Today’s Cardinal Grand Cross

cardinal grand cross smallDo you remember all those months we lived under the influence of a Cardinal Grand Cross? We revisit those feelings today, as the Moon in Libra, Mars in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square off.

I’ve grown comfortable with the limitations in my life and in the the lives of the people around me.  It’s as if there is a frame laid out; you can see it as a canvass of a certain size and shape.  It’s only so big, with immovable edges. However you can paint whatever you like in the space you have.

I realize this may sound horrible to some, but it’s only a day!  And a day like this be embraces and used effectively.

For example, I’m going to the doctor today to determine what I can and can’t do; what I should and shouldn’t do, to regain and protect my ability to walk, reliably. It may not be my favorite thing to do, but it’s certainly important.

What is rigid and/or controlled/structured in your life at this time?

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Today’s Cardinal Grand Cross — 24 Comments

  1. The frame I live with requires that I KNOW the limits (where the lines are). If others don’t believe me, “I can paint them out,” as Beatrix Potter might have said. My illness structures my life, but I, live it.

  2. I’m living as a recluse. I’m pretending like I’m in prison. Using this time to study, write, create. “No longer riding on the merry go round. I just had to let it go.” (John Lennon) (a favorite Cardinal of mine) 🙂

  3. I’ve got my own little permant reminder! My daughter was born in 2011 and has her very own natal Cardinal Grand Cross. I was reading up on how the energy plays out to see if can help her in any way during her early years so things aren’t as complicated in the laters years. I don’t have an answer but I think I can.

    I’ve realized that my life is permanently abroad and I’m going to work with this structure. Time, too, time is a structure and people, people too are structures. I can work freely with my responces to people and how I use my time. I’ve started painting again. I’ve started to really work with every moment I’ve got.

    Elsa, may you be given the answers you need today so that you can move forward!

  4. Excellent question Elsa. The big problem for me has been the Neptune transits dissolved my old way of life and thinking since 2012 and it’s all been willy-nilly since. This makes me so uncomfortable as I like structure and order and value it with Virgo on my 2nd and 3rd house cusps and Cap on the 6th house cusp. So this past year has been spent trying to regain and reshape new parameters for my life. One has been this constant need to minimize all the superfluous. Stuff, priorities, people, ambitions. The other has been tweaking my schedules and rebuilding daily habits. And then work within a more defined, efficient day instead of operating from the “whatever, maaan” stoner-ish mindset. It’s taking time and hard work to cultivate this but it has been so liberating. And this Grand Cross felt easy in comparison to Neptune dissolution. I’m glad you pointed out the benefits of it. Hope you get answers soon and feel better!

    • O”Random we have very similar charts 🙂 I have Neptune retrograde heading back to final conjunction to my natal Sun…I am starting to not like Neptune at all. It’s freaking me out and in December it will square Saturn in Sadge ugh when will it end? Staying present for now can’t think about December yet

    • I’m in the same boat with you O’Random since 2012. I have t. Neptune square my Sun and retro t. Saturn is back conjuncting my n. Venus in Scorpio. Neptune dissolved my old way of life too and now I have no life. I’m just drifting along like a tumbling tumbleweed. I fit nowhere and I’m depressed about it thanks to the Saturn transit. My friends are retiring and moving away. I’m semi-retired and not sure how I feel about that. Blah. I have no purpose.

      This grand cross didn’t bother me at all either. I had a great day.

    • I’ve been doing exactly the same thing, Opal! Finishing paintings I started years ago. Wild! I wonder if it is a coincidence or something astrological?

  5. I was just realizing that while my husband is fully set on making his financial dreams come true (cap sun). I just can’t get too excited about those goals (2nd house aquarius) because I know that if money wasn’t the limiting factor in my life, it would be something else. You can’t find freedom imo by changing the world. It has to be a change in perspective. (Although having a particular vision for the world is totally reasonable… it’s just not going to solve all your problems at once forever like some people assume).

    • Thank you for the thoughts on “change in perspective” It is a good reminder for me to grow inside and learn more about how to cope.

  6. All I have to say is: thank gawd Saturn isn’t involved.

    This is mostly career and health stuffs for me right now. I’m also getting advice (or orders) on what is and is not possible.

  7. I hope you find some answers from the doctor.
    I live with a Cardinal cross husband. No wonder he’s been so busy today! Today’s cardinal cross is hitting him and me.
    As for me, I’ve been busy, too. I’ve been in contact with the attorney’s office over my mother’s probate today.

  8. I’m trying to shrug off this feeling of down-ness. Trying to fight the urge to play proverbial hooky. I just feel like darkness. I think I have too many squares going on right now, and they are weighing on me.

  9. I feel good. I studied my ass for the past week and I made a 100% on a text last week which was extraordinarily difficult ( I hate maths). My final is today. I feel good about it. After this class is out of the way I can begin the Masters program I want. In other news, my dad is being a pain in the ass- t. Pluto is exact sq my Mars. He’s acting like a real shithead. Made me cry the other day.

  10. Today I felt stretched to the utmost, like the Moon-Mars-Uranus-Pluto square. This morning I had a damaged crown replaced on one of my molars. The dentist was new, as my old one had retired. It was a totally different experience with the new Dr. and high-tech equipment–like being on a fast track in a super high-speed train. Intense! Of course I had to ask when his birthday is, and when I got home I looked it up. Sun in mid Cancer, with Moon in early Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, Mars in late Cancer. He’s of the Pluto in Virgo generation, Uranus in Libra.

  11. Hubby’s in the hospital with pneumonia and broken ribs. Not a good combo for a quadriplegic.

    Work is crushing me and I am seriously the urge to QUIT. I can’t take it anymore.

    This Cardinal Cross is my Mars Return (7th house). It activates my Mars-Pluto.

    I feel worn out. Stressed. This isn’t fun.

  12. I am comfortable within but there is still alot of zaniness outside of me. I thought of crossing the line with the HR1599 bill about to voted on. You know, not giving food consumers info about what’s in the food, gmo and all that. I knew if I approached the pro gmo reps they would just use my ideas against my stance of giving consumers info and allowing them to make their own choice. If gmo food is so great, let them prove it to us. I’ve been there before. If there’s an agenda, what I as a constituent wants, really doesn’t matter and anything I say will be twisted and used to fuel their cause so why give them my take.

    In my world, I realize I need to do maintenance to continue my lifestyle. That is my structure. And avoiding getting any on me that will make maintenance more difficult. A feeling of resolve, I guess. I can live with myself and get a good night’s sleep. Just have to continue to take care of my conscience. Probably easier not to have one, but such is my fate.

  13. Just want to pop in and say thanks for this reminder. I really must remember that fighting against is nowhere. Joining in on what I do support is what it is all about. That’s where the strength is. Yeah, I was just gonna pop in and say thanks but darnit you are writing. Read on I will.

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