Uranus in Taurus Brings Reversal Of Fortune

Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15th, 2018. MissyB started a thread in the forum: One thing I hope that Uranus in Taurus does NOT bring is… It got me thinking.

I wrote about “financial instability” under this transit, back in October. But as the transit nears and I look around at other factors, I realize that “reversal of fortune” is going to be a theme.

Uranus is associated with sudden events. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign. Some will lose their fortunes under this transit. Others will experience sudden gains. If you look around, I’m sure you can see what I do. Big stars are no longer bankable. Or what about Snapchat?  Slip on a banana peel and down you go.

This will be breathtaking to watch but I can’t really say I’m looking forward to it. In some cases, this will be like watching someone flung from a carnival ride. OUCH.

But others will find love when they least expect it, and may have given up all hope.  It’s going to be a game-changer, that’s for sure.



Uranus in Taurus Brings Reversal Of Fortune — 38 Comments

    • Me too.

      “But others will find love when they least expect it, and may have given up all hope. It’s going to be a game-changer, that’s for sure.”

      Let’s see…I’m hoping so.

      • It’s in my 7th house- my relationships are well fragile, agitated, & sad. Except for my son which has grown wonderfully over this past year- we do share our north node in Taurus 2 degrees I hope of everything does get better maybe a new love? My son cannot fill every void in my heart. I hope he finds a girl who treats him wonderful too!

  1. I’ve pretty much given up hope on my financial situation getting substantially better, I hope that counts for a ‘reversal of fortune’. I have a Taurus north node and moon.

  2. I’m looking forward to Uranus crossing my Taurus ascendant. I think it will be the biggest astrological event for me after my Saturn return this year. I’m on a slow build up to aligning my earthly self with my higher self. If this process finishes, people are gonna be shocked.

  3. I think the thing to also add might be that Uranus is only showing how material possessions and fortune has actually put you in a kind of locked down or chained situation. It’s the rich CEO who owns sevaral houses but is now burdened with the cost of keeping them for example. I also think it will be any values you kinda rely on, values/possesions/money flow which are restricting your growth – that will be liberated with this transit I think. And yet, I also think it means more difficulties getting a regular job because no one is investing in a regular paid employee, so you hotta be nimble and adaptive and go feelance perhaps. I think freelancers will benefit immenely from this transit, unexpected gain could come of it if they value their personal freedom for taking different jobs. Also, interim positions will maybe become the new norm in the work force.
    This will require a new value system and POV of your life, somethibg I have become accustomed to since my 2nd house started at 20 degrees Aries. My last 3 positions ended up being interim or aprubtly cut off. I am pretty tired of it, but I would also imagine that the sudden luck could be someone living on a month by month basis getting more stable. Uranus is quirky like that 😉

  4. Uranus will conjunct my natal venus in 11th house.I was hoping for a sudden windfall!! Hope no vague love interests because it wI’ll also oppose natal neptune in scorpio at zero degrees..I don’t have much mone anyway, so I guess it won’t matter.can’t miss what you never had!

    • Uranus will cross over my natal Venus at 29’32” Aries in the 11th house while the new moon hits my 16 Taurus mars in the 12th house. I hope we both get a windfall 😜

  5. In my life, Uranus will oppose my Scorpio Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus over the next seven years. My Scorpio planets are in the 2nd house and Uranus is in the 8th house. Sounds like a new day for me.

    This is the year my husband and I will retire and go on SS. Geez, I’m scared as hell it will be good and we saved enough. I know there will be unforeseen things, but I hope they’re not bad.

  6. I was fearful of this transit before but after reading this post I am not. Thank you. You give me hope.

    Reversal of fortunes actually sounds like a blessing for me. I do not think I can go down any further so the only direction is up.

    My ex abruptly walked out in Jan 2010, took my car I had paid cash for (our family car), left me with his unregistered vehicle (his work ute), 3 young adults at home (all in different stages of shock), then proceeded to destroy my life in every which way possible; destroy our family relationships, extended family, friends, acquaintances; the lot because his mid-life crisis was apparently all my fault! Go figure. He wanted me to take all his responsibility as well as wear my own! I have heard so many different terms of the abuse I was put through; social, financial, emotional on top of the physical, domestic violence and so on. He went in January and I was bankrupted by April so the next 3 years was really tough and it continues to this day. Trying to get work at my age, with a career having been destroyed because his needs always came before everything else, has made life exceptionally difficult.

    I have done training courses, sought out other training on my own and still cannot get anything but piecemeal work.

    Uranus in Taurus, please stop by my place; you will be most welcome.

    • Louie2, I empathize with your situation and hope you can find your way out of the tunnel. I had to reinvent myself and create my own employment after 3 years of job interviews, countless employment applications and rabbit holes. I am in my 60’s and better educated than most but found out age discrimination is alive and well. I reinvented myself by starting a petsitting business, pet bereavement counseling, cat behavior coaching and animal communication and energy healing. These are all activities I love and previously did for free. Discover your bliss and fill a need. Good luck!

      • That is so awesome and inspirational.
        I am still trying to reinvent myself; feels like “spinning wheels” with the motor revving its heart out & somebody else still has that foot jammed on the brake! I am persistent; just a matter of time until I get rid of that foot 0:) Thx

  7. Well theres no fortune for me to lose. Maybe ill recieve a child support check!:) Im only owed 15,000 dollars. I think ive recieved about 2,000 dollars in 9 years. Might be nice, but im not holding my breath. Now, some love would be nice. I think im ready for some of that in my life after several years of almost relationships.

  8. There could also be big disruption to the financial markets with the adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies that could see a tipping point. I think it’s a little soon for that, but still… People in SF are frothing at the mouth about it.

  9. I believe that system of banking especially how money is transacted will be greatly affected. Currently, the US has a dominance on access, frequency, timing, fees of international transactions and wires. They are just like a cartel in the sense that they get a cut of everything within the pipeline. That block chain technology and “cryptocurrency” is gaining so much momentum is a big tell. People want an alternative that’s more direct, less costly, and above all secure. I expect that this technology will be similar to the revolution in the online marketplace evident by the dominance of Amazon.

  10. Major differences depending on house though, yes?
    At the end of my second traditionally Taurean so am thinking definitely different soon moving into third.

  11. Uranus will transit 4th & 5th house in Taurus. More importantly, it will oppose natal moon, mercury & Neptune. Expect to have more stability on terms of financial & other resources.

  12. Must be starting already! I had free Mileage Plus miles I was saving for a trip and when I went to see when I could use them by, they were gone. They were enough to pay for a trip to Europe. So bummed. Oh well…c’est la vie. Just don’t fall for the hype.

    On the other hand, this will be trining my Venus in Capricorn in the second house and trining Pluto in Virgo in my 9th. Will also be crossing my 6th house S Node in Taurus and opp my N Node in Scorpio in my 12th. Will just have to see what happens. I am planning on selling my house so this all kinda makes sense this is the time to do it in my case.

    • Update: I did kinda lose a fortune. I could have gotten $100,000.00 more for my house had I been ready to sell when the market was hot. This was right before Uranus went into Taurus.
      But on the other hand, IF the stock market continues as it has, I’ll have made it all back before I retire-which will be soon. If I wait and the market crashes, I will be one flung off the Wheel of Fortune : (

  13. Dear Friends
    I dont know what to expect
    I have SN, The Moon, Jupiter, Pallas, Mercury, Vesta and Venus in Taurus all 3rd house.
    Does anyone had experience with Uranus running over their stellium?

  14. My lovely moon is in the 1st degree of Taurus, in the latter part of the 3rd house or very beginning of the 4th, depending on which house system is used. Uranus will be in Taurus for 7 years, so we can expect lots of changes in banking and the way we use our resources. Being an earth sign, Taurus is connected to the environment, and we can expect lots of earth changes and disruptions with Uranus “shaking” things up.
    Personally, I have been dealing with loss and being the “h” word for 4 years this May. A reversal of fortune would be a welcome change. Bring it!

  15. Uranus just entered my empty 2nd but at 2-4 degrees Taurus will grand trine My Pluto on the Desc. and Saturn on the 10th house cusp. I expect some real financial/love/values movement to happen. It currently sextiles my Gem Sun but no big news so far! An opposition to chart ruler Neptune in Scorpio might create some problems but over all it looks good.

  16. Uranus is not all that bad.
    I have it in my first house. I had my fair share of shocks.
    Be open minded and let inspiration for change come.
    I see many people purchase things (of to much) they dont need to be happy.
    Real happiness is living with all your senses.
    I am a taurus 13° 57 7th house.
    Review your values.
    I hope to see financial burdens to go away for everybody.. we live on a mass production planet with too much..
    Us humans invented money so why all the crap rules about it?
    How would the world be without money but still basic needs provided for everybody.
    All that stress is making people sick. If we provide safety first nobody has to be greedy.

  17. In my Natal chart, Uranus is in Leo, 2nd House & I’m a Shopaholic of 62 years of age, no savings in my Life – so, I’m getting little really afraid u know with Uranus Square Neptune & Jupiter square Saturn as well in my Natal chart.

    Wish you all ‘A Very Very Happy & Prosperous New Year,

    Best of my Regards,

    (Soumen Mukhopadhyay)

  18. Elsa, for as long as I have studied astrology (4th grade was when I got into it. I’m not sure how old you are at that time but it’s when I started believing in the stars to help me) anywho… I just.dont. Understand. Uranus. In Taurus. I believe it’s personal to me for a few reasons but damn! It seems like a walk in nature that could explode at any minute. I guess my thoughts would go to a walk in the Forrest with possible wildfire…can we establish a home in said Forrest?

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