Turn Your Life Around In 2022!

zodiac paper dollsI’ve gotten a number of things straight since Pluto cleared my ascendant.  Here’s a short list:

  • I like the truth even if its bitter.
  • I’m not going to get my truth from a liar.
  • I don’t care to be helpless, stuck, pathetic or pitiful
  • I do like handling things and feeling in control.

I really like Mercury opposing Jupiter in Aries along with Mars in Gemini which can assist anyone who opts to use this energy to break free.  Saturn squaring Uranus is another indication this is good time to break ties that  bind you.

I’ve had a number of conversations regarding my post about doing something I’ve refused to do for a long time…like budge!  I did flip this switch on my problem.  I’m going in the new direction now and there’s no going back because I made a point to blow up the bridge. Now leaving captivity!

Doing Exactly What You Don’t Want To Do In Order To Be Free

Talking about this has been challenging but rewarding and effective.  It’s challenging because generally, I have thirty minutes to convey ideas how a person can alter their situation but in this climate, the changes are likely to be radical. I wasn’t kidding about “doing what you don’t want to do”.  I also said, “exactly” and I wasn’t kidding about that either.

People tend to hate change but the Saturn Uranus pressure is building and the time to change is now. It’s better than than these things, I can list off the top of my head:

  • Self destruct
  • Losing friends for all you complaining
  • Acting out because you’re mad at yourself
  • Disabled by fear…

I had to tell a caring person to care less this week.  I felt like I slapped her but I’m sure you can think of people who also need to do exactly this for their own survival.

Think about what this requires. If you happen to define yourself as “super-caring”, you’ll have to edit that.  This is a general statement, having nothing to do with the client. But just imagine someone telling you something like this.  If you’re caring yourself to death, it’s got to hit you hard and true.

How attached are you to being “super-caring”?
Is this the hill you’ll die on or should you move your line?

The way to move your line at this time, is fast, like a blink. And if there is a failure of some kind, then move it again and again and again over these next months until you find your sweet spot. Then when you’re successful, you can update your press kit. You may no longer be “super caring”, but what you’ll be more authentic; no longer living a life that’s killing you.

Are you making changes at this time? How big??


Turn Your Life Around In 2022! — 11 Comments

  1. Yes I agree that Pluto in 1st house will transform you. I also found that being authentic is do much more important to me.
    Saturn square Uranus is tough on me. I feel that I need to make more/better use of my resources.

  2. I was wondering if planet X transits over natal planet B in conjunction, and at the same time these 2 planets are in transit squaring each other, how does that manifest?

    • This would mean the natal planet was being aspected / transited by both planets. For example, a Leo sun might have Uranus transiting, square and Saturn transiting in opposition.

      It’s a situation like this, all the posts I’ve written on managing the Saturn Uranus square, apply to.

    • Your natal Saturn is being transited by both Saturn and Uranus at the same time.

      The natal planet is stationary.
      Transiting Uranus is conjunct your natal Saturn
      Transiting Saturn is opposing your natal Saturn.

  3. Thanks Elsa, indeed 2 nd house under pressure , no wonder
    I am desperately wanting to get out of financial stagnancy.

    Guess will have to wait till my lord Jupiter touches the house.

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