I’m Unhappily Married and Attracted To My Father’s Business Partner

Zodiac sheetDear Elsa

I have an unhappy married life. I am continuing to live with my husband, as my daughter (a special needs child) is very attached to him. I work for my father in Business and I am crazy for a man who has become father’s business partner last year and is helping my dad a lot. It grew well and all are happy about the progress.

This man doesn’t know anything about my personal life. He admires my work efficiency and encourages me. I feel he is attracted to me but something makes me feel he doesn’t want to let it out. Is it because he is not interested in me? Or is he scared of my father and reputation?

I meet many people in my life but I am not able to avoid or ignore him… please advise.

Unhappily Married

Dear Married,

I imagine if you feel this man is attracted to you, he probably is. However any man of honor and any man with any sense is not going to hit on the daughter of his business partner who also happens to be married and have a child. He can be attracted until he’s blue and so what? There are lines some people just don’t and won’t cross.

What is it you want with this man, anyway? Do you want to have an affair? Do you want to drag him into your unhappy life hoping he will fix it for you? This doesn’t sound fair to me. If you’re unhappy and don’t love your husband this is your problem to deal with, and having a special needs child doesn’t change that.

You do not have a right to access this man at his job, jeopardizing both the job and his relationship with your father. If you want this man – or any other man besides your husband – then it’s up to you to arrange your life so you can meet him on a level playing field in the light of day.

Good luck.



I’m Unhappily Married and Attracted To My Father’s Business Partner — 1 Comment

  1. I think I worry the most that she’s imagining his attraction, as his demeanor has been professional (plus, how can he not know about her personal life, if he’s her father’s partner?), because she sounds starved for positive attention.

    She reminds me of, well, me about three years ago, when, as unhappy as I was in my marriage, I took any positive male attention towards me as affirmation that they must want me. Sadly, nine times out of ten, I was sadly mistaken, and those men were just nice men who appreciated what I did at work, my performance at karaoke, or something similiar, with their interest ending there.

    Take Elsa’s advice. Please. If you want to move on (and who says your child can’t have a fulfilling relationship with her father without you staying tied to him? Both of my kids still do), then finish up your business with your current relationship, so that you can actively pursue and be pursued.

    I wish you luck!

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