A Year of Transits: What I Like About the Transit Report

One of the perks of being on the staff here is I get a transit report from Elsa. Now, as someone who does this for a living I don’t particularly need a transit report. I know how to look this stuff up myself. But, Sun Saturn I can do it my own self ego issues aside, I was happy to get it and here’s why:

#1 – It’s all right there for me. I am a tired person. I have a little baby and stuff to do. Yes, I know how to find my transits. But it’s the time that it would take to do the leg work that I am having trouble finding. This was fast. Bam! In my email. Done. It’s the astrological version of the wash n’ fold.

#2 – It’s a list! It is a neat, organized, easy to read list. There they all are in chronological order, lined up like little soldiers ready to influence my life. Hello transits! This beats the hell out of my previous method of mental documentation. I would look things up ahead of time and then think “Oh, ok.” Then I would forget. I am very haphazard with my own information. This report is not. This is something that can be used as a coherent reference. I actually printed mine out and tacked it to the wall next to my desk.

#3 – It’s perspective. I already have my own ideas about how these transits will play out. But, its nice to have another voice. The descriptions are clear and concise reminders of the essence of each transit.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can click here to purchase one.


A Year of Transits: What I Like About the Transit Report — 3 Comments

  1. I really appreciated that it hit the highlights and the interpretations were to the point. I’ve purchased Astrology reports (costing 3 X as much) that were so fluffed up, it was impossible to tell what was significant. I read through them once and never touched them again. This one is concise enough that I know I’m going to be referring to it as the year goes on.

    And I’ve utterly given up on the “mental notes” concept in any area of my life! Har.

  2. Truth is too, so much online transit stuff SUCKS. Elsa’s program I think is particularly good – concise, concrete, on target. I ordered for myself and for someone else – and I can also “do it myself” but this was soooo easy (and not expensive) and yeah it’s all right there and I can refer to it anytime AND it had listed stuff that I had missed. I was so overwhelmed with my saturn transits that I was ignoring the less stressful aspects coming up… So I recommend it too!!!!!

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