Under The Full Moon In Scorpio (Opposing Venus in Taurus)

fried chickenIt’s tense out there today.  The moon in Scorpio is opposing Venus and Uranus in Taurus as I type.  Tomorrow, she’ll be full in the sign – see, Complex Negotiations.

Few feel comfortable at this time.  I confronted someone, yesterday. They didn’t expect it (Uranus) and either did I.  These feelings (Moon) just erupt!

I am going to cook (Moon) for the dying (Scorpio) today. I don’t really feel like doing this, to be candid. I am not in the moooood for cooking. I also have to cook things I don’t like because guess what? The food is not for me!  It’s not to my tastes (Venus)!

I’m going to do to though, because I love the dying person (Mary) and because frankly, it’s a good way to channel the energy – no one will be hurt.

I’ll also be consulting because hey!  This is a really good time to get to the meat of it. That’s what I titled my newsletter for today.

What are you doing under the full moon in Scorpio?



Under The Full Moon In Scorpio (Opposing Venus in Taurus) — 16 Comments

  1. Leaving soon for the city. My husband is having an echocardiogram–a deep look inside his heart.
    It’s a still morning here and the Moon in Scorpio is conjunct my Ascendant. I think it will be okay.

  2. Tomorrow is my venus return on the full moon. Going to work on beautifying my home, and get a plumber out since the bathroom sinks are plugged up again! Also getting the tree guy to come and cut the growth from the palm trees. Hope to putter around outside and feel the earth between my toes, and feel good about it!

  3. Tomorrow is my Lunar Return on a Full Moon. Also, the Full Moon is exact conjunct my SR.Sun/Moon Midpoint and within aspect of my Natal Moon and 1st/7th axis.

    Yes Elsa, “It’s tense out there today”, for me possibly till mid-June?!

  4. feel the discomfort for sure… and being plutonic/scorpionic, you’d think i’d be in my element, but no… I’m sensing something

  5. Last full moon in scorpio, I am sad to say I gave my nephew my very strong opinion about his actions and it was not very well received. Hoping to keep my mouth shut this time around and not get into my usual scorpio moon funk. I have A stellium with my sun there in scorpio but my sag venus and moon just hates this transit. My step daughter is supposed to come visit so maybe this will be a fun weekend. She is a pisces and we have got close this last year dealing with her Dads illness and death. We get each other.

  6. It will be exactly on my DC.I am negotiating with a man. Question is -what are we? Just a friends or is there something more. His actions and words mislead me a lot. I adore him as a friend but would not mind relation, and from other site don’t want to lose energy on smth casual. Serious talk need to take place. I am expecting unexpected (Uranus??)

  7. My GI doctor gave me samples of a long-term medication that should give me a better idea of the type of colitis I’m dealing with. Apparently they still don’t know. I’m starting it tomorrow in the hopes that it works.
    The moon will be in my 12th house when it’s full.
    Tomorrow night I’m visiting with family. I hope they understand that I need to try this to get some answers as to what’s going on in my body.

  8. I am working, transporting groups for marathon . Hotel to events etc.
    It’s dark cold and raining, athletes
    To take cues from. My niece and her
    Husband travel far and near to be part of these 27 mile events!!
    Last time together she said
    Aunty it is an energy you’ve never imagined, she said the spectators
    Have a beautiful powerful giving
    Energy,when it’s over all she remembers is the people she said
    They love the inability to move as they lie still, hoping to feel the flow.
    Guess the part for me minor

  9. I’m currently taking a course in holistic whole-body massage and will be studying some of the theory and history of massage over the weekend. Sounds like a Scorpio thing to do maybe! I have Venus in Scorpio. Good luck to all this Full Moon.

  10. Going to a seminar on releasing family karma… Scorpio full moon in my natal 9H and conjunct natal Neptune, perfect. 🙂

  11. It’s only 10 am and I have been in 3 physical confrontations with people trying to squeeze past me in lineups, with the usual excuses of course! Total strangers being really abruptly rude and verbal. Maybe I should have stayed home!

  12. I came from the hospital today! My neurosurgeon is the best! My surgery was successful (laminectomy and L4/L5 lumbar fusion). I realize it may be anywhere from 1 to 2 years that the bones (my own scrapings from the surgery) fuse. So far every day I see the tiniest improvement. I’m not too keen about the opiates for the excruiating pain but I am taking one second at a time. My scar is 6 inches long. A 5 hour surgery turned into 7 hours. The day following surgery I did a lap around the floor 4 times. The next day I climbed the stairs in the hospital as I have steps at home. I was kept in the hopsital an extra day because my son was at his Senior Ball and no one to help me. No walk in the picnic yet. But no more sciatica and the back pain is due to the incision and all the scar tissues that developed because I choose to wait until my son was 18. Too tired to explain. Feeling very blessed.

    On the day of my surgery transiting Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in my 3rd house and the moon was transiting my True Node and Pluto. This full moon falls in my 1st House. And my natal Mars and transiting Mars are conjunct today.

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