Uranus Direct In Aries: January 2, 2018 (Transition Into Taurus)

Uranus will turn direct at 24 degrees Aries on January 2nd, 2018. This is most significant if you have planets in the later degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn).  People with planets at the very early degrees of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) should also be paying attention at this point as Uranus will ingress into Taurus in May. See – Financial Instability.

I’ve mentioned how Saturn entered Capricorn and that was it. The planet will not retrograde back into Sagittarius. We’re in a new story now.  In contrast, Uranus’ transition from Taurus to Aries will take about ten months. Here are the important dates:

May 15, 2018 Uranus enters Taurus
Aug 7, 2018 Uranus retrograde
Nov 6, 2018 Uranus retrograde enters Aries
Jan 6, 2019 Uranus direct in Aries
Mar 6, 2019 Uranus enters Taurus

As for this next period where Uranus transits the late degrees of Aries, what’s remarkable to me is that the planet will be truly separating from it’s hard aspect to Pluto. (You’ve Survived Uranus Square Pluto).  I understand the need to shake things up now and then, but that was one bad marriage. I’m relieved to see it break apart.

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs or early degrees of Fixed signs? How do you feel about your Uranus transit?



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Uranus Direct In Aries: January 2, 2018 (Transition Into Taurus) — 29 Comments

  1. “You’ve survived Uranus square Pluto”: that is true, but for me this is not over yet! Aries is on the cusp of house eight in my chart and
    house nine begins on 10 degrees Taurus. I will feel the connection between Uranus and Pluto for some years to come. Saturn is on 4 degrees Scorpio in house two!
    I am not afraid. Just like you Elsa, I have known very hard times: it took years and years!. Actually it never left.
    Gratitude is the greatest gift I think. It is the key! Life has given that to me, which completes the circle again. 🙂
    I wish anyone here a happy and safe New Year!

  2. mars in scorpio 2 degrees, square leo rising……. fun fun, later it will hit my moon in taurus pluto in leo square, pluto in first house

  3. Direct right on my ascendant….conjunct Jupiter & Chiron…headed straight to an exact opposition to natal Uranus…square Saturn….then a trine to Venus

    Apparently I need to fasten my seat belt 😉

  4. Sun 23 Aries, Ascendant 24 Capricorn. Ended 30-year marriage last Spring when Uranus was exactly on natal Sun. Ex has progressed Sun at 24 Aries, and natal Venus at 17 Capricorn, which Pluto has been transiting for several years. Split was a long time coming, and as awful as it was to go through, it was also like a golden hand coming down out of the sky with one last opportunity to make the change.

  5. Uranus is about to hit my sun Chiron conjunction which is square Saturn in cancer. Then mercury mid heaven conjunction in early Taurus. My life is very unstable at the moment as I’m in the process of moving states for a relationship I’m still not sure about, dead broke and trying to get back to work after an injury and chronic illness. I’m rather terrified. The next few months look pretty intimidating. No idea what to expect from Uranus hitting sun, Chiron and Saturn during such a vulnerable time. Though I see a lot of potential if I can channel it well. Might be time for a consultation!

  6. I’ve got venus and chiron conjunct at 24 aries (4th house) mars at 22 cancer (7th) and uranus at 24 libra (9th) natally. I don’t *feel* like uranus has done much even with the tight aspect around these points this year but when i think about it that’s not true. I’m used to uranus very forcefully shaking me up. Pluto moving through my first house (8 degree asc) and Saturn working through the last third of my 12th house has been a slow and steady grinding of my ego. I’m leaning into My north node in 12th house Sag, even if i look like a slacker on the outside.

    After 3 years with my Scorpio therapist i’m moving on to work with someone experienced with childhood trauma and developmental trauma disorder. I’ve known i needed a change for a while but just up got the nerve/trusted my instincts a week ago!

  7. I have Uranus in 2nd house of my natal chart, and I have experienced some incredible Uranus transits to many of my planets in previous years. With Uranus in my 2nd house, in Virgo and conjunct/opposing planets I have had to learn to make peace with this erratic planet. I used to dread this planet and all it brings to me with chronic erratic, unforeseen circumstances to all that the 2nd house represents.

    The most valuable less I learned was to let go of control anywhere Uranus is located in aspect to your chart. Once I learned to let go and just maintain doing whatever I could to pay bills on time and not fret that there is nothing leftover because once I learned to let go of what I had in my 2nd house, I found freedom.

  8. Hi,
    I have Grand square activated by Uranus : Sun cnj 28°,AC/DC 28° square, Pluto opp in 0°…and final episode of long path ..I am leaving Europe for Middle East in January 19th. Saturn entrance in Cap. supported me with last step needed on 19Dec long waited call happened
    I was invited to take money savings stolen from the goverment 5-7y ago. The money are like inheritance from my parents young years efforts. Same week I had Jupiter in Sco cnj nat Saturn at 14°. The game was clear…. Money supported my long planned escape from Europe.
    Now I should secure a job. And in addition I will receive the money at 2 Jan (full moon trine my Saturn point in Sco and Uranus turn Direct) 😉

  9. Uranus will transit my Venus/Mars/Chiron/ASC at 1-5 degrees Taurus and oppose my n Scorpio Uranus so I’m expecting a lot I guess. I try to use Uranus’s “innovating” energy if possible so my intention for this transit will be some “house-cleaning” and allowing of any changes.

  10. Good riddance pluto square uranus – it really nearly killed us. That was hell! Will be glad to see that gone for good. Uranus will be opposite my mars in libra 28 degrees. Could be a little upsetting, hope it ends well.

  11. I guess we need Uranus to crack open the barriers between us and shoot illuminating info into the mix but his style is sometimes too much too handle. (I’m a Capricorn – this was way too roller-coaster for me) Often the after effects have panned out successfully and lead to new, transforming ways, but that’s if we’re still around after the initial shock(s). He’s been wild in Aries!

  12. It’s like a nasty ex lover leaving…. I can’t wait. That was one awful marriage for sure! Made my life miserable and hellish like nothing else. Freedom has a price… Oh yes.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    As an Aquarius rising I am deeply uranian. So there’s that. And Pluto as almost the sole dispositor of my chart? Fasten your seatbelt, bishes… It’s gonna be a wild and crazy ride. Go deep or go home.
    And so I did. Went deep into the underbelly of my forgotten traumas of the 12th house. Not everything that shines is gold and not everything gold is dirt. But Uranus certainly made the process interesting.
    so did Pluto when he squaree my 8th house Moon. The rest was just the divorce attorney negotiating the terms of the Will.

    Hopefully steady sailing from here.

    Finally we can have some

  13. Natal Uranus is at 24.34* Libra 2nd house, this is tr. Uranus’s last pass and an exact station! The pressure Uranus brings is incredible but I am coping, just! It burns you out, as you feel so restless and wired over a long period. I am finding my freedom, through some brutal losses (8th house). I am grateful if frazzled!

  14. I wonder if the full impact of early Uranus in Taurus will be felt as soon as Uranus stations Direct in January or when it actually hits in May–esp. for those who have Early Taurus Planets or Early Scorpio Planets.

  15. Asc/Merc/Mars are all in the last decan of cancer, so I’ll be happy when Uranus moves on for myself, but not for my sparkly Taurus, though she’s later (21degrees) with all her other personal placements spread throughout Gemini. Still, I’d rather have hard aspects to my chart than hers……..What’s that? My cancer/cappy, mommy/let me protect you, my child, side is showing? Nothing new there and Sparkly Tauri can tell you ALL about it 🙂

  16. Transiting Uranus opposing natal Neptune is a trip I have been enjoying very much. If only it weren’t for transiting Neptune trining my moon while opposing natal Jupiter. I mean the uber sensitivity is part of the trip but sometimes sensitivity can be painful. I had to turn off the movie Insomnia last nite. Too painful. My hearing has been so acute noise is oftentimes disturbing. Bright lights in my eyes for a long time on the road is very uncomfortable but that could be old eyes, not sure.

    I hate to be boring but I am already beginning to value people differently. It did not really hit home till I read the maiden piece and started thinking Maiden Mother Crone. It kind of glommed onto an inkling I’ve been having. And the maiden part I equate to the part of me that did not grow up or really did not develop. There is no rhyme or reason but it was starting to annoy me. Not something I fall into, but something that drives me sometimes. So there is a single mom friend whom I have provided with great service through the years who is now empty nesting. I am getting to know her differently now. And she has the part I need to develop. Unbeknownst to her she is helping me to grow that undeveloped part of myself. There is no reason for the lack of development. It’s just something I skipped over because I could easily bluff my way through it. It’s these kind of things that I value in others. And maybe it’s selfish but it helps me to know myself better, annoying as they may be at times.

    And on the lighter side. Am unloading more posessions, not like entities 😀 but stuff. Helped this 4th house Taurus moon person move from her big 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment and realized the grotesqueness of too much stuff.

    Uranus will be moving into square with natal Uranus. That with Saturn trine to natal Jupiter and Sun, and saturns sextile to natal Saturn gives me the feeling that I will be okay but that it is no time to drop the ball either. Saturn’s opposition to moon and then venus I think means some personal discomfort so I will try to stay focused and on track.

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