Uranus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – The Aftermath

pluto in a quadrigaFew would argue the Uranus Pluto square has not fundamentally changed the world. I was talking to satori today – she said something interesting.

She’s noticed that the people in one town she’s familiar with, have pulled closer together. In contrast, she reported the situation has worsened in different town nearby.

People where I live are definitely pulled together.  It’s not like there’s no debate, but the community here is cohesive. People overwhelmingly agree on the fundamental stuff.

It’s nice!  We no longer live in a war zone, coping with clashes day in and day out.

What about you? Is your local area peaceful? If not, how are you hoping? What do you think the future will be like?


Uranus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – The Aftermath — 20 Comments

  1. A lot of my neighborhood recently signed up for a private online network where we can keep each other informed about stuff, recommend plumbers, etc etc. I found a good yard guy that way & someone to build a fence and wheelchair ramp thing. One of my neighbors is malicious but the Italians on the other side of him are nice. 🙂

      • That is a great idea, working big time in our community. You’d be a perfect hub. Our end of the island is wonderful in many ways: a very active food bank is the heart of many services including two thrift stores and two community gardens. Mostly an old age group population, but, the farmers who come as apprentices in the last five years are staying and buying their own farms. The mix of old and new is pretty cool! The young farmers meet every Tues night at the Tap Room shooting the breeze, sharing stores/resources and drinks. Reminds my husband of the old Belgium farmers from his mid-Western farm communities.

        We’re pretty lucky.

      • Try the website nextdoor.com. Just put in your zip code and you are connected to your neighbors on everything from crime in the area to lost and found pets to jobs…and more. It’s awesome!!!

  2. Many distant folks have gotten closer. A group of couples in our community have become close friends and a dear, dear girlfriend of over 30 years just moved three doors down from us with her husband. Another single girlfriend was introduced to a newly single neighbor and they are tied to the hip. It seems she will be moving in with him soon! 🙂 And, tonight we are getting ready to go to dinner with ‘the group’ at their home. So, groups!! Yes! It’s interesting how all of this has developed just since March/April!! And, we all get along!

  3. I’ve never been close to the events of the suburb where I’ve lived, since I’ve retreated and focused my energies on my family, so I can’t help much. Maybe my dad and I have started the habit of saying hi, on the neighborhood walks he does, maybe not. But my family definitely is never the same. Some of us may never be close again, because of the actions done and words said. It hurt too much. Some of us know and feel it in our bones that we will never be separated at the heart, because of what has been shared. After surviving thus, we still love each other and do things out of love and forgiveness.

  4. There has recently been a big accident in a nearby town, quite a few people were killed, it was so random who was taken. It took all by surprise and the overwhelming love, support and donations to the families has been incredible. It’s brought several towns together. Also, last night there was a huge Albert Hall concert of Bach in London, given by a solo cello player, Yo Yo Ma, broadcast live. The presenter couldn’t get over how ‘it’s so relaxed here, like being in your front room, the generosity of spirit in the room is incredible’. And the response to the refugee crisis in Europe is turning into a Sagittarian lesson in helping your neighbour. May we live in Interesting Times.

  5. I signed up for nextdoor.com…there is no neighborhood here, nor are there any close by.

    The neighborhood has 21 days for 9 people to sign on. Not sure if they will..but I sent postcards to my nearest neighbors so we’ll see. 🙂

    • I simply pollinate the place. Literally. Keep the nature thing going. I think it is catching on. And say howdy doo and listen and smile.

  6. In my neighborhood, I see people retreating. Everyone keeps to themself. There is thinly veiled animosity. And this is a very small town. 60 people.Elsa, what were the daily clashes about- specific things, political or what???

  7. I’m in libra/gemini territory. Who’s greasing who to get what they want. I understand that. Understanding that was key so that I could get on with my life without getting any of that on me. My world is much more cohesive now. Just had to get it straight on the Who’s Who folks. An education in What’s What. It’s workin for me.

  8. I don’t know a lot of my neighbors and the ones I do know I’m not crazy about. There are a couple I say hi to, but that’s it. People here stay to themselves for the most part.

  9. I keep forgetting that mercury rules commerce too. So the gemini libra dealing and wheeling, that makes sense for this community. Am glad I lived away from here so long in different places. I think it gave me a choice. Would I have fallen into that thing too if I had not seen other ways of living????

  10. My husband and I left the city because of what is going on in this country and moved back to the country where people know each other. We have to contend with thieves, but our neighbors keep watch as well as we do. We keep each other safe.

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