Uranus In Taurus: Art That Liberates Your Soul

Saint MichealMy husband and I teach a class of twenty-three kids, aged ten to twelve.  I’d mentioned Saint Micheal. Ultimately I brought both a statue of the saint, along with a picture, similar to the one on this post.  I was really surprised at their reaction.

The picture was passed around the class. Each child examined it closely. I’m telling you, they were spellbound.  And they had questions. “Why is the devil green?” But that’s not the main thing. They were tactile (Taurus) about it. Every single one of them ran their fingers over the picture.  They marveled at it.  This is when I realized they had never seen art of this caliber. It shocked (Uranus) me.

I grew up in the middle of the desert, living in a mud (adobe) house.  We were very poor. I mean, we were hungry.  But my mother was an artist, who studied great art.  We made it to the library, pretty frequently so I grew up looking at great paintings. I sure you’ve noticed, I use them on my posts, frequently.

So here were these kids, seeing this image. I could almost feel their heartbeat; exposed to beauty that might move you to tears if you really look at it.  There is something called a “heart-opening”, spoken of in certain circles. If your heart has ever opened, I’m sure you know what I mean.,

Do you expose yourself to great, beautiful art?


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  1. Love great art / and simple art. So lovely of you to share with them. Art keeps me up in hard times , and it is a very tangible line to those who lived before us. Sometimes it is breathtaking and awe inspiring how unbelievably beautifully people have bared their soul and immaculately shared their gifts. It always makes me think, how many hours they spent to create the picture in their heads. Fun for kids??

  2. I grew up in Southern California, and my mom was also an artist. I remember her always sketching me and I remember the hideous bust of wire and clay that she seemed to sculpt for months. I was very fortunate that she took me to the Huntington Library and museum where Blue Boy and Pinkie were displayed. I fell in love with the John James Audubon Bird’s of America works I saw there.

    My dad had lived in Japan before I was born. Our So Cal home was decorated in a very Asian inspired way. We had old Japanese swords hanging over our couch and very zen like landscaping outside. To this day, I love zen. My own home is very small but I only have larger, very nice artwork on the walls. Gives my little house a feeling of calm.

    Some of my favorite artwork is early California impressionism. My favorite art museum is in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been to all the great and not so well known art museums in Europe except the Louvre.

  3. Just yesterday, I visited my local art museum to get my culture “fix.” Tr Venus (beauty, creativity) in my Aquarius (all types of art genres) 1H (I went there for me – Mars) was squaring Tr Mars (I took the iniative and drove) in my Taurus (tangible artwork) 3H (local, short travels). Beautiful art is part of my core – Libra Sun conjunct asteroid Hathor (beauty).

  4. I don’t know if this is true, but some people believe that some ‘madness’ or ‘insanity’ is in art. Who knows, for sure.

    Uranus can be one crazy influence, that’s all I know.

  5. There is a theme like is, apparent in my life at this time. It’s paintings but it’s also apparent other artistic areas, like music and movies.

    We’re losing strength and power and insight and inspiration that can be gained via exposure to art… not machined art, but actual art, where someone put their heart and soul and mind into something.

    • This is so true. I think there isn’t enough emphasis in schools on the great masters of the arts from the past. Their works in art, music and movies relied on pure talent and expression. There was no computer assistance or special effects. It was all from their heart and soul.

      I studied fine art when I was young and used to paint all the time. I always liked to copy the techniques of the great masters and try to incorporate that into my own style. I learned a lot doing that.

      I haven’t painted in a long time, but still have all my paints and brushes. One day I will do it again. Painting is the ultimate getaway from all your cares.

  6. Sublime! Two strikes, like lightning from the Universe. One: I am an artist. I grew up on fine art; I studied the Masters in my teens; I consumed reproductions of masterpieces until I could draw so well I was offered a place to study abroad. I graduated from art school in New Zealand, then lived and worked as an artist in the UK. I’ve been to the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, the Hague, just about every European art gallery and museum, and spent hours gazing at great art.
    Two: the Archangel Michael is my favourite archangel. I view him as a friend and protector.
    What a great post! I understand what you mean, Elsa, by ‘actual art, where someone put their heart and mind and soul into something.’ Divine inspiration!

    • You sound very talented Southern Cross ?. May I ask, what specific planetary contact in your chart has contributed to your artistic gift?

  7. Beautiful post Elsa ?.

    I think it’s a blessing to find joy in art and music. It allows one to temporarily transcend any mundane challenges and experience serenity. You introduced those children to a potential life coping strategy. Very cool indeed.

  8. My father bought a series of volumes, an encyclopedia, for children, entitled “Childcraft,” around when my sister was born (year after me).

    Anyone ever seeing any of those books for sale, buy them!! The poetry volume… gold. The folktales volume: far, far beyond better than any D15ney (intentional camouflage of the name) version.

    Second to that, later on, a board game – “Masterpiece” – that has cards with pictures of great works of art. Fun. And hugely beautiful.

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