Today’s Cardinal T-Square With Venus & Mars In Aries

Mars city in ruins cardIf you have a lot of Cardinal planets in your chart (like I do), I bet you’re up against it today.  Cardinal type people often have to do things…they have to take responsibility and get things done.

Sometimes the job is not that bad…it can even be fun. But sometimes a person has to do something that is entirely repugnant them. This is the situation I’m in today.

My problems today are personal, but I’ll give you an example so you know what I mean. Because I know I am not the only one out there who has to do things like this.

There was the time I had to call and have a loved one committed. I stood there as they wrestled her to the ground and put her in a straightjacket. I was eighteen years old. It was horrifying.  But it had to be done and I was the one who had to do it.

I had nightmares about that for a number of years. I still wince when I think about it.  I know, something like this is mater of fact to people in the field but I’m not in the field! I’m a civilian, you could say.  I don’t take it so well. It’s like a scar, branded on my heart, forever.

Today I find myself facing a similar ordeal. Personal horror that is so deep that no one can touch me or help me. I’ve just got to do it.

I remember life, before I’d faced anything of this magnitude. You can never go back. It’s a loss of innocence, I guess.

If you’ve gone through something like this and want to tell us about it, please do.


Today’s Cardinal T-Square With Venus & Mars In Aries — 32 Comments

  1. Sending what little strength and energy I have accumulated over the last two months to you today Elsa….always on your side.

    Stay strong… from what I know about you, while this ‘whatever’ may be hard, there is no one better for the job. You’ve got that 8th to help you out!!!

    Wish I could do something………

  2. Elsa, I haven’t experienced that but am loaded with Cardinal planets and a lot of them in their home sign so I can understand family, friend, community responsibility falling on my back. I’ve had it my whole life.
    Yes you cannot go back – but try very hard not to want to. Proceed forward always. Always go ahead. Stay focused to the path you are on and be resolute. I will pray for you today. Sending you love, fire energy, and God’s peace.
    Aries Rising

  3. All the best to get through today, Elsa. After all efforts were exhausted, I had to enlist my local police’s efforts in evicting my daughter from my home. My darkest day.

  4. I am in the ‘field ‘ – and yes, it’s a hard thing to do.. but, thankfully, the person who is ‘placed’ generally doesn’t remember or feel badly afterward.. it’s the one who had to do it that holds the terrible memory. But someone must step up and do what needs to be done for the best interest of the one who needs it.. I had to do it for my dad, and daughter.. so I can appreciate both sides. Be strong, Elsa. It will be ok!

  5. That’s so difficult. Reminds me of when we had to take my grandfather to the senior living home. He was angry with us, didn’t think he needed to go, but my mom and me thought it was unsafe for him to be home alone with his health failing as it was. He told us we ruined his life, he was so angry. Whatever you’re dealing with now, remember to stay in your heart, and believe in what you’re doing. Sending you love, strength, courage.

  6. Woah. That’s tough. I can see me being able to do this with no if’s, and’s or but’s (Aqua moon) but NOT with my family. That’s my weakness. Good luck! Sending good vibes your way. Xx

    • To add: I do not hold grudges toward anyone about it. It’s just the memory itself that hurts me. I was only 17. I went a little off the deep end and they had good reason to commit me, it was just extremely traumatizing for me at the time. I was tricked into it- was told I was being taken out to eat and ended up locked up in the mental hospital. No straight jacket, but I distinctly remember screaming at everyone and then sitting in a corner sobbing and rocking myself. I put myself in the corner…not a fun exprience.

  7. I have not had to commit anyone yet but when my Cancerian daughter was on Meth I strongly considered it. If she had not gotten off that crap I would have had no choice it was making her crazy.

    I had to put my father in 24 hour nursing care for physical rehabilitation due to his age and the fact that he needed a more gradual physical therapy it was the best choice and I still think it kept him with us longer than if he had stayed home. In March of 2009 my mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Mother was the love of my fathers life both were Capricorns 11 years apart father being the senior of the pair. Four months latter on July the 4th my father broke his right femur up next to the hip joint they were able to repair it but he would need extensive rehabilitation. It was a very difficult decision due to reports of elder abuse and overdosing and all that family members must be vigilant and actively watchful. The first facility did overdose him and caused him to have pneumonia when they hospitalized him I had to find another facility they would not accept him back. The one he went to when he left the hospital was the proper fit. It was not a shiny new place but it was spotlessly clean and the people genuinely cared for their patients I was relieved. I was still on call but at least I could sleep. The facility he was in that gave him the pneumonia was shinny and new they over medicated the patients my father was a black belt in karate at age 50 though he was 87 he was very strong he would do one armed pull ups and had great upper body strength. The medications they had him on caused him to see thing that were not there and think people were being hurt and he felt like he needed to be the champion. He was mentally sharp when not over medicated. I told them if they continued to over medicate him I would get an attorney and take them to court for elder abuse. Right after that they sent him to the hospital with a slight case of pneumonia.

  8. I don’t have a lot of cardinal placements, but back in January of 2008, my grandmother died and my mother who was extremely close to her, went out of her mind and I had to have her put in a mental hospital. I stayed with my grandfather who was suffering from dementia and thought I was his wife and I calmly had to tell him that she was gone. The last night I stayed with him, he was obsessed with the thermostat and kept turning it up and down and he thought the kitchen stove was on fire! I had to call 911 who would not come and get him unless it was a medical emergency. So, I told them that he had not been able to urinate which was true and they came to get him. He stayed a few days and my uncle had him put in a nursing home where he lived from January to September before passing. Somehow, I kept calm enough to go through this. Plus when they got ready to let my mother go, they were about to put her on the street until I got arrangements for her to be taken into a mental health home far away from her home. Then the homeplace was sold to a neighbor and torn down. I had to tell my mother that her home was gone and that was a hard thing to do. Then in 2015, my mother broke her hip and tried to give up and die. I had to call to have them take her to a nursing home in another area away from where she had been living and they told me that she was giving up on life. But somehow, things turned around and she came back from it and is doing well. She still lives in the nursing home but she is happy at least. She still misses her mother and talks about wanting to be buried next to her. And I don’t know if I can do that for her. I feel terrible about it, but I live with it.

    • And I could add that the police had to come and escort my mother from her home because the EMTs could not do a thing with her. She had it in her mind that I would starve if she left the home. And I had not been living there. The sheriff talked to Mom and told her that I would be just fine and that they could help her now that she couldn’t live there without her mother. That about killed me. After they took her, I collapsed and just sat and cried.

  9. I’ll never say I understand, but I do get it.
    At 18, I buried my mom (metaphorically), checked my dad into a nursing home (MS), my son turned 1…AND I got my own apartment.

  10. I feel gratitude for your sharing this, thank you for keeping it real with us out here. Bolsters my resolve and challenge to be vulnerable, somehow! Wishing you peace and rest after the ordeal.

  11. I have Libra-ASC so any cardinal tension puts me almost near death!! Experiencing kidney problems right now along with failing my college courses, leaving my job temporarily, seeing my grandma in a nursing home not being the badass she always is, and giving up and dumping my beautiful gorgeous date I’ve been seeing for 4 months. I wish so badly he could be mines forever but he is so vague with his feelings for me and is still in contact with his ex so I just did what Libras would never do which is break up and be alone. I would never be the one to initiate such a thing! What is going on with me.

  12. Yes. With a close older female relative who is an Aries. There were a whole host of issues and drama but mainly I had to stop taking responsibility over her life and sent her packing. It was soul-crushing and our relationship hasn’t been the same but my life is more peaceful. The downside is that we barely speak now and I do miss her but I can’t fathom returning back to those circumstances again. I have to tread very cautiously ?

  13. This day is hard the night painful. . I’m in an isolation unit with my son in hospital, the final treatment phase. He’s exhausted, white and grey, bald and emaciated. I had to bring him through hell to these gates of death through chemotherapy, I’m abnormal now, scarred and unable to return to (civilian) life. This has been too much. I have a Capricorn sun in 8th house and an Aries moon in 12. I am the only one able to do this, he’s got Down’s syndrome and doesn’t speak. Everything has passed through the heart between us, in silence. Tho has been my Golgotha. . . But he’s still alive. I’ve had to give up a close relationship too. Work related, with my sick son I’m a burden, although the issue is much deeper and more complex. My heart always goes to deep, I don’t know else to be and I get so wounded. I have Chiron opposite my stationary retrograde Pluto in Virgo fifth and this brings torrents of tears. This cardinal time has brought them forth. Much love to you Elsa, brave heart, for helping us share our wounds and help bring a little healing into our lives. God bless you ?

  14. I’m sorry you’re experiencing something so painful, Elsa. You have enormous strength. I wish you comfort and relief.

    As troubled as my relationship wit her was, watching ALS slowly kill my very strong, athletic mother while leaving her mind perfectly intact to experience every second of suffering was a horror beyond anything that should be possible.

  15. My best wishes to you Elsa, and to everyone else here who experienced, or is experiencing, an awful time.

    There’s many incidents in my past that still make me cringe. E.g. when my ex alcoholic boyfriend had yet again passed out at the front yard of my house-share. Because of him, I had been warned I’d be evicted if only ONE more alcohol incident would happen (and I was unemployed at the time so couldn’t afford moving). I dragged him out of the yard to the pavement outside so that the complaining neighbours wouldn’t see him. Couldn’t call an ambulance, because the neighbours would see and complain yet again. I went upstairs and cried for hours and prayed he will come to no harm… (thankfully he didn’t).

  16. My daughter’s friend called and said she needed to be picked up and gave me an address an hour from home. I found her at the train station, where she fleetingly greeted me, then didn’t want anything to do with me. I told her I was going to the same place she was, and it would be more comfortable in my car. She guardedly agreed to go with me.
    We hadn’t gotten on the freeway yet, but she escaped the car at a red light and I had to pull over and abandon the car to chase her down. I told her I was going to call the police if she didn’t come with me, and got her back in the car.
    It was obvious she was out of her mind on some drug. I told her we were going home and she demanded I take her to a mental facility. I just couldn’t do it. It was a nightmare.
    Thank God those days are over. She got into a good University and is getting married soon.

  17. So strange you would write about this as I had a similar situation today where I had to call the police (not that they helped)about an acquaintance of mine who was threatening to commit suicide! I am all cardinal.

  18. Although I don’t think of myself as unhappy, I’ve also had a very hard life. Not only did I lose all the persons I was closest to at a young age, and then my husband died when I was 34, but I’ve been confronted with life-threatening diseases all my life. Still, I also had to put up with a lot of jealousy. So the whole thing has been very painful. Yet, I now know my strength. And I think you know yours Elsa. There is no stopping us now. And there is no reason to stop us. I would never harm someone deliberately for the fun of it, even though many have done it to me. I trust my own choices. I’m aware of the fact I am on “the path” and these dramatic moments are tests and lessons to be learned on the way. I think some of us take on very challenging existences to move forward rapidly on their evolutionary path. When I was young, I kept thinking I might as well kill myself. But now I know I can take it. I will not let fear or despair reign over my life, no matter how much things hurt. There’s always a star to look at, that can make life beautiful again and give me a sense of purpose. Love and support aplenty to you Elsa!

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