Two-Faced New Moon in Gemini: May 30, 2022

gemini goddessWe have a new moon in Gemini in the early morning of the 30th at nine degrees.  It looks a bit two-faced.


I know I may get in trouble for writing things that, but hear me out…

The sun and moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini are well aspected by Mars and Jupiter in Aries.  It’s upbeat, daring and fun!  It’s okay to crack a joke.  So there’s your one face.  Fortune favors, bold speech!

The other face is another story. I’m talking about ruler Mercury in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Say the wrong thing and be rebuked by humanity!

Luckily (Jupiter), Taurus has “intact self-esteem”! Saturn is at home in Aquarius so I’m prepared to defend myself (Saturn) or even fight (Aries) to be able to state (Gemini) what I believe (Jupiter).

Further, you can pull the two faces together! In fact, I have set a Saturn-example of how this can be done in this bragging (Jupiter) short post (Gemini).  You just need to cover all the bases.

Be clever. Locate your self esteem. Make sure you’re original and you’re good to go.

new moon gemini 2022We set intentions under the new moon. Remember, this new moon occurs early in the morning so you’ll want to do this the day before.  Here are some ideas, based on the house in chart where the sun and moon will fall.

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Initiate conversation. Chatting up strangers. 
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Talk, read, think about art, finances or self-worth.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house – Juggling conversations and/or more than one language.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Changeable emotions. Talk to family.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Creative writing, thinking, ideas, FLIRTING.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Talk about heath, change up your daily routine, juggling your schedule(s). Many errands.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Juggling conversations with more than one “other”.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Talking /thinking / writing about taboo topics, also death, exchange of energy, legacy, etc.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Mentally engage with someone or something outside your usual area of operation.
  • New Moon  the 10th house –   Intellectual standard.  Talking and thinking like a grown-up. Also, public speaking.
  • New Moon in the 11th house –  Juggling friends and social engagements.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Information from the ethereal, prayer, talking to God.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?

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Two-Faced New Moon in Gemini: May 30, 2022 — 13 Comments

  1. Gemini New moon falls at tail end of my 5th house. I am liking your suggestions: Creative expression & Flirting! They are just what the doctor ordered:)
    This Scorpio lunar eclipse was a bit rough…felt like a chapter had been closed shut.

  2. LOVED this from the newsletter:

    “A lot of the problems we have right now can be tied to the fact that people can’t see the duality in the world. They see the two sides but fail to see the one coin.”

    The thing about Gemini’s are they gather information at lightning speed, and they pass out that information. But the information isn’t necessarily in any order, or even been processed. It just comes out. So, people can take that as ‘evil’ or ‘two-faced’ or ‘gossip’. It isn’t really vindictive, perhaps, but can be perceived that way.

    Gemini Moon here. And I am fascinated by Gemini Sun people!

    • You are right. I’m a fellow Gemini Moon and agree that we gather as much info as we can to pass along.

      But I agree, a lot of people don’t see the fact that the duality is from the same coin.

      Also, want to say that I have felt pretty positive since the lunar eclipse and I haven’t better.

      Uranus is weird like that. Very unpredictable.

      • Gemini Moon also! Sun & Mercury & Uranus & Pluto all conjunct in Virgo. 12th, ASC and MC and NNode also all ruled by Mercury.

        Quick & erratic (sometimes intense) thoughts overload 24/7! ☺

  3. This takes place a little more than 24 hours after my solar return. Interesting energy I’ll be carrying this year. The new moon falls in my 7th house. I can be very surface and talk about nothing, but I am careful about my conversations, perhaps for that very reason that I certainly am original!

  4. Gemini Sun. My birthday is today! New moon in 8th house along with my sun. And my sun squares Pluto,to boot! I’m tired of this heavy energy.

  5. In my 8th house conjunct my PoF and opposing my Sun/Uranus conjunction in 2nd house. I’m currently applying for a student loan for a creative writing college. Textbook, right?

  6. I have a Gemini Moon,Taurus Sun.
    I am outspoken with Mars and Mercury ruler of my house conjunct in Aries.
    My moon is eleventh house.
    All my Social groups have lined up on WhatsApp.
    My School group and my work mates.
    I ve connected with long distance foreign friends too.
    So a lot going on.
    Geminis talk a lot , process information at lightning speed,and deliver it pronto.
    Its not always warranted, appreciated.
    But there it is.
    Many people don’t want to hear the truth,or even consider it.
    I ve learnt to say it and step away.
    I m not attached to anything any more.
    I m also more open to people not being open.
    Acceptance is what I learnt.
    It was a good thing.
    I m also paying heed to step away from the Coprse’s.
    I can see a few popping up.
    Yes Duality and two sides of the same coin.
    I like it .

    • 👍🏻❤️ Gemini Moon here with a Virgo Sun and Mercury Mars conjunction in Virgo.

      Adding Aquarius Rising, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Information is collected, written, and shared.

      When Mars goes into Mercury ruled Gemini,it will send my Mars/Mercury into a frenzy. I read about Gemini Mars and it really hits home for me. Gemini season doubles the need to get info out.

      But no, nothing is done maliciously, just that if I don’t tell someone, I feel like I will burst.

  7. The NM is conjunct my Natal Moon and my niece’s Natal Sun.

    Square my own Natal Sun in Virgo.

    I get it: lead with the heart right now…

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