Under The Scorpio (New) Moon – Mars Square Pluto

The Moon is in Scorpio now, conjunct Jupiter and Venus at about 10 degrees. This energy is unnerving but probably not in a negative way.

As an example, my college-aged son is in love. His Sun and Saturn are in Taurus opposing this stellium. His Mars conjuncts it. He looks at this girl and his head spins. He’s magnetically drawn to her.

My husband says it’s the Holy Spirit giving him these feelings. Jupiter. The truth. It can’t be denied.

This conjunction is akin to the point of conception. Something deeply powerful has occurred, silently, in secret.

Tomorrow the Moon will transit the mid degrees of Scorpio. Early Saturday morning it will conjunct the Sun at 26 degrees, the new moon. I wrote about that here – Effects by house. But there is more to say about this powerful blip in time.

Sunday will be quite strange. By that time, the Moon will be in Sagittarius joining Mercury and Saturn in the sign. You can see this as the story advancing. The story is Scorpionic. Potent. You’ll probably feel good about it (Moon in Sagittarius), even if it’s disturbing in some way (Jupiter in Scorpio). But there is another element here.

Mars in Libra has been sneaking up to square Pluto in Capricorn. The aspect will be exact on Sunday. I have a hard time making a doily out of this thing. Social, rage, power, control, dependency… I have Mars in Libra and this stuff is just gross (Pluto). It’s like blood spurting on the TV screen. I have to look away, even if I enjoy the larger story (Jupiter).

Here’s the link to the Holiday Guide which begins on the 18th. Thanks to everyone who’s purchased it, we appreciate the support.

What’s happening in your life? Got plans for the weekend?

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Under The Scorpio (New) Moon – Mars Square Pluto — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve got tangled up in my social justice movement (I have mars natally in mars at 28) between two factions. I am to blame in no small measure but having learned the True Truth there’s no escape(transitng Jupiter sextile natal sun as well as transiting pluto’s final pass over my natal mercury (which squares my natal moon in Aries – all very messy). But the consolation is that after two years – five / maybe six in all as pluto trmapled through my eighth house – the final battle looms this weekend. I have made my decision and now I have to stand by my truthful choice. It’s an alone statement since it’s a leadership position. I have no option – for others are involved – to wield the sword and make a clean cut, yes, this is THAT weekend. Having to say goodbye to half of the people I have worked with over the last years – a partnership has to be formed in order to move forward and I have to choose the partner. To sit on the fence (as I like to do I have a stellium in Libra) will not work this time, Mars square pluto forces my hand, it’s necessary, I know this. All very rules and restriction, owning one’s place for building a future that works. Rewards later wiht this one, I see.

  2. The new moon will ne on m’y natal moon exact … don’t know what it will do… and Jupiter on my black moon lilith and venus on my Neptune. ..

  3. “My husband says it’s the Holy Spirit giving him these feelings. Jupiter. The truth. It can’t be denied.”

    Yes! I’ve recently discovered this about “myself” and a man. I’ve come to this exact same conclusion. I’m a Scorpio Moon.

    “Something deeply powerful has occurred, silently, in secret.”


    Thank you for this post.

  4. All this Scorpio is at the bottom of my chart. I feel deeply rooted, but at the same time, the struggle is real financially, and I can’t really enjoy the feeling completely because I am stressed. I have a simultanious Saturn transit going on, which is part of the reason- I have a crap-ton of work to do before finals.

  5. The 17th My Birthday, I really don’t see anything positive coming my way. I so want to experience Joy again, its been so long.

  6. My son’s birthday. He’s a teenager now. Giving him some wings to fly this weekend. On a crusade to crush debt like a beast. It’s all good. It’s coming together

  7. Hmm just had a bopeep at my chart & this bounces around it a bit. Sextiles natal Saturn 27* Capricorn, squares NN 28* Leo & Uranus 23* Leo as well as opposite Moon 24* Taurus (houses 2, 9 & 6) & also trines mother’s Uranus 25* Pisces.
    Has certainly left me pondering the meaning – rather unsettling.

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