Major Aspects: The Trine

pillowsThe trine aspect is 120 degrees. I tend to give it an orb of 7 degrees. It is considered an aspect of “ease.” Trines are pleasant, and while generally considered positive, I tend to consider them slacker aspects. Trines are great when they relieve the tension of more difficult aspects, giving respite between periods of work, but they can also result in slacking off from work that needs to be done. In this case they become a refuge of the lazy, enablers in escapism.

There’s a fine line between rest and avoidance. Like I said, trines are considered positive, but some of the most capable people have few or no trines in their chart. Some of the most inveterate ne’er do wells have many. Like anything it’s all in how you use it. A trine is an asset; it can be used well, held miserly, or squandered. You can use it like a tool, a relief from work and a way to recuperate between life’s bouts, or you can use it to pick your teeth while you lie on the couch and yell for someone to bring you the tv remote you dropped while scratching your ass.

Do you have trines in your chart? What do you think, are they helpful or lazy-making for you?


Major Aspects: The Trine — 25 Comments

  1. I have Sun in Leo trine Mars in Sag. I have found it to be both helpful and lazy-making. I just need to make sure that I don’t “lazy” too long.

    I do find that I have a hard time sitting still sometimes – always doing something.

  2. I just looked and also have Saturn in Taurus trine my Cap Moon. That’s interesting. All I know is that I definitely limit my emotions – wouldn’t necessarily call that helpful sometimes…

  3. I have a couple Saturn trines, to Neptune and Mars. It helps. Saturn’s kind of a sonofabitch to me with several hard aspects, so a little ease to balance is a very good thing. I think I’d be depressed as hell without it.

    And I’ve got a 3rd house Venus/to Jupiter in the 11th trine. I don’t think I skate on this completely. I write and work hard at it. But bosses, powerful people often really like me, and it’s not ’cause I put forth some effort for this or even understand it. So that’s a gimme.

  4. Reminds me of why I have both trines and squares. Uranus trines Jupiter yet squares Neptune; Jupiter trines Uranus yet squares Moon, Chiron, Nadir. If I never faced any pain, obstacles or adversity, I’d likely lie on the couch per the funny and accurate example above. Yet if there were no relief for the painful, hard stuff, where would the gratefulness come from?

  5. Neptune trine sun-Merc-Saturn (very widely for the later planets, but I feel it) and moon trine Mars-Venus-Pluto. Count ’em how you will. 😉

    I definitely feel like I squander my trines. I only have one square in my chart, moon to Uranus (t-square if you throw in Chiron), and I really envy other people’s squares — they seem so dynamic! Full of potential! OMG, growth!
    By comparison, I feel downright lazy and bloated. Much too content to float with the currents instead of striving for what I want, which is something I admire in others.

  6. Not counting any asteroids or nodes, I have 2 trines (the venus/jupiter is out of sign, by god, and the other is moon/mars) and about 7 squares.

    I admit, sometimes it feels like good things happen more easily to others, or that they were born with more opportunities (i.e. wealth, parent with connections, etc.), but this is what I have, so smart, pragmatic, and steady work has always been my mentality. I know that I will get to where I want to be, it’s just going to be a bit more laborious than it might be for others.

    If I had a lot of trines, I’d probably be on the lazy side. I know how this square-ized version of me is, and I like work and having something to do. If it comes at me too easily, I’m afraid that I’ll take it for granted.

  7. (Insert several expletives here!) I have those freaking little triangals everywhere. EVERYWHERE, I tell you!! Eight, I think, before even getting into the baby planets.(It’s OK. I’m still breathing.) I’ve been doing astrology reading overload lately and I’m thinking 2020 might be an awesome year for me. Because by then I’ll have early onset alzheimers and all this will be a hazy dream as I rock in my rocker in my hermit hut somewhere. I have to examine this more closely now… Dramatic flare over.

  8. One trine only: Sun in Gemini trined by Saturn in Aquarius in 5th house. I take my children and my literary career seriously–but I have had to work hard at everything since childhood. I’ve never had anything handed to me.

  9. Wow, good topic here.

    I have 14 trines and 6 squares. I’m far from lazy. It may look like it to others? I have LONG down periods to restore myself. Probably would be more lazy, but have 4 squares to my MC.

    I can say that certain parts of life, I do get a free pass. However, I have come to feel worthy of this, given the hard parts of my chart.

  10. I have six squares, too. Includes a t-square. I’d have to say it’s never been easy. But somehow smoothness comes along every so often. Which I never feel guilty about. And I do expressly have to “take off” and recharge. So a bit like you, I guess, Xenia. I choose when I’m lazy but I don’t call it lazy anymore.

    Wish I could get it all flowing together. Me, in harmony with the spheres.

  11. Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Mars and Virgo Jupiter
    Scorpio Neptune trine Pisces Sun and Aquarius Venus.
    Aries ASC trine Leo Pluto.
    Aquarius MC trine Virgo Jupiter

    I think my trines are a mix of helpful and not so helpful… whenever Taurus wants to lie on the couch and yell for someone to bring me the tv remote I dropped while scratching my ass, Capricorn says ‘isn’t there something more productive that you could be doing?’ and Virgo says ‘isn’t there something better for you that you could be doing?’.
    The Neptune/Venus fog trine is usually pretty unhelpful, especially considering Neptune is in the 7th house. Mr Right or Mr Don’t Touch Him With A Barge Pole? Good question… have a good answer? cos I don’t know.

  12. I think I have 7 trines.
    I get so angry at myself for relaxing.
    …and for not taking things seriously.

    I resolve to never slack off again,
    but lo and behold, the next day, it’s just the same 🙁

  13. Moon trine Neptune, 11 to 3, Gemini to Libra. Maybe this is why it’s easy for me to vague out and have fun with free association. On the other hand, maybe it’s why I have started to write poetry.

  14. I cherish my trines (8)… they help to balance out the squares (6) and oppositions (5). The one that I rely on the most is the trine between my Moon/Neptune conjunction and my Mercury/Mars conjunction. It helps to cut through the fog of Neptune to enable me to analyze and communicate my emotions. I may be guilty of taking it for granted, but I wouldn’t call myself lazy! 😉

  15. My Leo Asc and Leo Moon are trine my Aires Venus. I interpret this that the way I show up (Asc) attracts things to me that I like, and also helps me in attracting what I like. I must admit, I do feel charming (gosh, that’s my Leo Rising speaking all the way!), and I feel that this natural charm helps open doors for me socially. HOWEVER, that’s all on the surface. My Venus/Uranus opposition and my 8th house Sun gives me plenty of inner turmoil that gnaws endlessly, after this nice flowy trine has made initiatory moves on objects of my desire.

  16. For me .. they can be both helpful and lazy-making. When I waas younger it was more ‘lazy style’, now I am working on it!

    I have 12 trines and 15 squares(including ASC/MC)

    I think that my favourite trine would be Venus/Mars and Jupiter/Venus

  17. I have noticed that the earth trines, dont get lazy… (as much as the other signs).

    My boyfriend has Taurus/Capricorn and he never stops working! He always finds something else to do. The same with my grandad… and my friend (virgo/capricorn)

  18. No way! Reading your interpretation and everyone elses is so interesting. I’m glad to now say I USED to envy those with triangle power.

    Explains the ex with the Sun alone carrying 6 of 22 trines!, 14 squares and 3 opp.

    I’ve got mostly squares, conj. and sextiles. A lot of a lot? Oh fire, how I love you so ; )

  19. One trine: Leo Uranus/Ascendant/Moon trine Saturn in Sag. I figure it calms that Moon/Uranus a bit. Plus maybe it helps offset my Sun square Saturn somewhat.

  20. I’m with ya on the trines. I just don’t like them… very unmotivating 🙂
    If it weren’t for t-squares i’d never get out of bed!!!lol! 🙂
    oh my trine is a grand trine in air. This complicates relationships. I think i give off the impression that i’m casual when i’m sooooo NOT!!!! GRRRRR!!!.

  21. today I have venus, mercury,moon all trine my pisces sun but I have just wanted to nap or look at pretty christmas ideas on I understand why after reading your post Satori!

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