Transits To Your Natal Chart

I remember when I was 17, Annalisa was pregnant. I went over to her house and saw the transits written on her wall calendar along with the Moon as it moved through the signs. There were no computer programs back then to calculate this stuff but she had an ephemeris and she drew all the gylphs onto the calendar in her neat script. I wouldn’t pay that kind of attention to transits for a number of years. In fact, she was the astrologer in the family then and I was little sister, living with the man who is now my husband and riding a red motorcycle.

I eventually turned my attention to astrology full time and was obsessive about it, you can imagine. I tracked not only my transits but everyone’s transits until the day came when I quit. I have no idea when that was but it had be at least a dozen years ago.

I surprised myself when I printed out the transits to my natal chart and transferred them to calendar today. I just thought it would be smart and if not, then it will be an experiment. I want to find out if paying attention to the transits to my chart makes it easier for me to navigate. That’s the experiment part and on the smart part, well I just expect things to be very demanding over the next couple years.

I’ve mentioned many times, all the planets in the Cardinal signs hit my chart hard but they also hit the charts of everyone in my family hard as well. I am going to publish my book now. I have no idea what will come of that but whatever comes of it, I think it would be helpful to have a deeper understanding of it and astrology can help me on that front. Sure enough, Pluto will be transiting my natal Mercury so I will have to tap whatever I can.

We sell year-long list of transits that include interpretation for $12. It’s a great way to study. This year, I am going to (re)study with you.

Do you track your transits?


Transits To Your Natal Chart — 17 Comments

  1. I do, but I try not to be too obsessive about it. I know my chart without looking at it, so it’s hard not to know what transits are going on even if I don’t track them 🙂 I don’t tend to worry too much about the inner planet stuff, but I have Saturn and my MC/IC in early Cardinals, so it’s getting interesting here too 🙂

  2. I started doing this a few years ago, then I moved, lost my notebook, and never picked it back up.

    I did order a transit report from here, though, and it DOES come in handy! 🙂

    I’m curious though:
    Now that you’re tracking again, E, are you only putting it down for the day the aspect is exact or for the whole time the transit is active?

  3. I just mark the exact date because I know in my head how much runway to give.

    I am naturally forward thinking so concerned with where I am headed and once I get there, where I am headed next. This is just how my mind works. Goal oriented, I suppose. Don’t know why people think that’s bad.

  4. Not bad at all!! I wish I was more like that and not only trying to solve for today and (literally) tomorrow. I think by having a goal, you’re able to look ahead and notice the behaviors that affect where you’re headed in the long run.

    ~as for transits i only really notice them by day.. and i do look at the forecast but will try in pay more attention in relation to my chart to be better prepared 🙂

  5. Thanks, E. 🙂
    Since I’m not so good with the speed of the planets, I think I may put “reminders” on the empty spaces at the beginning of the month until I grasp it better.

  6. I check the transit report I got from here all the time, and find it very helpful. I like the way that I can look forward and see the ‘waves of energy’ flowing (or not) and know when to not get too frustrated and when it’s best to just bide my time.

  7. I do. But I’m still in the experiment stage. I track mine so I can observe the day and then go back and try to pinpoint what energy was going on. Like, I keep a diary of the day. Immediately following the day are the transits I found and I can often relate them to something that happened or something I felt. This way, I’ll know what to expect next time.
    Eventually I hope to see the transit before hand and know a little more of what to expect. I’m pretty good with moon transits by now.

  8. I check them roughly every couple of weeks or if I’m planning something or an event is “sprung” on me, so I know roughly what to expect.

    Sometimes things jump out & I pay closer attention to those.

    I like to check them retrospectively too. Sometimes it’s astonishing what shows up…

  9. I used to have a Moon Calendar before I hung out here… I thought I was pretty progressive back then!

    I had no idea 😉

  10. Yes, maam. The big guns are lining up already and next year will be a doozy so, like your sis, I’m making nice neat little notes on my calendar. (A few examples, Jupiter stationing exactly on my Moon, Pluto stationing exact on my bday, and next year Saturn return on Venus cj Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto will cj natalMars/NN cj.)
    Looking forward to your observations, as always, P.

  11. Yes. I track my transits and check in here for the big collective lights and darks. I also live with the Hawaiian Moon Calendar which roots me differently with time. I love reading how you learn along. Hawaians call that a makua o’o … always learning, digging and navigating.

  12. The transits show you the steps in the dance with your chart. The art of transiting is to learn the steps, i.e., the specific transits of specific planets, and then figure out the dance you can make from the steps. If you get too obsessed about each specific one (especially the short transits), you are thinking too much about each step and not the whole dance.

    As I am writing this, I am thinking it would be helpful and grounding to translate the transits into an actual, unique physical movement exercise, like flowing vinyasa yoga and tai chi…

    No, I don’t have planets in earth signs — the opposite! Only one (Mars in Virgo). But I think that getting the flow and rhythm of the transits out of the head and into the body would be a great way to understand and embrace the energy…

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