Under The Full Moon In Cancer – January 12, 2017 – Death, Luck, Mom & Gifts

We’re most definitely feeling the effects of the full moon tonight.  I thought we’d have some kind of mixed bag – see Unpredictable. It’s been that way around here.

Yesterday, I was quite upset. I’d pretty much decided to quit some things I volunteer to do. These things are causing me stress…which present as a Lupus sore (which will rapidly become sores) on my face. No. Thank. You.

So I was going to quit, but then I woke to a text message from a gal I know. She sent it last night when I was asleep.  She was thanking me for some work I did. She also mentioned that she was glad to have met my son and that he was handsome. Pretty standard until you realize she lost her 20 year old son, just two years ago. He as in college at the time and I realized at this time, our sons look alike.

I never met her son. But I know this because she brings his picture for All Souls Day. He and my son are the same size, same coloring, same haircut and roughly the same age. Gah.  My son was helping me help her. Could have been her son, if he wasn’t dead. I don’t know what to say. It’s almost galling to consider. So that changed my mind, pretty much. One of the things I do is help her. I think I better keep doing that, for sure. I’m ashamed I was even thinking the other…

So that right there shows the ups and down of feelings. I told you (in the newsletter) it was going to be about, mom. My son and I talked some more today. It’s funny what he remembers. And It’s cool, I get to explain myself.

One thing he said was the fan had broken on his laptop. He was not even remotely asking me for another one – seriously. He said it sounds like an airplane. So we got talking about that computer, which I bought for him when he was about twelve. It was a really nice machine. I was flush at the time. This was before the people I worked with stole all that money from me.

He was doing good in school by then. He had my old desktop which was DOA. So I got him this laptop, “for high school”. I also got him this great desk.

Don’t get me wrong. I got the desk from Wal-mart but it was super cool. He loved it and I loved it for him.  He’s got his Sun conjunct Saturn – he’s a Taurus, so this was like “wealth” to him and status. He LOVED it.

He told me this today. I told him it was liking sending he and his friend, Quirk, on an adventure.  “I’m the kind of parent who thinks it’s a good idea to get a kid some larger shoes, you know they’ll grow into. That’s what the desk was…

I did buy him a computer today. As we talked, it hit him. “If it had gone out during finals, I don’t know what I’d have done.”  I did not buy him a fancy machine this time. I bought him what he needs. Something that should last until he graduates.  This was all very positive. Jupiter effect.

Coming home with the computer, I did feel sick to my stomach (more of the upset moon). Then I read about someone’s mother dying in the forum.  It’s upsetting. I feel real bad about it and I just hope there are no more calls or emails tonight.

How are you doing under the full moon?

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Under The Full Moon In Cancer – January 12, 2017 – Death, Luck, Mom & Gifts — 30 Comments

  1. I do love you lsà and I do feel yore pain. A thousand light years away
    From a song I knew a long long time ago. *helper*at your truest sir or mam

  2. The moon conjuncted my natal Uranus very early today. I woke up sick. First time in 5 years. Serious flare up of Fibromyalgia and a respiratory illness and now I have a blister on the inside of my mouth……I have been on a hamster wheel caring for my mom’s myriad health issues since May of 2016 and I have hit a big ugly wall of exhaustion.

  3. It’s a big beautiful moon tonight and I teased my cancer husband about listening to his oldies music in the car tonight because of full moon…he said if that’s what your voodoo says about it then I guess I agree..lol

  4. I have read about someone losing family members and a friend today from a Facebook group page I’m a member of. Very tragic. I was invited to a bachelorette party and bridal shower for a girl I just met back in October that I’m unsure about going to. Introverted Taurus and girl I hardly know with her friends seems like a death trap to me. Our Virgo puppy of almost 15 wks learned to sit tonight and my Leo cat keeps trying to escape the house. While our crazy sweet big baby lab dog Gemini Doberman just wants snuggles. So I have ups and downs.

  5. It’s a struggle. Just found out my ex-hubby has cancer, three months to live. Found this out when I phoned him to wish him happy birthday. Gaaaahhhh! This is tearin’ me up.

  6. I don’t know if it is a common thing or not, but I almost always happen to have a headache when it is Full Moon. ? I can’t wait til the Moon finally starts to wane. Maybe it is because I was born during Waning Moon but I feel much better after Full Moon is over ?

  7. So far, so good. Keeping alone, not sleeping enough, retaining too much water (a general problem I have that sometimes just gets exacerbated).
    Hopefully it all goes around me…

  8. The Moon falls in my 4th house.
    Lately I have been consumed with what’s happening at my mother’s work. Her department is asking her and her colleagues to give back some money because they, allegedly, made mistakes when calculating last year’s salaries. There is no written explanation from the Economic Department, just the message sent through people and some form they need to sign.
    The lack of official explanation and the way it is being handled makes me think something is fishy. None of her colleagues dare to ask questions because they are afraid. Of what? I don’t know. The union is not asking for explanations because they are friendly with the bosses. My mom is retired and this is a job she has in addition to pension, she feels she would be pushing it if she asked questions.

    I feel powerless and mad in the same time. Mad because all these hard working people that already are payed low salaries are being treated this way, mad that these people are not asking questions and powerless because it’s my mom. These are people that spend every day taking care of children (now adults) with disabilities. They are called ‘mom’ by those kids. And the salary mistake was made with their income, not the upper echelon’s. I don’t know what to think or what to do.

  9. Bless you for all the help you give to others!But do take care of yourself! First..Full moon is close to my sun in Cancer 25´ – My progressed Sun is 17´in Virgo so I do have a Pluto trine. Feeling the planets in Pisces. Feeling both Power and Pain. Doing spiritual exercises – primarily for the wounded feminine – the mothers and so on. Mother earth.
    Cleaning shadows.

  10. I’m having a tough time in isolation unit with my ill son in hospital. His immunity doesn’t rise so no chemo, no advancement to the end of the horrid treatment, just stagnation. My husband came for a few hours for me to have a breather. I went to the cathedral for mass. I sat by the relics of Pope St. John Paul 2 (I now live in Poland)and prayed. There was mass At 18.00 and as Im now a frequent visitor the local priests have come to know me. It was a beautiful mass with special prayers to the Holy Mother and St.Joseph. (cancer moon)such radiant Eucharistic joy (Venus / Neptune conjunct as well as mars in Pisces sextile pluto which is sitting on my natal merc) hope someone out there gets me. I’m alone in a foreign city looking after my dying son. (He may survive! Jupiter for hope) God comes to us sometimes.?

  11. Thank you so very much. ? I hope so too. Jupiter is currently trining my Venus in Aquarius so now is the time for faith and love.

  12. I am distraught for no real reason at all. I have moon in Cancer– this full moon is hitting my 8th house. I’m managing to talk myself out of the negativity but it is constant work. I’m in fear about family, money and my husband’s health. I feel it is all irrational and my Capricorn sun is parenting me. I hate January anyway, not enough light.

  13. 2 weeks before Christmas I received some much dreaded news that 3, not 1, people I’m very close to, were entering the final stages of life here on this planet. All three were given 2 weeks to live, my niece made her transition on Dec 27, one of my friends transitioned a week later, yesterday the daughter of of the third called and asked me to come, said mom was being made comfortable! I’ve been kind of numb, but I’ve also started paying attention to life, today I updated my life insurance, checked in on some folks, called my daughters, asked them to make sure my whiskers are shaved off my face just in case my time comes sooner than I want, and to please check on me.

  14. Well, the full moon fell directly upon my 12th house Mercury in Cancer. Unexpected (Uranus) mental (Mercury) and emotional (Moon) healing came in the form of dreams (12th house)

    Let me explain. My ex-MIL has been on my mind for the last 6 months or so. All this old stuff I thought I’d let go have been brewing secretly (12th house).

    She was like a mother figure in some ways but was also very mentally cruel to me in a lot of ways and spent an exorbitant amount of time smearing me to my kids, my employees, and even people who’d never met me. She looked the other way during the times I was being physically abused and even blamed me! She accused me of things I’d never done. I was so young, so naive and so unprepared for the ugliness of their family dynamics and plethora of inherited mental illnesses. It created a well of burning resentment that hasn’t quit since 20 years ago. I’d never truly forgiven her, despite the fact that she is so far out of my life.I even daydreamed of spitting on her grave.

    But last night, during this full moon, I dreamt of her. I saw the truth of the trauma she went through that I didn’t know about. The fear and denial she lived in. I woke up with compassion in my heart. That’s the first time I’ve ever felt that for her. That ongoing anger and resentment? Gone. I can forgive her now. What a relief!

    Talk about textbook astrology! ?

  15. May God Bless and heal all of you who have so touchingly shared your burdens with us. My heart aches for each of you albeit I will pray for each of you as well. Since I personally love a full moon, although I am a Leo, I have always been very drawn to them for reasons I cannot explain. I would like to believe it is not the moon’s fault, but some cruel manifestation that challenges us. I will admit that people behave differently during a full moon. Jimmer, my heart particularly goes out to you! There’s nothing worse than having an ill child. I’ve been there and wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. You and your child are getting special prayers! I wish you all that your burdens be lifted!!!!

  16. The full moon is doing her work pretty well my 33 year old Cancerian daughter who injured her thumb is currently home. Her thumb is healing rather well but she can’t do a lot of self care for herself. The things you generally take for granted like bathing, washing your hair, opening jars,bottles and such. I have been having to give her a bath, wash her hair help her to shave. All the grooming things most people don’t think much about. She and I both are happy she at least has the use of her dominate hand.

  17. looks like i’m quitting my job. not with a bang so much as a whimper. 🙂
    (funding ran out.) i have won a couple fellowships and a scholarship this semester and it’s really time to put my nose to the ground and churn out some research so i’m ok with this. i could have fought to keep it. i didn’t. i need that time to make the things i’m in school to build.

  18. I found out yesterday that my beloved golden retriever mix has melanoma on his tongue, and it’s inoperable. He’s been with me since 2004 and we’ve had many adventures together. So this mama (Cancer) to a furbaby is feeling very emotional (full moon). :’-(

  19. Full moon is on my daughters M/C, fell in my 6th house with a wide square to my 8th house Uranus. I found out her father was diagnosed with cancer. We are currently separated but still legally married. At this point we have no idea how far along it is, they are still the staging period. It’s a very difficult case with a lot of other health problems, namely uncontrollable high blood pressure 190/110. I’m trying to stay calm and relying on my faith to get us through this.

  20. I was with my mom watching the news early in the morning of the 13th. I was also scrolling in my phone reading older news. I came up with a terrible story that happened in December about a Colombian 7 year-old girl ad after seeing her picture I went to my room and cried my eyes out.

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