no value.
    China is doing the same.

    Wages need increasing, jobs etc.

    I’m trepidatious about this year and early next year.

  4. One thing I’m noticing on YouTube is that scandals largely revolve around things people said on social media in the heat of the moment. “Receipts” are a thing now. If you accuse anyone of anything, gurl you’d better have those receipts! Text messages, tweets, Snapchat clips, YouTube videos….no REAL flesh-and-blood convos, no phone calls!

    Another thing—a lot of YouTube videos are bought and paid for. Ads, sponsorships, “please like and subscribe using the links down below” ? Look, I know people have to make their coin, but come on. An ad every 5 minutes in a 30 minute video? An ad every minute in a 10-minute video? Built-in ads (showing up as an “i” in a circle on the right upper corner of the video?) Subscribers do sit up and take notice of things like this. They’ll even call someone out if they do an expose or apology video, or talk about something really serious—and monetize their video. Mm-hmm, looks fishy!

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