Uranus Direct: January 6, 2019 – The Future Is Now

smiling uranusUranus will turn direct at 28 degrees Aries on January 6th, 2019. It will retrace it’s steps, reentering Taurus on March 6th.  You’re probably feeling this, even if you don’t know what it is.

I say this because I’d had a lot of consultations over the last month. I’ve been a consulting for a long time. Once we get into December, people tend to put off consultations until the first of the year.  This year broke the mold.

Uranus is the fastest moving outer planet. It changes signs every seven years. It changes the people whose charts are impacted, personally. It also impacts the collective in every way you can imagine and countless ways that you could never imagine.  People can feel the rumble.

I chose the word, “rumble” because Uranus is headed into the Earth sign, Taurus. Earthquakes come to mind.

Taurus also rules the money – the financial markets. “Rumble” works for the upset we’re experiencing now. There is a lot more of that to come.

Taurus is also concerned with beauty. What you values is likely to change, dramatically and irrevocably over the next seven years.

Uranus signals fast change. It will take you to new places, you’ve never been before and it will take you there, FAST.  Like in a blink in some cases.  Millions lost (or gained) in the stock market.  Or a person like me with Uranus in the 7th… so hard to marry and then what?  Married / committed to the planet core.

If you think you’re life can’t change, you’re wrong about this. Especially the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

This why I’ve had so many consultations. People can feel the train is about to leave the station. They’d rather ride it than be caught beneath it’s wheels.

How do you feel about Uranus turning direct and heading into Taurus?


Uranus Direct: January 6, 2019 – The Future Is Now — 39 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to all this. I need “this”. I’ve felt it coming and put my faith in it.

    I’ve been receiving minor cues and acting on them, to hopefully be as ready as can be when What’s Coming arrives.

  2. I’m one of those Fixed Gals with a Scorpio Sun, Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo and Progressed Sun in Aquarius. There’s no doubt life is changing for me; I see the train picking up speed and wanna be ON it not under the wheels. I’m excited about the Uranus ingress into Taurus! Uranus is natal Retrograde in my 6th Gemini. In so many cases, it was the Uranus Factor that made such a difference in my unfurling story.

  3. Tr Uranus will ingress my natal 3H on March 27. Spontaneous domestic travel aligns with my boyfriend’s suggestion to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest this spring. I also noted that my 3H Prog Moon will be conjunct my 3H Prog Mars in my 3H. Tr Uranus could signal a sudden death of a sibling or matriarch figure.

  4. Nervous. It’ll be transiting my 2nd house. and when it conjuncts my Mars it’ll set off my Moon, Mars, Uranus T-Square. Yikes. Hoping for the best.

  5. Honestly, I don’t want to let it go! I love Uranian energy – it’s so freeing and exciting plus I ‘m so darn used to it as I’m just finishing up its seven year transit – and I’m still standing – and looking pretty damn good at that!
    This bad boy is turning direct in me to finish up a few loose ends but I only have 5 months. Don’t know if that’s enough time. But wait who’s that storming in – MARS is here to make it happen! Well I’m definitely riding the Uranus/Aries train right in the Conductor Car – first class!
    For me it has been a great ride. Go 2019!!
    Aries Rising

  6. I love Uranus but that probably has something to do with Uranus conjunct Jupiter in my chart. I view sweeping change as an adventure (Jupiter). I love Uranus transits because when they hit, and the time is ripe for change, I love moving forward towards new horizons. However, I am sort of nervous about Uranus in Taurus because it opposes my Saturn in Scorp at 3 degrees, plus Uranus is in it’s Fall in Taurus. I expect change but I expect it to be painful at least until Uranus moves away from my Saturn. Uranus in Taurus will also conjunct my Midheaven in around a year and by then I hope I will have found and new and exciting career after getting out of school this May. I am wondering if this will mean some kind of move since it will also oppose my nadar…we shall see….

  7. I need change but it feels like crap. I miss love and my brain is all junmbled right now. I will be glad when this sorts out, one way or another.

  8. I’m waiting for it. ? This is the last retrograde planet, and when it goes direct its balls to the wall, baby!!! Us Taurus Suns, Moons and Risings are going for a ride. I’ve heard it said that when Uranus goes into Taurus you can kiss your routines and structures goodbye. (Nooooo, not my morning coffee! ? ☕️ lol) Yeah, Tauruses are either bust a move or freak out over the next 7 years…..

    The summer of retrogrades was great for me, slowed me down enough to do the work I needed to do this year to clear the decks a good bit and prepare for a new life. Now that eveything’s speeding up, feels like it’s time to get on with things while carrying the lessons of the summer with me.

  9. Thats the second time this week that Ive heard that the future is now, in a totally unrelated thing. There must be something in that for me.

    Im open to be open to change. Thats as far as I can get right now:)

  10. Great writing! I have Aquarius Ascendant and immense stellium from 11 degrees Taurus to 5 Gemini..
    Now I need to get on this tran fast as transiting Uranus is opposing natal Uranus, squarining my Saturn, and later my Mars and DSC. I feel so oppressed.

  11. I have Uranus rising and retrograde. When Uranus goes retrograde I don’t really feel any different. I could definitely see more earthquakes and a possible stock market crash. Apple is already complaining that their stocks dropped by 7 percent. Something sudden is going to happen fast. It always does.

  12. My mom has Uranus in the seventh house Scorpio. My dad has a Scorpio Sun and my step dad has an Aquarius Sun. She married both of them. I thought it was funny when I did her chart. I have Chiron in the seventh house and I attract a lot of people who are hurt. I always wondered why the people I would fall for were emotionally wounded. I wanted to fix them. I studied my chart and I was like okay, I get it now. Wow.

      • I have Chiron in the 7th too, conjunct the DC. I appear to attract Doctors. I also have Mars in Virgo and Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer; male significators in the sign of service and health and caring.

        I have also attracted my fair share of “wounded birds.” When I was younger I’d make it my personal mission to “understand them.” Nowadays I see their pain as their responsibility.

  13. OH…I know what it is, lol!!

    My natal Uranus is 29 Libra
    My Ascendent is 24 ARies conjunct Jupiter/Chiron
    Saturn 28 Cancer
    Venus 29 Leo

    Last pass of my Uranus opposition – plus all the other aspects & lingering issues….eh, I could go on @ all the transits…

    Think of that corny white snake song: ‘here I go again…’

    (also Uranus in the 7th here….)

    • Hello old soul, something special in your birth chart.dates are January 7th uranus direct square saturn and Feb 25th.uranus opposite uranus and Uranus trine venus.wow.

  14. Double fixed here, with Aqua Sun / Taurus Asc. Uranus/moon conj 4th house; waiting to sell so we can move! I’m ready, really ready, willing and able, looking forward to uranus upright and the “rumble”. . . . . my kind of energy. . . .

  15. I think the reentry date into Taurus is actually March 6th. Venus enters it’s sign Taurus on May 15th though! I imagine when she meets up with Uranus something important will happen with the financial markets? I’m very nervous about it since it’s my house of health and anything can happen. ?

  16. I’d love it if something good happened–I have Sun/Descendant in early Taurus–but I’m afraid I’ll just get fired instead because my job is gonna start getting really hellish next week. The job really wants to make me do my weaknesses and not my strengths and they won’t change that, nothing broken ever gets fixed and our clientele is making us miserable with all their stress.

  17. Delta, can I ask what the date was seven years ago when Uranus changed signs? It’s interesting to me because that’s when my son’s father began making plans to leave me. And I can’t wait for the seven-year. To be over!

  18. Hi Elsa,am dating a Gemini with Uranus in Libra born on 18th of June 1971 and am a Virgo sun born on the 1st of Sept.1970 bt also have Uranus in Libra.Apart from Uranus,she has pluto,Neptune,Saturn,Jupiter and Chiron in the same houses as i do.So, can someone tell me if this can be a compatibity or Uranus will disapoint me? we also have the same Ruler Mercury. Plz help am not good in astrology.

  19. I feel unsure about Uranus’ move. How apropo. Now considering this, I feel curious about what it will bring, and apprehensive. Maybe because it is an outer planet, I am most curious about how all the cultural and/or societal factions will respond. There certainly are a lot of them.

    And of course, it means some hard squaring for me. Turning corners? Not sure.

    • Oh dear. A can of worms opened when I looked at everything in my chart Uranus will be aspecting. Not just the squares. Also the sextiles and trines. And what is most bothersome is the opposition to natal Saturn, which means a square to Pluto MH too. Uranus squaring natal Saturn and Pluto was a complete blow up of my life. Who knows, maybe the changes I made at that time will bear some more fruit and it won’t be so bad.

      I also looked at Saturn’s eventual opposition to Uranus when it lands in aquarius. Last time around I did a complete turn around with a major relocation that came out of the blue. I don’t want to move again, but it just happened last time so who knows?

      I don’t think it will be boring, that is for sure.

  20. That’s dead smack on my Rising. 2018 was full of surprises (the biggest being a future move). 2019 will likely bring more.

    After Uranus is finished with my Rising, he will go on to square my Sun by late 2022. That’s when I’ll be in my new home. (We bought land this past July.) These next few years are shaping up to be something else.

    • Even though I’m not moving for three and a half years, as soon as we bought the land for the new house, I noticed that I started to detach from my home and town of 21 years. Uranus was hovering over my Rising all last year.

  21. I’m curious how Uranus will affect my husband and I. My MC and his IC are both at 3 degrees Taurus. Uranus will make an exact conjunction to these angles in May. We have been wanting to relocate for a long time, but money has been tight. Hopefully this could be the breakthrough we need to get our ‘forever’ home.

  22. My Jupiter is @ 2 scorpio (3rd H) and my north nord@ 2 pisces (7th H) Uranus will conjuct 2 degrees scorpio or any 2 degree soon.What should i expect in my 3rd and 7th house?

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