Unfathomable – This Neck Thing

Mercury adI called the doc this morning to find out one way or the other, if I needed a driver. Answer – no. This was a great relief in a way. They also told me they had a cancellation and I could come in early if I liked. I liked.

Now you won’t believe what happened. I had the super inexperienced nurse again…she’s just shockingly bad.  But I was ready for that. They lay me down, face down with my head covered, I’m claustrophobic, so I don’t like it but oh well. My main concern was, does she know what she’s doing. Because she put me face down the first time, before realizing I had to be on my side. She proceeded to paint my blouse with iodine…same thing she did last time.  I’m telling you, it’s surreal.

I asked her if she could give me some idea what to expect. She did not answer…same as last time. I asked again.  When she didn’t answer, I said, “Can you respond to me, please?” My face was down in this thing, see?

“Yes,” she said. This is when I decided she was just inexperienced. “I’ll ask the doctor, I don’t know a lot about this procedure,

“Thank you.”

The doctor came in, quickly. He explained what I could expect…it was all reassuring. It was nice. So he started the procedure.

They have to numb you, numb you, numb you, numb you…etc.  And they have to place the needles just right. And the nurse was inexperienced, so he had to give her a lot of instruction. It hurt at times, but briefly. I think this was not as bad as the test shots, in the side of the neck.  But it took a long time.

They also have you stretch your arms back and pull them to pull your shoulders down. Think, “yoga”.  I was in the position for a long time…not too comfortable, but then guess what happened? You won’t be able to guess.

I was all done, all numb, needles all placed. The nurse slapped a wet pad (electrode?) on my leg. She did not have the sense to tell me, “I am going to put something wet on your leg, for this reason. My head was covered see.  So they were ready to fry.

I could hear the doctor walk around to a cabinet. “There are only two of these?” he asked. I knew right then I was screwed.

There was a brief conversation about, XXXX, who I assume was the other male nurse. I lie still with my shoulders pulled back and waited. I heard the doctor walk to my side.

“We’re going to have to reschedule this,” he said. “I don’t have a sterile piece of equipment I need.”

“Um…” I said. “I’m not mad. Thanks for not putting me in danger.” Because I was wondering if they were going to.

“Yeah, he said. “It’s frustrating.”

“For both of us. But hey. I’ve waited ten months to do this, I can wait ten and a half.”

He said he could do it tomorrow. I scheduled for Wednesday. I have a charity thing they want me at, Tuesday evening.  He agreed.

So this is my story. Really, it’s okay. I have work (consults) to do. I’ll do them today and tomorrow, mow the yard, go to the banquet and fry my nerve(s) on Wednesday. But do you know that doctor spent an hour prepping me.

What a PITA.

Oh yeah. This time the doctor came in and saw the iodine on my shirt. “Have her take that off.”




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  1. In The Netherlands we would say “Ongelofelijk; wat een verhaal! Niet te filmen!” Incredible. I admire your courage Elsa.

  2. I am so sorry, what a vulnerable position to be in. I noticed today the Moon is VOC for about 12 hours, tomorrow is not at all so perhaps that is a good sign.

    I was in the hospital for 10 days earlier this year, I have very tiny, fragile veins so drawing blood from me is difficult. A very cranky R.N. was trying and failing. She left
    the room, and the other nurse whispered to me that if it was okay with me she thought she could do it herself. I said yes, and the cranky nurse walked in and I told her as politely as I could that I gave permission to this junior nurse to draw my blood instead. Cranky nurse throws the vials on my chest and storms out of the room. I nominated the junior nurse for an award later and I hope she got it because she sure deserved it.

    Good nurses are worth their weight in gold. I would be looking that nurse in the eye and taking a more proactive role with her. I would earnestly question her and politely explain that I was concerned about her ability to properly assist the procedure. That is not rude, and it is allowed.

    God bless you and keep you during your procedure. May it be all go very well for you, Elsa.

    • I’m thinking this girl needs the job. I am from a place and time when old people were generous with and forgiving of the young. I don’t think it would be too cool to get to this age and be an old bitch.

      • You’re very forgiving Elsa. Perhaps that’s the upside from having a difficult upbringing? That you have an adequate gauge on what *is* difficult and what is *not*. You know real pain and so are very clear as to what’s acceptable, ‘doable’, livable and what is not.

        You’re not a whiner and are very brave. Bless 🙂

  3. That’s terrible, Elsa. You poor thing. The only good thing is maybe next time you’ll get a more experienced nurse. I hope you don’t have too much pain from what you went through today.

    My husband will be getting a nerve burned in his spine, so I’m real interested in what you have to say about the procedure. Feel better.

    • What’s amazing is it’s the second time it’s happened. I went to an ortho guy for a shot…he stepped in the room to tell me was not going to treat me.

      It;s unfathomable…two times I have shown up for treatment and…no.

  4. Elsa, I know you have strong boundaries here with getting advice from commenters, and I totally want to respect that. So you can take it or leave it, but I have some autoimmune issues myself and I hear you are concerned with that – I’m learning more about LDN, and trying to find a doctor who will work with me in prescribing it to see if it works. For those its worked for, its been really great. But it’s tough to find a doctor who will prescribe it – it was something that addicts used to come down off an addiction (usually to drugs) but now there are studies that a very very low dose can regulate the immune system and have all kinds of great benefits. We are moving, but I was able to call a local pharmacy where we’re moving to and ask them for the names of doctors who prescribe this and they gave me one who is in my insurance and also handles pain management. Might be worth looking into.

    And, if not, disregard and just wishing you well and that this all works itself out without further adieu.

  5. Oh my gosh! The lady that assists my dentist is just not with it either. When I got home from having a cavity filled and looked at it to check it out, I still had the cotton stuck in my mouth.

  6. Ai yi yi yi!
    You’re response to the doctor was amazing Elsa.
    I like to think he had a nice little chat with the nurses after you left.
    Here’s to a better experience on Wednesday.

  7. Wow. Well I hope it’s handled better next time. It sounds painful!! I hope it’s over with soon.

    I was supposed to have a different skin biopsy today with a surgeon cause it needs stitches- they changed it, now going Wednesday. Maybe we avoided a bigger problem. I think that’s the way to look at it. Good luck xo

  8. It was kind of you to be so gracious about it, that’s got to be very frustrating.

    I’m sorry things went sideways for you today, just unbelievable this happened again. ((Elsa))

      • I did think this same thing. I think the doc might have thought it too, because I’d asked him, my prognosis.

        See, the internet is terrifying around this. I read about the feeling of a bomb going off in your head. And people did tell me over the weekend, it would take some days to recover. But the doctor downplayed this.

        “I’ll leave here numb, right?”


        “And when I get home and the numbing wears off, Will there be extraordinary pain?” People on the internet leave with pain meds…which I can’t take anyway. They make me sick.

        “No, you shouldn’t have pain like that.”

        “Well, let me ask you this. Do you think I can make it to a banquet tomorrow night? I’m supposed to go.”

        He was surprised. I am a country looking person these days.

        “Yeah, you should be able to go…”

        So I was surprised at that. And when this happened, he offered to do the thing today, and I agreed initially. But then I remembered…

        “Can you do it on Wednesday? I can go to that dinner.”

        He basically said he would do it whenever I wanted. “How early do you come in?”

        On the way out, I told them when I would be back. The gal was on the phone. “We have to schedule you…”

        “No, the doctor already did. I’ll be back on Wednesday at X time.”

        She looked at me, because patients don’t schedule themselves. “The doctor has set the time. If there does turn out to be a problem, just call me. Otherwise, I’ll see you then.”

        She agreed to that. I will call today to confirm. 🙂

        • I was being silly, but it is a silver lining of sorts! And this will be taken care of soon anyway, and you can focus on recovery without being conflicted about the event.

          • I know, but the gal who invited me thinks the “someone” is God. It is clear to her, God wants me there.

            I think I am going to meet the mayor…which is not something I would like to do. But my husband and I need to be at this thing. If I could not go, he’d have had to go anyway, to represent us. So there really may be something to this!

  9. You certainly handled that with patience and grace. Stuff like this makes me crazy. And, I know getting aggravated about it does no good.

    I have had such a run around with doctors over the last year that it makes me nutty when I know I have to go. Nothing ever seems to get resolved.

    I certainly admire your patience with all this. Praying Wednesday goes well for you. Hang in there Elsa xo

  10. Elsa,I’m a nurse. I admire your independent spirit, and I’m sure all will be well…and—without giving medical advice—I fervently wish you would ask a friend or family member to take you to your procedure. Will be pulling for you on Wednesday!

    • Welcome, seedthoughts, and thanks. I’d do that if they told me to. Everyone I know is at work. I also live inthe country so it’s a bit more trouble for people.

  11. How frustrating. And disconcerting. Will continue to hold you in my thoughts. Sounds as if you are handlling it well – it’s real Serenity Prayer territory though (Grant me the Serentity accept the things I cannot change etc etc….)

  12. Another Dutch here 😉 Dear Elsa, what a complete mess… I can think of one benefit… maybe there will be another nurse on Wednesday! I wish you good luck, and no pain when the numbness wears off. Not another “nerve-wrecking” experience… 😉

    • The other nurse (male) is far more experienced, however, based on what I heard, he may be the one to blame for the failure. The young nurse was trying to explain to the doc, how this could happen. It did not sound like she was blaming / off-loading, which *would* have pissed me off. Truly, it just sounds like something the fell through the cracks. I did hear her say, the other nurse was off two days. I imagined it was due to something bad, like death in the family…you know. This was a “shit happens” situation. You could feel it. We all could, so no one had to be an asshole about it and start a chain reaction.

      It may not be a molehill, but it’s not a mountain, either! 🙂

  13. I hope you will finally – one day – get your appointment. It’s scary enough as it IS for heaven’s sake!

    My grandmother once broke her ankle on a vacation. She came home to have it operated when the doctor suddenly says: “I will be right back, I just need to find someone who is a bit more skilled than I, because right now I don’t quite sure exactly WHAT I’m doing down here”.

    My granny was lying there with 3 metal thingies sticking out of her foot. Luckily it only took 5 minutes and then they we’re going at it like pro’s.

    • See, I think this is just life. A person, new to a job, does have to learn. It’s very important not to put your grandmother at risk. So the doctor had his/her priorities right. 🙂

      • True – we all have to learn 😉 I always try to bear with the person Who are new to the job, even if it annoys me, because we’ve all been there, but in this case it must have been rather “hmmm?” experience 😛

        My grandmother could walk again – not well, but still walk with both her legs on the ground, after a while. So yeah, I’m glad he took the time to find another doctor, although it must have been a pretty “huh?!” Experience for her I think 😉

  14. Incredeible!
    Well, I’m glad that nothing worse happened, seeing how things can botch up and I’m amazed a your patience and philosophical outlook!
    I hope everything will go well for you on Wednesday with no pain during or after. And after that, no more pain in the neck at all – physically and literally.

  15. I had an important legal issue scheduled for Monday. I should have looked it up online and paid a bunch of money first, rather than sit around for them to tell me that after a few uncomfortable hours and a lot of time walking around the big city. Today I took care of the money and the paperwork at one place and several hours later, I have two more places to hit on Wednesday.

    Looks like Wednesday will take care of things!

  16. Although like Cap B, I don’t want to be pushy, but I second this person regarding LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) as a major solution for all auto-immune diseases. It’s well Worth taking the time to look up the videos of Dr. Bihari and those explaining how LDN works on YouTube.
    In any event, best wishes for a better health soon!You are much needed on the web!

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