Turns Out I Have More To Say About The Moon In Cancer Opposing Pluto…

dress.jpgIt occurred to me, I am deeply stirred tonight and this is new phenomenon. It is the Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in CAPRICORN… this is the parental axis. We weren’t dealing with this when the Moon in Gemini opposed Pluto in Sagittarius. This is a whole different animal and I found myself telling a pal tonight, it would be best to get a grip on it early on.

Since I have other pals who read here I thought I ought to say this at large. The more your can bring your roots to your consciousness the richer your experience where as if you fight this you are probably going to feel very disturbed.

Embracing your ancestry is disturbing on it’s face because it means you take the bad with the good which is why so many people deny. When that guy in Italy came around wanting to research my roots (what a fiasco that was), I was not all that interested. I mean, I’m sure I come from a long line of criminals… how else would I wind up the way I am? There is not going to be news on that front.

Anyway, here’s the dress. I really encourage people to excavate their roots. I am telling you they are going to come up anyway so you may as well open the door…

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Turns Out I Have More To Say About The Moon In Cancer Opposing Pluto… — 17 Comments

  1. We’re going now. The soldier just walked in from getting his hair cut..

    “I would definitely fuck you.”


    “That’s what everyone else is going to think when they see you too, I am going to have to kill me some motherfuckers tonight…”

    ha ha ha

    it’s in the blood.

  2. nice dress, you look lovely.

    I usually try to take your advice and apply it right away to see how it fits. With this I am a little stumped: racially I am about 15 things all mixed up, culturally there is just as much chaos.

    I don’t speak to my mother, my father is dead. I never really knew my grandparents, I have moved many times, and phisically there is nowhere that feels like home. I have a cancer sun that pretty much sits on the ic….. so maybe I make my home where ever I am. . and I think I do, I am comfortable almost anywhere… but roots..?

    I dunno.

  3. wow, great point re. cancer moon / cap pluto axis. This does feel new and has richness. i went out to dinner with american parents and kids thIs eve. i felt some deep parent to parent bonding. we also talked about brisket and if our relatives made it. A guy from Texas thinks it is comfort food.

  4. Interesting, especially because I have a Cancer moon, and Pluto is starting to oppose it. My time back home over the holidays was super intense and I feel miles away from who I was before I went there.

  5. Once you suggested my rising was Capricorn (which I appreciate and acknowledge the likelihood of, while also being in ever decreasing denial, cause its comfy.) Anyhow I fished around and generally, based on my appearance, Capricorn rising is the consensus. Which puts my moon in the eighth which, while it doesnt make me comfortable (Hah! so the opposite of comfy with my virgo moon) but does make a lot of undeniable sense.

    Todays earlier post about comfort food hit home and made me antsy as a result in a way posts rarely do, case I LOVE comfort food. I just prefer not to think about my roots. Particularly the women involved. Because Those are the icky bits.

    In fact, to reference paragraph one, while an 8th moon had always made sense (which is where it ends up if Capricorn is rising), when it really hit home was when you mentioned months and months ago that what was in the 8th house was what you deny. Cause women ancestorsÉ Messy feelingsÉ Lets chop èem all at the root and pretend the donèt exist cause that makes it better rightÉ Well. Easier.

  6. OMG!! I dreamed last night that my mother, father and I were sitting at their very long and sturdy dining table having dinner on very fine china. My mother was dripping in expensive jewels and there was a monestary built out behind their English Tudor mansion.

    I was laughing at the thought of Monks living behind her house. Really being sarcastic and scathing. Then I said, ” I just want to know one thing, why could’nt you love me?”

    My father said to leave it alone and my mother said that “those things should never be visited again”……right before I throttled her to death.


    I climbed across the dining table and just put a death grip on her throat, all the while my brother is fighting with my sister in the background…..to the death.


    When all was said and done ( I had knocked the chair to the ground by this time in my rage ) I realized that this was no way to handle this and told my brother to “off” me as well!

    What a truly twisted Moon in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn expression of my family “roots”.

    I might need some therapy after all……..ya think?

  7. My mom has been visiting my dreams since late December – which is normal actually, since that is the time of year that she died. I did wonder why she’s still walking around in them like it’s normal, though. Now I guess I know.

    Is this why my Boy is wanting more time with Mama lately? Whatever the reason, I’ll take it, but that came right out of left field.

  8. As usual, when I have weird dreams they all involve academe. Last nights nightmare was that I got a C in something and I was very embarrassed because I had so wanted to impress that particular professor. It was law school, and I had not studied for the test, and I had also missed more than half the classes, but still, a C sucks.

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