Today’s Mutable Grand Cross

high_tide_beach6377We have a mutable grand cross today, involving the Moon, Mars, Venus and Neptune. The mutable signs shift around, readily.  Consequently, a person’s feelings (Moon), tastes (Venus) and the way they fight (Mars) will probably morph, throughout the day.

You can compare this to the ocean (Neptune), which constantly alters the coastline. Sometimes the process is dramatic, like when a hurricane comes ashore.  But usually the changes are gradual and barely perceptible.

If you believe as I do, that the universe always acts in your best interest, this is a day to not fight (Mars) the tide (Neptune) – let yourself  be changed.


Today’s Mutable Grand Cross — 21 Comments

  1. Already feel wiped out by tidal surge of old grief and shame this morning. Now stable, nobody died, and I found out something (again) – that I carry a burden of judgement & shame for not being more successful. Last night at a party in a roomful of well-known and visibly successful men i put on my old cloak of inferiority and duly disappeared down the dark family drain!

  2. It’s been a very rough weekend. I kept remembering the post earlier last week regarding the full moon in Pisces. It said something like, “No matter how the week begins it will end on a different note.” I expected a heavy full moon to give way to a lighter, breezier end of the week. Totally the other way around. Very concerned for my 23 year-old son. I can only offer up all I have to give and wait to see which crumbs he will accept.

  3. Days like this I kinda wish the tide would just pull me all the way out and be done with it. Tired of fighting and treading water, so I will just float for today and see what happens

  4. Well…I just have to jump in and say that this has been one of the oddest and creepiest weeks I can remember having. Hope things smooooth out ack! Thanks Elsa 🙂 I appreciate you and what you do for us very much!

  5. I am emotionally drained too, can’t see it getting any better for a while either because I have to start saying no. However much I give more is asked of me, and I am just about at the end of what I can give.

    • I am not fighting them, but I will not let them change my intrinsic self, so I guess I just have to walk away. I too am emotionally drained, and Chiron is involved here. See my response in “Gee Wally” and “Perhaps I Mispoke”. I didn’t say much, or not enough to anyone, but I need your kind thoughts to keep me going. I thank you in advance.

  6. Week began so positively, then slowed to a halt. But yesterday I vended at a farmers’ market and was so busy! I had a great and profitable day!

    I have lots of mutable in my chart so….

  7. Just what is mutable about? Having been bombarded the past few years with mutable cross after cross I really do wonder what’s the point of mutable?

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