Today’s Sky Is Trash!

trash pileYou may be aware, we has a lot of problems on the site last night. In fact, it was offline for the better part of three hours.  No one got any sleep, Tuesday night so the last thing I’d want to be doing is messing with tech problems with Mercury square Saturn.

I’ve got the site settled for the moment, although some functions are disabled. Here’s what killed me, last night. Killed my Libra, I mean.

I was chatting with my webhost tech support for some time. More than an hour each, with two different reps. The election came up during both conversations. I guess it’s just weighing on people so heavily, we all just want to talk?

Well here’s the thing: one of the men represented both one side, the other was his polar opposite. It crashes a person’s head in a way.

I was very aware, that regardless of who the President is, or even if we have a President, I still have to get my site up. It’s the thing I might be able to control. It’s my problem, my job, my responsibility.

What kills me is both men were kind, patient and exceptionally helpful. The idea they might fire on each other is..?

In whatever case, Venus is squaring the moon right now, it’s like having PMS! Mars is inflaming both bodies.  If you’re poking and provoking someone who is already stressed, this is stupid.

Later today, we’ll have a grand trine in water.  I am hoping to tap into it but not sure I’ll be able to.  The Mercury bullshit hits my chart pretty hard.  At least I’m in a good mood!

How are you faring under Trash Sky?



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  1. Last night completely soured for me. It should’ve been fine, but on towards midnight it was nothing but arguments and fights with my spouse. Trash indeed.

  2. Geez I have read now of at least two couples fighting on here. Same here! It’s been unbelievable and it’s draining both of us and very unnerving, when you go from “Good Morning” to WWlll!
    @Elsa, it sounds frustrating with the site not functioning properly. Hope it all smoothed out!

  3. Well I have a stress hangover when I just know I have a thousand things to do today and minimum ambition. I need a more motivating Mars in my next life.

    The sky may be trash but I was went for a walk this morning and it sure looked beautiful. Of course I couldn’t get a totally decent panoramic view and that’s too bad because it was wearing a moon and everything!

  4. The same with me. Maybe there is a turn around? A turn around for Trump as well? Libra is a doubled sign. I hope tapping in the grand trine. It is destiny!

  5. When things feel bad, taking a walk helps.

    The strength of feeling is really showing how important democratic principles are to people at heart.

    One side is saying that the election is being rigged because of sudden increases in opposition ballots etc. The other side is saying that wanting to stop the vote counting in order to cement a claim to victory is the sign of a despot.

    Most people on both sides are fighting furiously to ensure that democracy is upheld to its highest degree, so that their voice has as much chance to be heard as the next person’s. They’re coming at it from different standpoints. If that kind of impasse isn’t like Mars retrograde getting ready to station (and squaring off to the big planets), I don’t know what is. It makes me think of fighting with brown paper bags.

    “What kills me is both men were kind, patient and exceptionally helpful. The idea they might fire on each other is..?”

    @Elsa Yeah, me too. There is a lot of precedent in history for a different outcome though, it’s just that we don’t usually pay attention as much to the times when people cut a deal or how they did it. We hear about the war. But there can’t be a war if the majority refuse to fight.

    If I read or see anything that arouses a strong angry/indignant response in me, I’m trying to practise the ‘stop and think’ advice. Check the source, look for corroborating / conflicting evidence from other sources (if I have the time and energy) and then ask “is that true? Am I sure that’s true?” I also try to think about the all positive qualities I’ve witnessed, experienced or heard of people who hold different views to mine – what do I like / admire / appreciate about them? It’s hard sometimes honestly because I can get pretty entrenched 🙂 but it works to get away from that polarised position.

    Or I go out and look at the sky, or some trees or something, all which will be there for a long time after I’m gone hopefully, and remember where I am and what’s important. Then do some work, take a bath, bake something, do something for someone else or just punch a pillow. In whatever order works!

    Then if it feels right, I might take another look at the specific issue, but hopefully this time more grounded in my humanity and other people’s.

    I hope we can tap into that grand trine in water.

  6. I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night, either, because of the uncertain election results. Yesterday, I was physically exhausted and emotionally drained. So I did a very Libra thing – retail therapy and holiday shopping! lol

    • BTW, I am an 8H Libra Sun. The election conspiracy theories are driving me nuts! I just want the election results to be fair and honest.

  7. The only thing I can control in this election is my vote. I did that. All the angst I let go. What ever will be
    Giving it up to God.

  8. It was kind of fun texting my contacts in the slow count states and harassing them to hurry up and count their friggin votes. So I caught up with some people. Used the opportunity.

  9. LOL Trash Sky!!! Inflammation!! With Mars running amok in my 12th house and Mercury stewing in my 6th, I’m just trying to keep my body/mind running smoothly. These past months I’ve gotten every type of weird infection, my old friend bladder infection is back, and surprise now I have adult onset allergies! The sinus is inflamed. I’ve had to learn about all the various over the counter options of drugs which all make me feel mentally disturbed, and also trying every natural remedy for soggy nasal passages. So there’s enough war going on inside my body to focus on. I’m insulating myself from the culture war. I can really see how the planets effect my physical body, really into medical astrology. But, clearing things up on the physical plane is the power point I have yet to master. What to do when you are a fiery bull, who wants to charge around your pasture, but your arms/legs/four legs are made of water. 🙂
    Thank you Elsa for your wisdom!!

  10. Yep. This sky is a freaking dumpster fire. People around me around are either up in arms about the election…..or refuse to turn the news on so they don’t explode. I live in solid Trump country, so you can imagine what the mood is here.

  11. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I live in a swing state being sued by the administration over this whole vote-counting mess? Trump is winning by a small margin, and the votes still outstanding come from a heavily blue and populated county. Yep, dumpster fire. This will be dragged through the courts.

    At least it’s NotMyCircus!

  12. I lost my cancer son on Friday night. The family is feasted and we have all been together since then. I can’t stop picking at my husband since yesterday. I don’t mean to, be every thing he says or does just hits me wrong. I think it’s best I just get away from,everyone today, even if it’s just to sit outside on my own.

  13. I got my trash day today, Friday. A mix of circumstances that all together make for one big mess. I am tabling it all till Monday.

  14. Yesterday morning, the wife of one of my clients accidentally hit my car while backing out of their driveway. She was flustered, upset and in a hurry, hence the accident. She had to cancel her appointment because she was an emotional wreck. I hate it for her that she’s having to deal with this on top of everything else going on.

    Thankfully, I was not in my vehicle nor was anyone else. No one got hurt. But this is the second accident in three months for this car. I’m beginning to wonder if my solar return indicates a trash year for my car!

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