Under The Full Moon In Scorpio (Pluto Transit To Venus)

scorpio ringThe post about refusing to interact / withholding energy was commented on 164 times in the last two days. A number of the comments are mine. I don’t regret any of of it. I am glad to see meaningful discourse taking place here, but man oh man, am I drained.

I give this to Pluto’s transit through my 12th house. Whenever I feel like sinking into a darkened pool, I tie it to this transit, but today I realized that Pluto transiting in conjunct my natal Venus in Leo. It makes me think of a rock star found dead at the bottom of a pool.


Yeah, I know I’m morose, but you’ve got to admit, it fits.

I now understand how and why my relationships are either being lost or transformed. I am losing people, to death in some cases.

I also had an old friend surface after close to 10 years. She’s a double Scorpio. Needless to say, there’s a lot of catching up to do.  Catching up and trying to comprehend.

How do you feel with the moon in Scorpio?

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Under The Full Moon In Scorpio (Pluto Transit To Venus) — 25 Comments

  1. Dark…stormy…bursts and sudden stops of things that can hurt you, and rain that can soak you, if you don’t have reliable transportation, communication, an umbrella, or thick skin- in that order.

  2. Scorpio moon on Venus in Scorpio with a trine from Jupiter…. Feeling Love! But tomorrow on Asc. well that’s another story. I’m hiding under my rock. Just letting it get past me! Fingers crossed! Duck Tape on Mouth! 😉

  3. pulling back…my body is reminding me that I have to be careful about what I take in, and how I let go. Going as low-key as a Leo Asc. can go until this weekend…then I’ll be called upon to shine. 😉

  4. Moon heading to conjunct my neptune in scorpio 5th house
    feeling relief – in large part due to unloosing myself on blog yesterday
    withholding no longer 🙂 Jupiter transit my 12th north node, venus and uranus conjunct my natal jupiter in 10, pluto deep in my 6th of health and work
    I am very hopeful right now as I’ve applied for a 4 year teacher education program back home and will be learning Inuktitut; will know if accepted probably when Mars goes direct
    Anticipating Slingshot effect. and my progressed Jupiter will be going direct in my 8th house in about a year – unloosing me further to share FINALLY I believe with children

  5. The energetics are to the moon! (Laughs) Even babies are feeling the effect. Scorpio moon near Saturn transiting natal Scorpio Saturn. Lots of bumps and bruises today for the grand baby. How about a slip in the tub (water) Scorpio (hard lessons) Saturn. Even innocent babies are feeling it. “Hard things hurt.” Everybody! If you can, pull back if you need to. It’s alright. You are loved. We are all doing the best we can.

  6. Well today was crazy. Scorpio 21° neptune 2nd house. Aries 12° saturn 6th house. Taurus 8th house cusp. I was in the car all day, driving to & fro sometimes twice. Paying for my son’s dr. Visits,therapy & meds. Food & birthday shopping all the money being spent. So I took money out of my savings & had cash on hand. My husband spent the last of the checking account on cookies &lunch. I found out by having my debit card declined. Thank God I took out cash. Because for the first time in my life, I saved money. So saturn saved me. Scary part of day almost had several car accidents today. Was glad when I finally stayed home & off the road. Blew up at my man.I apologized of course. He asked me if his shoes were ready, I lost it. He had my car all last week & Monday. I asked him to rent me a car to make my life easier but he didn’t want to spend the money.so I spent today doing as much as I could.then had to make dinner, help with homework & do 4 loads of laundry. Not a happy housewife, no shower, no exercise, no meditation. It’s 11 o’clock at night. Finally done.I’ve had better days. Boy I need a drink.I just want this week over. Waiting for mars to go direct in my ascendant.

  7. Elsa thank you for the leadership, wit, and wisdom that you provide along with the astrology on this blog. It is surely a labor of love for you to continue perfecting and improving this blog over these many years. Proof! of a solid foundation (Saturn) which I think has been saturn’s point for quite sometime. For all that post comments, know that there are so many others who don’t that are appreciating that you are here now doing this and read you every day. I did a basic google transit search and guess whose site came up in not only first but second spot as well? Elsa Elsa! You Go Gurl!

    • Thanks, Trin. I am really glad to hear that about the search. I used to be on top, but the site was sabotaged two years ago.

      Someone with access to my google webmaster went in and told google not to crawl the site. I did not discover this for nearly a year…during which time, the site dimmed. But the light did not go out!

      I discovered the sabotage about a year ago…was able to save the site, thank God. And a year later, the site has just about recovered. Those search results reveal it.

      The new people who show up is another sign. For close to a year, the only way to get here was to specifically type “Elsa” or “ElsaElsa” with your query. Many people did that, which is why I didn’t notice the sabotage. I still got traffic from google, see? I didn’t know what was going on. Thing is, no one NEW could find the site.

      But it’s fixed now. Lights are on fully and systems go. The site is back from the dead, basically. Attempts to kill it were unsuccessful!

  8. Feeling better actually (natal taurus moon & scorpio venus) and not because merely of those placements but for a long and deep self evaluating process I’ve entered voluntarily after Saturn transits on those two signs and placements since last year, it happened in the form of an initially intense and suddenly toxic relationship I got into, just to find that leaving it was just painful as well (plus meanwhile finding out I was no longer hiv- which I realize is no easy stuff, yet don’t feel so down about it, more like: life still must go on) and since then I just told myself ‘no way, now go to the corner and think about what just happened to you until you come up with something useful’ and I’ve just been introspecting and also reading mainly about psychological and behavioral dense books and stuff, hence the ‘feeling better’ to dig down and find some meaning and useful things about relations and life in general. I just finished the last book I was on before reading this post. Btw, thanks for your posts Elsa, really, thank you 🙂

    • Yes, I too got in a hot mess of a scorpionic taboo relationship (both of us natal scorpio moons with mean ‘ole Saturn transiting them) Saturn split us up for our own good. Definitely a deeply intense catalyst for self-evaluation and letting old and non-beneficial things die for the new and more beneficial things to come into the life.

  9. -These are the times we were made for
    These are the times we prayed for
    These are the times that we bought and payed for
    These are the times to be careful what you wish for
    -These are the times of the generational transits
    These are the times to pay attention to the planets
    These are the times to know your Chiron
    These are the times to be getting your Mars on
    -These are the times to not let Neptune delude you
    These are the times to let Jupiter assist you
    These are the times to find your guru
    Just make sure he/she doesn’t fool you
    -These are the times to make peace with Pluto
    Someone’s gotta do it and his name is Pluto
    Tears it all down to rebuild it better
    In mutual reception with his best friend Saturn
    -And if you’re wanting some of Venus then you’ll have to play with Mars
    And a little bit of Mercury won’t do you any harm
    He’s a little bit sketchy when he’s retrograde but along with Uranus he’s quite the renegade!
    Together they might tell us exactly what’s up in this freaked out road show and which lips to pucker up!
    -These are the times we were made for
    These are the times we prayed for
    These are the times that we bought and payed for
    These are the times to be careful what you wish for…..

  10. Elsa, sounds like a Pluto deal (death transformation) in the 12th (secrets secret enemies) but that hacker did you a favor which I’m sure it didn’t feel like at the time! How can you know what to lock up unless you know where they’re getting in? Look at how highly skilled you have become with technology (mercury) due to an out of left field hacker (uranus) because this labor of love (venus) is serious! (Saturn)

  11. Oh no. Pluto will be moving into my 12th in a few years and will be opp my Venus in Leo. I better read up on this!

  12. I feel like an absolute nut case with my 23 degree Scorpio Moon right now. My peace-loving Libra Ascendant and jolly Leo Sun has always kept a tight lid over my Scorpionic stellium (Moon, Saturn, Pluto) venom over the years but not anymore. The full moon is illuminating a power bomb on my Mars retrograde in the 12th house of secrets and Pluto in the 3rd house of communications/co-workers. There are secrets about co-workers that are undermining my emotional health. I’ve always avoided opening a can of worms at ALL costs in the past in order to keep the peace, keep the professionalism, keep my job. That did work too well back then and it won’t work again this time around. Pluto is transforming the way I communicate and once Mars goes direct next week, hopefully the can of worms will be released and I can get the chance to heal emotionally.

  13. I have never commented on one of the sites before. My ascendant is 10 degrees 30 minutes cap. I have been very upstanding business owner for 25 years. But everything has fallen apart, culminating with 6 days in the lock up of a public mental health institution / jail from April 30th to May 6th 2014.it appears to toe will cross back over my ascendant on September 22nd and back into the 12th. Help me?

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