Uranus Direct In Taurus – 2021

uranus cartoonUranus in Taurus turned direct today a six degrees. The planet will run to 12 degree degrees before turning retrograde in July, 2021.

Collectively speaking, you can expect things to speed up and take unexpected turns. You think it’s “set” but it’s not. Lightning strikes don’t take orders any of us little people!

If you have planets in Fixed signs around 8-14 degrees and you’re a bit bored, it’s not going to stay that way. Uranus will affect these degrees throughout the rest of 2021.

If your Fixed planets are between 0-6 degrees, this force is moving out. You should see things settle some.

Mars will be conjunct Uranus for the rest of the month. This will really hot things up, speed things up.

I can feel my heart pound. You?

Who’s got planets 8-14 degrees, Fixed?


Uranus Direct In Taurus – 2021 — 54 Comments

  1. ‘If you have planets in Fixed signs […] and you’re a bit bored, it’s not going to stay that way.’ ? My fixed points and planets mc/ic between the 8-14 degrees and later degrees the rest of the band mercury/venus/saturn/pluto. No idea about the other fixed signs but I’d really advice taurus sign out there to be careful, the extreme waves of uranus shocks over a lunar taurus, was painful to see. Take care.

  2. Mars at 12 Scorpio and Saturn at 9 Scorpio. I wasn’t bored at all already… but I guess I’m going for a wild drive. Buckle up, Dori.

  3. Scorpio planet at 2 & 6. Definitely was unsettled the past few months? Hmm… is this called settling down? Haha because I honestly don’t know what that feels like anymore… definitely not stuck at one job?

  4. Thanks, Elsa! My heart has been pounding almost out of my chest for a few weeks now. My arteries are clear but could this explain some of it? My Moon’s 8 Taurus. Of course collective events have scared the bejesus out of me for that long.

  5. Thanks, Elsa! My heart has been pounding almost out of my chest for a few weeks. My arteries are clear but could this explain some of it? My Moon’s 8 Taurus. Of course collective events have scared the bejesus out of me for that long.

  6. My Mercury is at 12Scorpio. Maybe I should try to keep my mouth shut? Lol.

    That Mars/Uranus does give me pause. I have that natally at the end of Scorpio. It’s been a challenge (some advantages too) although Taurus is probably not as bad as Scorpio. I hope.

  7. I have Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio at 6* and 12* after this, my Aquarian AC at 19* takes the square and then on out to 22* Saturn in Taurus.

    This year has brought sudden news and shocking news and just strange things to this point. Fixed weirdness = Aquarian energy

    • Forgot to add my Neptune sits at 28* in Scorpio. It is a way to go yet, but it’s coming. I have just come to the conclusion that 2021 is about CHANGE.

  8. My 5deg Taurus Moon (10th) found much coming and going around my home and public life: beehive at my front door, odd infestation, random/interesting folks, crazy ass mom I don’t know contacted me, and other manipulative folks too!

    It is also opposite my Scorpio Pluto (4th)which shook up the what was my family structure and brought about hidden truths at random times.
    Also square my late Cancer ASC and 29 deg Capricorn Mercury (7th).

    My life certainly is not boring.

  9. Yes, I love it! It’s in my 6th conjunct my Sun, and I just signed a contract with an organic client that could lead to more work!

  10. Sun at 12 Taurus, Moon at 8. A rectified chart puts them in House 2. I’ve spent many hours this week trying to verify my identity on EDD. As a double bull I’ve always thought I had a pretty good idea of who I am!

  11. So w/ Mars @5 and Merc R@8 Taurus, I/ve been preternaturally calm & cool somehow. Nevermind that my Nodes are 18 PiscesNN/Virgo SN…grand cross anyone? Must mention my Aries Sun 26 is squared by the Cap party!!!

  12. Venus 12Tau, Mercury 14Tau, Mars 11Aqu.

    So, Uranus hits these a few months down the road, but are things really going to be sped up when Saturn will be squaring too? Leave it to Saturn to ruin what should’ve been a good time ?

    • Mel – I know someone who has 11 degree mars and 14 degree venus both in Taurus 8th house..also venus square saturn at 14 Leo from 11th house

      Do tell us what happens

  13. Finally direct ! But I think there will be some problmes when Uran square Saturn and Jupiter. Will be some earthquakes, hurricanes.
    Good luck everyone ?

  14. Aquarius Asc 8
    Aquarius Sun 11
    Aquarius Chiron 12
    Just moved into a condo
    Capricorn Venus 23 degrees
    Leo Uranus 6 degrees
    Taurus Mars 2 degrees
    Scorpio Neptune 2 degrees

  15. Wow! Uranus goes direct, and we immediately find out that the Capitol “break-in” was a staged event by CNN and Antifa, with help from the DC cops…Unbelievable shock

  16. Elsa, I am from from Croatia. We have lots of earthquakes here. It started when Saturn was in Aq. During the summer, when Sa was in Ca, we had some small earthquakes.
    But when Sa came again in Aq we had a big one. And since then lots of them.
    I am scared what will be when Sa90Ur with Ju in Aq.
    Sorry my english ?

  17. Venus 8 Taurus ♉️ 11th house and moon 9 Aquarius ♒️ 8th house Jupiter 6 ♋️ 1st Interesting times ahead may just need a reading Elsa

  18. I have a Venus-Neptune conjunction at 14° Scorpio midheaven and Saturn @ 8°Aquarius in my 1st house. I guess I’m going to be busy.

  19. I have the Sun at 10 Aquarius, Mercury and Midheaven at 14 Aquarius (9th house) and Neptune at 9 Scorpio (6th house).

    So far, just a lot of heart-pounding — thought it was too much caffeine

  20. If Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius
    Are fixed; It looks like my Mars in Taurus is @19.7 degrees
    Leo Uranus in Leo @15.21
    Jupiter in Scorpio @ 25.33,also Neptune in Scorpio@6.44 degrees
    Lastly Aquarius in Venus 3.12
    Tense atmosphere trying to float
    Like a jellyfish? I don’t see 8-14?
    Whew did I dodge a bullet?

  21. Venus 8 Scorpio, Sun 10 Scorpio, Mercury 12 Scorpio – in the 8th House. Values, trust and security issues are front and center. How resourceful am I really? ?

  22. NN Node in Scorpio at 10 degrees (12th House)and South Node in Taurus opp (of course) at 10 (6th House). Trying to keep healthy and stay out of the Hospitals! Need to do an anti inflammation detox. Mars/Neptune in Scorpio at 4 degrees (12th in Placidius) so this aspect is slowing down. I have been diligently joining a Meditation Sangha on line daily. This has helped me immensely with not only anxiety from my current situation but also when watching the news. Can I feel my heart pound? Only when I watch the news!

  23. omg this has been a wild ride already with uranus retro and direct and because it’s in Uranus (aquarius ruled) it’s just effecting everyone fixed, rising, moon mars, venus whatever. during this period, my Taurus aunt passed away out of all the 9 children of my grandmother/grandfather. And my Taurus moon sister went through a divorce. So many people that its countless. Even Aquarius suns are effected for sure. Aquarius sun Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands just collapsed under negligence of child services/support. It’s a shocking reversal of fortune. He made a symbolic gesture to ride through the streets over to see the King, to say he is resigning.
    Even i went through some hardships with my family all around me so far and i feel helpless, isolated due to the covid restrictions and lockdown.

    • I’m sorry about your aunt. Thanks for conveying this. It hits hard and makes a point.

      There was another death around me this morning. I just found out the gal was sick yesterday. Less than 24 hours later…

  24. my best friend living in the United kingdom is always sending me whatsapp messages of her complaints of the government there. the deplorable amount of food given to the poor families who have children and it’s barely enough to feed them for two whole weeks. they dont give out food stamps or coupons, just a bag of food, and say it should be enough to feed a child for two weeks. i notice that Pluto Capricorn (government) is always being focused on the news. The good the bad and the ugly. And Prime Minister in Uk is getting alot of heat and most people want him out. Brazil i heard was already pissed off at their leader during covid, because he said the covid infection is only a flu and yet people were dying and that pissed off many people. The governments really are taking alot of fire from all over the world, if they are not doing a good job or are negligent.

  25. Venus, Mars & Uranus in Leo in the 6th at 11′ to 14′. I could use some change and action. Being imprisoned by Covid virus measures sucks in Toronto! New routines are necessary for my mental health!

  26. Hello! I have Taurus asc. 11 degrees. Do you know where we can find a chart of degrees and stations? Trying to work out when this will hit – and how many times! About to start a new job, have about 10,000 other ideas in my head and grappling with the idea of working remotely half way through the year. Will see what happens!

    Re: Any moon conjunctions out there – I just watched my partner go through this at 6 degrees taurus. His entire world view was challenged and changed completely, which was painful but necessary and he has also completely changed career to something he is fascinated by. Was very shaky and changible emotionally, which was a tough ride for our relationship but much more solid and stable now.

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