Gemini Moon Torn Between Two Lovers

Dear Elsa,

I’m torn between two men.

I broke up with a Taurus at the beginning of this year, and began seeing a Virgo about three months after.  I have amazing conversations with the Virgo that make me feel completely understood!  But I just can’t seem to let myself fall completely.  

My Taurus ex has made things clear that he wants to try things again.  I feel like if I go back, I’ll have a nice, safe life – and I’d be the one in charge!  With this new one, I’m amused and challenged… but never completely certain about having any control.  

Which man should I choose?

Torn in two

Dear Torn,

If you have to ask…

To be very candid, I don’t think you’re going to go long term with either of these men. The Taurus has bored you and considering the Gemini in your chart… that’s pretty much terminal. Admit it – you want constant stimulation!

You have a better shot with the Virgo. He may be even smarter than you and that would be tasty. However, there is obviously something chemical missing or you would not be writing me.

From the tone of your post and the look of your chart (you’re a Cancer), it sounds like he’s not offering you the security you need to thrive. Can he do this for you? Find out. And if not, I think you will soon be looking ’round… with a better idea of what you’re looking for, yes? Someone solid, who doesn’t bore you.

Good luck.

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