Uranus in Taurus: Love Reversal – Commitment-Phobics Marry

reversal of fortuneUranus transiting Taurus will turn the tables in the Venus-ruled realms of love and money. You’ll see many reversals in fortune with Uranus in Taurus. What we don’t know is who or what or when or how!

The perennially partnered may find themselves alone, while the consistently single experiment with, err… marriage! If you’re into things that are wickedly quirky, this should be fun to watch.

I wrote this in 2019. It’s 2021 now and I feel people are changing their views around what and who they value.  Venus Uranus aspects signal commitment-phobia but with Uranus in Taurus, I think people have want to have some love in the bank!

Have you witnessed anything like this, yet?  Tell us!



Uranus in Taurus: Love Reversal – Commitment-Phobics Marry — 35 Comments

  1. Yes.
    I’ve been single since 2015. Now within the last months has not only moving in together possible, but so to is having another child and marriage.

    In 2016 I dropped everything to try and start a business with friends. Things weren’t going right but I couldn’t leave until I discovered I had a son. So I lost money, job, friends to be with family.
    After many battles, my son and his mom get along very well and she was has decided to recently leave her situation so we can be a family.
    Many unexpected things have been happening lately, and I like it thus far.

    • Sadly, I am still waiting for my permanent singleness to end in 2021…but there’s probably no hope of that at least until/unless the pandemic ends.

  2. Haven’t had a partner since 2014. I’ts not even something I can envision at this point. I’m certainly not looking for anyone. Uranus by transit will be in my 7th house sometime in July. It will also conjunct my natal Sun, North Node, and descendant,so who knows? I’m fine on my own.

    • Klara – I bet love will suddenly (Uranus) come to you (Sun) this summer! It’s almost fated (North Node – significant life experience; and DC – house of partnerships)!

      • I was thinking the exact same thing. But because Uranus is involved I bet it will be someone completely different from what Klara has experienced or could imagine. And it could happen very suddenly.

    • Me too: 7th/descendant and Sun early on and Venus at the end.

      We shall see. If I still have no options 7 years from now then I am the most hopeless person 😛

  3. I am so surprised how much money someone will pay to have a kid move out I thought nature got it right with puberty making the parent and their house the place the kid outgrew and then all on their own they build hopes and dreams and cash to escape the family
    Never realized the rich had to pay millions and bribe others to help encourage their kids to the go it on their own. Not to laugh but the poor don’t have that problem.hilarious

    • and cultures,@Raerae. not just poor (generally speaking) but u can be rich but it is culture that dont want their children leaving the nest.i think some cultures just like to keep their children close,like living in the same roof even if the roof is a mansion lol all across the next east wing ;p

  4. Uranus will soon oppose my natal uranus and square Dsc and natal Mars…
    Killed by electricity and bad men in my life? Let’s see.
    Any hints, please?

  5. Yes, this interpretation of Uranus through Taurus appears spot on!. I know of two long term singles, which now in mid forties have suddenly met “the one”. One was a self confessed committment phobe who is now willing to live overseas for love. I agree that people’s luck can change with this transit.

  6. My experience with this transit, or any uranus transit, is that there is a period of uncertainty and being unsettled. I have not experienced it as a reversal in fortune which sounds like a shift that transforms your life forever. And just because something changes I’d say don’t expect that change to be stable. Things can change again with an uranus transit – it brings uncertainty and a period of instability. In the long run, it seems that uranus periods free a person in some way although, at the time, it may not be experienced that way.

  7. I was excited because … single and challenged in the pocketbook for about 10 years. Working on the stuff I can, rolling with the waves, when I’m out of courage or ideas just being stupidly cheerful and helpful etc. Too busy coping to date. I would dearly appreciate some sparkle. Then I saw your reply that it will affect early degrees of Taurus, and my Merc and Venus are hanging around 21 and 16 respectively. 🙁 However I do have Virgo at 1 degree in Uranus, fifth house. I am praying for a positive switcheroo! Love or money, I don’t mind. 😉 Could this have an impact?

  8. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 years. Was not in a hurry to get married. But, just a few weeks ago, getting marriage just sounded like a good idea. I’m looking forward to it next year! I Taurus in the early degrees falls in my 5th house though, not 7th. Wonder if it makes any difference?

  9. I have had Uranus on top of my sun (25 degrees Aries) MC (26 degrees) Mercury (1degree Taurus) conjunction for the last couple years – my life as I was living it was decimated. I now stand in a very different place, absolutely changed. I feel fragile and raw. Not sure how to step forward into this new self, i’v reframed everything. I’m hoping Uranus through my 10th house will help.., I do have Saturn at 21 degrees Taurus… thoughts? Hopefully some relief anywhere in here? I felt like I was plugged into an electrical socket for most of my Uranus conjunction. I need a break!

  10. Uranus has entered my 12th where it will first oppose Mars (3.31 degrees Scorpio 6th), then conjunct Jupiter (5.32), Mercury (12.30), Moon (15.01), Venus (22.12), PF (24.36), Sun (1 Gem16) and Asc (10 Gem 51). And lets not forget sq Asc/MC just before conjuncting Venus. Been divorced since end of 2012 and recently had my income reduced a good bit. I will obviously be a completely different person in 7 years. Not looking good for the home team. ????

  11. I hope so.

    Have had a reversal of fortune when after a 4 year struggle I suddenly got a tax-return of 6000 euro’s!!

    Hoping for the same feeling in my love-life.

  12. Yes, I got a letter saying I owed money, which is fairly unusual. Then, a few days later, this Monday, I phoned them up and found out it was the psychopath ex’s debt and remembered I paid my half at the time. The debt was from 2010 when we split up.
    But that same Monday (25th) I learned of the death of my loveliest ever customer and although she told me she was ready and told people to be happy for her it was impossible not to cry.

  13. Sitting in my 2nd I hope this will reduce the financial pressure I’m feeling now with rising expenses. May have to get that second job at age 60! Unfortunately Neptune my Asc. ruler sits opp in the 8th. Yikes.

  14. It will be interesting when Uranus is opp. my NN. Uranus is now just starting transits to my 6th and will also run over my SN. Time to leave work or find new work? I could retire as well. Uranus will also trine, at some juncture, my natal Venus (2nd House) and Moon (10th) so sudden changes in money and work are possible.

  15. Hmm, I am thinking something unusual and big will happen with relationships, career, money. I’ve never married. Uranus in Taurus is transiting my 10th and is trine my 2nd house Virgo stellium (all between 3-15 degrees).

  16. Lost my husband on April 9th of 2019. The longest amount of time between relationships has been 2 years since I was 14 years old. It has been difficult to be so alone.

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