Uranus In Aries: “Let’s Have A War!”

“It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes.”
–Repo Man

This afternoon Uranus leaves Pisces for Aries. It’s dramatic enough when such a slow-moving planet changes signs but even more so when it goes from the very last degree of the zodiac into the very first. Zero degrees Aries is termed “The Aries Point,” a powerful degree in the western Zodiac, one of new beginnings. Uranus is revolutionary; Aries is war. There’s no subtlety here, revolutionary war. Currently Aries’ ruler, Mars, is in Pisces, a decidedly peaceful sign, while Pisces ruler, Neptune, is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, known for a cool head. Next month Mars goes into its own sign, Aries, and Neptune goes into its own sign, Pisces. Planets in their native sign are very powerful.

I’m more a follower of internal trends than collective ones, but the energies gathering are very martial. I know for myself I have a feeling of powerful energy gathering just on the edge of my consciousness. Yesterday I posted a song from my youth on Facebook, “Let’s Have a War” by Fear, a punk band from the 70’s, made popular by its inclusion in the 1984 cult movie Repo Man. Someone pointed out how very Uranus in Aries it is. Indeed. It’s also very personally Mars-relevant for me. That was the year Pluto moved into its own sign, conjuncted my Scorpio Mars, trining my Pisces Mercury. That was the year I went from listening to Amy Grant and James Taylor to discovering The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and punk. My energy own shifted with that of the collective.

Well, this is a huge energy shift in the collective that will no doubt be reflected in our own lives. For me this focus on Aries occurs in my 8th house, Scorpio-ruled, very intense. I’m finding the gathering energies “intense.”

Where does Aries fall in your chart? How are you experiencing this new energy? Are you feeling it yet?

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Uranus In Aries: “Let’s Have A War!” — 30 Comments

  1. Mine is in the 3rd house. There is a lot of movement but I can’t really collect my thoughts cohesively, and things seem erratic at the moment.

    But I have a lot of computer projects and I am doing a Web Networking course this year as well, once I finish my Public Relation Course. But I have been asked to do a event project as well, by my teacher. But basically I am been asked to do a lot of Communications projects.

    Yes I am feeling this new energy, I was not expecting it at all. I am guessing there is going to be more to come huh?

  2. At first glance I thought “Let’s Have A War!” read “The Future Is a War” Obviously I’ve had too much Kahlúa.

  3. 9th house. There is some metaphysical and religious/spiritual twist to it that hasn’t developed yet, but is coming along.

    I feel that if I half-heartedly waft this energy toward me, it will be too raw and too ugly and it will dissipate and overwhelm me. I have to grab it by the balls, work with whatever nature it has, and make it as productive as I can. When I feel like taking a break, something growls at me and says, “No, keep going.”

    No, I don’t usually say “balls” but I blame it on the aries.

  4. Uranus will move into my 3rd house of communication and siblings. The energy is explosive and says “Don’t mess with old dames!” Setting limits and knowing the limits retain boundaries inside as well as outside is a big tipping point for me. The relationship I have with my only sibling (my brother) is stronger though physically we cannot be together, the energy is strong, integral, and loving … we’ve been through many levels of war and remain. That’s Aries energy in the best of ways.

  5. Aries is in the 12th for me. I feel like I’m being pushed very quickly in an unknown direction. I keep acting unconsciously, without thinking, and later wonder what my motives were. It’s not too bad, though. Uranus in about to conjunct my North Node, and will then go on to trine my stellium in Leo. So I’m going to trust that the weird, mysterious action behind the scenes is in my best interest. 🙂

  6. My MC is aries in my 10th house. People are going to see me as agressive and assertive. Oh wait, they already see me as agressive. Let’s Start a War!!!!

  7. Mars in Aries in the 8th (conjunct Pisces Sun and Pisces Venus).

    Not feeling it yet, but it’s suppressed with all that water.

  8. Mine is in my 4th, I just want to runaway from everything I’ve created in my home Life.

    Is it wrong? I don’t know…but I’ve never felt so much like leaving it all behind to see what “could be”…

  9. Just the other day I had my hair colored and highlighted. It rocks! After 3 years of being heartbroken, I feel confident enough again to fall in love. I guess you can tell Aries is my ASC. 🙂

  10. My Aries point is bang in the middle of House 7. But I’m not going out at all so it’s not impacting on any relationships, unless it does so online!

    I have noticed, over the last 3/4 days, that my tinnitus had been getting louder and louder, and tonight I can hardly hear the TV for the ringing in my ears. Damn annoying – I wonder if that is Aries energy?

  11. BP … have you checked your blood pressure lately??!! or might you have an infection or inflamation somewhere? Is tinnitus a usual thing for you? Are you on any new medication? Hope you can find the cause for this soon. Blessings to you.

  12. I am an Aries with mine in my 4th house…and I want a new house in a different state really bad so I am hoping this Uranus energy brings the work shift to where I can afford to do it!

  13. Ha ha astroboy!!

    It’s in my 4th (has been for a while). I’m living alone now, but what I anticipate happening sometime in the next 10 years is developing a co-operative living situation with a few friends and their families. It’s been something we’ve talked about for a while (the city I live in is very expensive). Having a garden and all that stuff.

  14. I am feeling empowered like nobody’s business. Sun/Saturn in early Aries, plus Aquarius rising, so my modern chart ruler is kissing those planets. “Unleashed” is the word that comes to mind. I just hope that my future actions as a result of this deshackling are for the benefit of all. With Saturn involved, I fully expect immediate feedback and correction if I veer off course.

  15. @Satori – I have the same feelings of growing intensity; same 8th house Aries “situation”. I’ll have Uranus here for about 1/3 of its passage through Aries; then onto 9th Uranus will go for its remaining face-time with Aries.

    This morning, the “gathering energies”, as you put it so well, felt like they were amping up to an intolerable level.

    I live in New Zealand. Most people have heard of the recent devastating earthquake in Christchurch. New Zealand is a small country. Everyone is jittery, even if they are nowhere near Christchurth. News of Japan’s unfathomable disaster feels like a tipping point.

    The sudden and serious physical destruction and calamity around the globe looks like an outward expression of “the Aries point”. At the same time, there are the internal trends demanding personal change and a new balanced path.

    At the risk of sounding right off-the-charts dramatic, it feels like we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

    If there was a more intense word to use than “Intense”, I would toss it into the discussion. Short of just unplugging (which seems cowardly), how do we deal with all this … what’s the word? … Revolution??

  16. Nancy, you’re obviously very conscious and aware. Now is the time to just serve where you’re called. You’re there for a reason. They are lucky to have you in their midst – just be sure to nurture yourself as well.

  17. @ BP You can hide, but you cannot escape! mwahahahah (I’m partway into 7th too and playing ostrich.)

    @ h. I’ve been thinking that’s the only way many of us are going to survive and flourish. TR Pluto 4th.

    @ Rachael and mena Lovely to see you both!

    @ Nancy B I hear you.

    @ Del again You got it.

  18. yeah, h. me too. Working on that Saturn/Uranus thing where it pays to know yourself. I mean, I might feel like I’m Henry Rollins sometimes, but then I hit send twice or look in the mirror and see the mouse that roared. And, BP- I think the whole world has it right now. But hope yours eases up.

  19. @ Del, h, and Luna – You know, a burden shared is truly a burden halved. Some very good advice, a hug, and someone who says, “I hear you”. Thank you. I feel braver now.

  20. SunnySadge — same for me — 3rd house. My brain has been on fire and I have been writing up an (electrical) storm and definitely writing in new forms (thanks, Uranus). Also more online (an offer came out of the blue to contribute to a blog). My Jupiter is at Aries Point — good luck with all your writing projects, Sunny!!

  21. I’m definitely feeling the energy. My Sun is at 4 degrees Aries in my 5th House. I just got back from my trip to Florida, and my Sister (my closest sibling) picked me up. We sat for hours and I read her chart, her daughters chart and her grandson’s chart. I brought out some deep conversation that highlighted just how much we ‘know’ each other and love each other unconditionally.

    I’ve also been approached by my closest friend to consult on a start up business running a Party Boat! (very 5th house, I’d say) Although she would like me to actually run it with her, there’s a very good chance I won’t be living here to do that, so it will be a typical Aries thing, where I’ll get to do all the planning, then move on to something else.

    I’ve also just signed on two new web design projects that will tap into my creative juices and I’m really jazzed at the concepts I’ve just started to put together (and so is the client- yah!)

    Since I’ve been away from home for over 2 months, it was a joyful reunion with my two closest friends last night. Normally we wouldn’t feel the need to discuss why and how much we appreciate our friendships, but because of us not seeing each other for so long, we actually spent about 2 hours having a mutual admiration party, sharing with each other all the things we love about our friendships and how much we missed those things while we were apart.

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