Total Solar Eclipse in Aries: April 8, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse April 8 2024 astrology chartOn April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will carve a narrow path of totality from southwest to northeast across 13 U.S. states.  The eclipse will take place at 19 degrees Aries. As you can see the sun and moon are conjunct Chiron, down to the MINUTE. Click chart to see full size.

Get details here, including a map of the eclipse path: National Eclipse

Back to the chart, Aries ruler Mars is conjunct Saturn – generally considered a cruel combination.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus will make this unpredictable.

Surprisingly “good” is more likely than “surprisingly bad” but who knows? I’m sure some will call this the end of the world but that’s not a bet I’d make.

The late degrees of the Cardinal signs have been POUNDED over the last couple years. If you have in the last 10 degrees of a Cardinal sign, this eclipse will not pass unnoticed!

What do you see in this chart?  



Total Solar Eclipse in Aries: April 8, 2024 — 16 Comments

  1. I see the 9’sI heard many times
    Dressed to the 9’s, I see a funeral
    I see the best of the worst,just what pops in my head. I can’t read the astrology part. I quantify constantly
    I see numbers ,I see patterns,like a puzzle,some things catch me.
    No predictions.

  2. Holy crap … the eclipse/Chiron conjunction is 2 degrees off my S Node; Pluto is conjunct my Moon/Venus conjunction; Jupiter is exactly conjunct my Mars and Uranus is close enough for jazz.

    Anyone have a take on that?

    • uh-oh, so its a NN solar eclipse on your SN, with Pluto on your wants and needs? Some past visceral thing/person teleporting into your life in 2024 maybe? which houses are those in? 🤔 looks juicy.

  3. Healing from the truth whatever it may be? I’m looking at the Sun/Moon/Chiron conjunction in the 9th house. The solar eclipse is going to affect everyone as whole matters pertaining to 9th house matters.

      • 🙂

        My moon is at 20 Aries.
        It is going to be something personal.
        I usually fight but this feels like i wanna run away as if something embarassing is going to happen
        We’ll just wait and see i guess 😉

  4. The “cruel” Mars-Saturn combination squares my Mercury in Gemini in the 10th–but perhaps not all is lost because Mars and Saturn are in a comfortable airy trine in my natal chart.

    The chart sets off my natal grand square in 16-24 degrees of cardinal signs. I see crucifixion, but crucifixion is an opportunity in my personal Christian belief system. It is an opportunity to sacrifice myself for the sake of the common good.

  5. Id look back to the charts of the 2015:
    – march 20 solar eclipse in late pisces (south node)
    – uranus/mars in aries square to pluto, march 11 (talk about cruelty…)
    See what “triggered” your chart then, see what comes back and/or how it turns around in 2024…
    You gave me much to think about, Elsa. My NN is at 18 Taurus, my Asc at 1 and Sun at 3 Taurus… Venus/Merc at 8 Aries in the 12th (a Venus return at that 2024 NN eclipse) … gee… I dunno what to make of it, but Im kinda looking fwd to that Uranus/Jupiter on my NN , FOR SURE. I know cruelty directed at me, i have mars opp saturn 1st/7th in late taurus… so I guess they will come at me and im giving them a big fat “UP YOURS”? What do you make of this? I keep getting bullies as bosses and coworkers… like my friend says im a “case study” in that regard… thkx , god blesd

    • the sabian symbol for aries 19 is pretty interesting “the magic carpet”… with chiron there as well i say “steer clear of drugs, kids” 😆 (its in my 12th, so, self-reminder)

  6. It gives me some concern for potential grief for eldest my sister – the Sun Moon Chiron thing will hit her Sun Mercury exact, and the Mars Saturn is very close to her 8th house moon in Pisces. Pluto has only just crossed her Mars in Cap, on cusp of her 7th (opposite Uranus in very late Cancer on her Asc), and will be in the her 7th. She is married to a lovely man, now in his late 70s, and some 10 years older than her (she has Venus opp Saturn of course) who is much beloved by all in our extended family. She also has lovely first born Aries son in his mid thirties with with a brain tumour, and Venus close to where Mars Saturn will be. I am hoping that the eclipse doesn’t presage a significant loss for her/our family – Mars Saturn will be in my fourth, square my Sag Sun.

  7. This opposes my 18* Libra sun, 23* Libra moon, 16* Libra jupiter.

    But probably too far out of orb from my 9* Libra midheaven and 13* Capricorn mars? I have two other planets in Libra that are definitely too far out of orb.

    The only good thing is a trine to my 22* Sadge rising.

    This also means the eclipse cycle will place the South Node in Libra. Not looking forward to that.

    Yikes or no? I’m exhausted from being clobbered by transits.

    Maybe it’s best to switch my mindset from, “if it can go wrong, it will,” to “if it can go right, it will” – because f*ck Murphy’s Law. What kind of pessimistic a-hole was Murphy anyway?!

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