Today Is A Great Day For Most Anything

Elsabusiness2015 smallI closed my Colorado business when I moved. I launched my new business this morning. Is that a great chart, or what?

I am hoping that this chart, backed by my work ethic with see this site expand beyond anything you or I have seen before.


Click to see chart, full size.


Today Is A Great Day For Most Anything — 19 Comments

  1. Congratulations!

    I must say, though, that it took some convincing to put my 21-month-old 19′ Leo Mars/ 24′ Leo Rising daughter to sleep. If she is a firecracker to begin with, this evening she was a full set of July 4th fireworks, introducing new dance moves and singing along. Made it even harder than usually to be a stern parent insisting on routine!

  2. Great looking chart Elsa – please add my good wishes to the others and a great big thank you for writing that touches my heart each and every time!

  3. I’m right on your IC. You’ll make it to the top yet again with all your hard work and dedication alongside your inherent intelligence and insight. Congratulations and All Good Wishes as you go forward!

  4. This chart is a few days after my solar return and I was thinking it looked like a Great Year (to me personally, but then again, I like A LOT of water energy b/c the moon was back in early Scorpio in a Trine to Sun/Mars & Neptune). So hopefully it will be a great ‘lifetime’ for the site and you as well 🙂

  5. I bought a house on Tuesday with that same chart!

    One worrying thing is that in my chart Pluto is exactly conjunct the Immum Coeli, and it is also opposite the Sun on the Midheaven. Isn’t that a recipe for a power struggle in a dangerous home?? Or is it just tremendous power coming from the home base?

    I do like the lovely kite.

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