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Neptune tips

But my ship is learned and wise! Surely these waves cannot touch it!

On my last post, How Do Neptune and Pluto Transits Compare? Amreen writes:

It would be great to have tips and guidelines on coping with such Neptunian transits, including ways to identify that we’re deluding ourselves .

When it comes to outer planet transits, your best bet is always to lean in. Outer planets represent forces much bigger than us, and the energy is inescapable. You couldn’t thwart it if you tried. So instead your job is to find a way to work with the energy and incorporate it into your life in healthy ways. This can help blunt the effects of the transit manifesting externally.

For instance, Neptune is associated with transcendence, spirituality, music, art, and service. When you see a Neptune transit coming, this is the time to volunteer, start working in the local soup kitchen, learn to meditate, etc. And it’s all the better if you can tailor it to your own chart. If Neptune is transiting your Leo Mercury in the 10th, start writing and performing music! But if that same Mercury is in the 9th, get yourself to an ashram or yoga retreat and start to really understand other people’ spirituality.  And if that Mercury is in the 12th? Get yourself a dream journal pronto.

Another tip, however odd, is to identify an upcoming Neptune transit and build supporting structure before it hits. For instance, if Neptune is about to transit your 2nd house, try to build an airtight budget, and maybe utilize apps that will save and invest your money for you, and save as much as you can. Now, once Neptune arrives, these structures will almost certainly fail (the budget goes out the window, the app goes under, you send all your money to a fake Saudi prince, etc), but you’ll be better positioned to absorb the loss.

As to identifying ways that you’re deluding yourself, a journal is a great tool. During my own Neptune transit, when I was in that abusive relationship, there would be times that my partner would do something awful, just truly beyond the pale, and after a day or two I would find that I had completely forgotten what he did! So I started keeping a journal to help myself remember what was happening to me. I later expanded it and used it as a repository for all my Neptune confusion, and I can’t tell you what a help it was. A lot of things that seemed so real to my fogged-up mind just couldn’t hold muster in the cold light of day. That journal kept me from going even further off the rails.

And finally, when it comes to Neptune or any other outer planet transit, you have to surrender. Because look, no matter how hard you work to align yourself with that energy, you will not be able to contain it entirely. There are people out there who say that if a person is enlightened and high-minded enough, they can experience transits internally, and never have it manifest as external event or negatively impact their lives. I don’t buy it. If a person was already a master of these energies, they wouldn’t need to have the transits in the first place. At some point during a Neptune transit, you’re going to lose the thread. You’re going to be adrift and the harder you fight, the farther from shore you are.

Neptune, above all else, rules faith. That is the real secret to Neptune transits. You have to have faith. Know that, no matter how far you feel from where you were, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. The universe is conspiring in your best interest, even if that’s invisible to you now. When the fog lifts, the world will look fresh and new, and you’ll be in a place you never thought possible. Relax, surrender, and enjoy the ride.

What are your tips for surviving Neptune?

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  1. Definitely Saturn. As you say, not much you can do about Neptune, he will do his thing. But what I find is if I engage in Saturnian activities it makes the fog less pervasive.

  2. Neptune is a few degrees from conjunct my sun in the 9th house.meditation sounds good,but I’m not sure exactly what to expect. I just got through Neptune conjunct my moon,also 9th house and didn’t notice anything.

  3. I have Neptune trine Neptune at the moment. (So do most people my age, so I guess we’re all examining our spiritual condition?)

    Mine, however, is transiting my eighth while Pluto conjuncts my Moon, and I have been having a lot of dreams about past trauma, except in the dreams I’m my current age, not younger, and I’m resolving them. I feel like it’s trying to help me with the Pluto/Moon conjunction “purge.” I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but they’re off the chain now

    • Oh wow, what a heavy combination of transits. And what an amazing way to handle them! You’re older and stronger and wiser now than you were before, and adult you has the power to metaphorically protect your younger self and resolve the trauma. This is a prime example of why both Pluto and Neptune can be associated with healing.

  4. Haha, this is so true, Midara!
    I had a Neptune transit to my Midheaven and everything just went “Blergh” – my job, my plans, my dreams were illusionary at best. And don’t get me started on my relationsh*t with other people… Gaslighting from a narcissistic, abusive partner – you name it.

    Then, all of a sudden, the fog lifted. Saturn swept in, trined Uranus and then Neptune – boom! The fog was gone and all I got was this lousy T-shirt with “I survived” on it. But I did do that. Survived, even when the faith was hard to come by.

    Right now Neptune trines my Mercury in the 10th and I find that I have a way with words. I have to be aware because my words can seduce the weak souls. They need to have som strong Virgo or Saturn nature to see through it. But also, I am very drawn to people that know how to work with words. I too can be seduced by words alone. (Scorpio Mercury here, huh!)

    My ex BF has had a Neptune transit in his 8th house. He bought a house in 2011, which needs quite the renovation (actually, it is just 4 walls and some stairs, he has to build the rest). He claims he loves it and it’s his dream house. When, the fog lifts, I am pretty sure he will realize that it has kept it from obtaining his dreams, as he wants children, but he can’t for the life of him get any girl to move in! So strange… (No, not really bro. Wake up!).

    Thanks for your always empathic and insightful articles – they are usually spot on 🙂

    • Hell yes you survived! I just had a surreal moment today. I had a Facebook memory pop up from 11 years ago, and my status was “Choking on the fog.” Such a reminder of how far we’ve come! And your boyfriend will get there too. The fog always lifts eventually!

  5. Midara,

    Thank you so much for posting your tips for Neptune transits.

    The energy is indeed inescapable and often marked by fear from much of the confusion and uncertainty.

    Throughout much of this year, transiting Neptune in my 2nd house will be squaring my natal Neptune in the 10th, exacerbated by transiting Neptune squaring transiting Jupiter. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty over career and finances marked by fear.

    Although (which you’ve suggested), I’ve tried to mitigate the effects by saving and investing as much as I could in the past. The saving grace to an extent could be that transiting Neptune is forming a trine to my natal Venus, and that transiting Jupiter is in my natal Sun after 12 years! But as you wisely point out repeatedly in your posts – it’s often the challenges and obstacles triggered by squares and oppositions that cultivate our gifts and what we have to offer to the world.

    I remember this type of fear and disillusion from confusion and uncertainty back in 2016 with the transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune mutable T-squares, which further squared my natal Sun & Neptune in Sadge and natal Mars in Gemini.

    I love your tip about keeping a journal, so that we can go back to our previous entries to remind ourselves of the cold hard facts when we “forget.”

    And great advice from you to relax and surrender to this energy! However, like you, I have fire elements in my chart. So, as you can probably relate, relaxing and surrendering can be our greatest challenge when we are so prone to “doing” :).

    Thank you once again for this useful article with great tips!

  6. My progressed ascendant is moving over a neptune south node conjunction. I’m totally confused and tired. Neptune has finished going over my 10 degree Pisces sun and 12 degrees Pisces IC. I have an emg on the 30th to investigate my frayed nerves and muscle weakness. I think I’m just tired. I have a year old who hasn’t slept through the night once. Every noise I hear I feel in my body like my nerve endings are an orchestra.

  7. I’m gonna need to look at this a lot. Neptune is squaring my Sun. Today Venus is squaring my Neptune. It’s not making me very lovey dovey or hail fellow well met. I feel bad about that. My dreams have been weird and sad (and with Pluto transiting my 12th house and Mars, I had less angry dreams, actually for someone with a 12th house Mars).. the weird thing is they skip back over and over like a broken record repeating one phrase and I’m worried about my mind (i.e. “And then I ate herring..herring..herring..”) I still feel dehydrated often like I’m hungover. And a bit dizzy. I meditated and the angry worried thoughts about today came up and I felt dizzier. I hung out with a guy I am interested in and occasionally angry urges at him come up and I”m not sure why.. he made some excuse like that he’s cold to people and had toxic relationships (and I’m like yeah bullshit you think I’m ugly) but I shut down at him and worried I’d hurt him so I wanted to leave. Especially under the influence, I get angry and worry I’ll hurt people and want to leave.

  8. I’m gonna need to look at this a lot. Neptune is squaring my Sun. Today Venus is squaring my Neptune. It’s not making me very lovey dovey or hail fellow well met. I feel bad about that. My dreams have been weird and sad (and with Pluto transiting my 12th house and Mars, I had less angry dreams, actually for someone with a 12th house Mars).. the weird thing is they skip back over and over like a broken record repeating one phrase and I’m worried about my mind (i.e. “And then I ate herring..herring..herring..”) I still feel dehydrated often like I’m hungover. And a bit dizzy. I meditated and the angry worried thoughts about today came up and I felt dizzier. Especially under the influence, I get angry and worry I’ll hurt people and want to leave. It seems the more I know myself, the more of an angry monster I am inside. I

  9. Fascinating. In my 7th. Alongside natal Saturn and Chiron. Trine Cancer Sun, Scorp Moon and Neptune at points. It’s like swimming underwater. Any tips for 7th?

  10. What clear advice for such a murky transit. Thank you, Midera. Neptune has been transiting my 6th House and during that time I have been the support person for several people I love dearly. Now Neptune is within 2 degrees of my DC which conjuncts my Moon in Pisces, opposing my ascendent, squaring my sun on the DC and, of course, squaring the MC (and soon natal Uranus). I’m making my way through the fog that is my life by remembering the advice I read when learning to drive. Do not switch to high beams. Sometimes just watching the ground in front of you is the best way to go.

  11. What a timely post for me, Midara! Thank you! I am currently enduring a mutable grand square: natal Sag Saturn squaring natal asteroid Virgo Juno squaring Tr Gemini Mars squaring Tr Pisces Neptune. I don’t know what to make of a current personal relationship; stop or go. I’m finally getting some traction by simply being present and not overthinking it.

    • It also occurred to me that forward movement will be stalled, in all areas of life, as a result of Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto beginning their retrograde cycles.

  12. I have survived transits of Neptune in my 10th,11th,12th house and now Neptune transits my large 1st house ( from 5 Aquarius to 2 Aries)
    Worst moment , worst disappointments- Neptune squaring my Mercury 26Taurus, Venus&Vesta 29 Taurus, The Sun 5 Gemini

    • Oh my goodness yes. It obscures EVERYTHING. It’s difficult to see anything with clarity. However, it doesn’t hide your actions from anyone else! That’s the hard part. You’re sailing along on your Neptune cloud completely oblivious, and everyone else is watching in horror. Of course, this also depends on what planets are being transited. A Neptune/Moon transit will be much for private than Neptune/Sun.

      • I mentioned this on another post but I feel real bad during this transit, Midara. It’s only started (my sun is at 18 deg and Neptune is squaring it.) I’ve been having my 23 deg Mars (in the 12th) conjuncting Pluto transit and some of the feelings have been positive. But this is bringing up really weird angers and hatred and cowardice. I feel assailed by the world and like a runty, cowardly dog. This is Mars in the 12th stuff. The misattributed anger I felt at my family didn’t come up so much during my Mars Pluto transit, lo and behold during my Sun Neptune transit, I feel weird waves of anger, hungover and dehydrated, repressed old nostalgia (during my moon pluto transit I cast off nostalgia cause it is false), and just weird all the time. I don’t get it. I don’t even have the energy to volunteer. I learned how to meditate during my moon pluto transit (which was mercifully followed by Moon trine Neptune.. one of the nicest transits I’ve ever had.) Weird that I’m “hating” this one. I’m just not sure if I’m going the right way at all. All this old shit I burned off during my moon pluto transit, shreds of it keep coming up..

    • Do you have weird unresolved anger, 12thHouseMars? How do you deal with your 12th house Mars?

      I’m having my mars pluto transit and being told by those who know me that I “get in my own way”

  13. huh i’ve had neptune on my ascendant since 2017. oh boy that explains things.

    meh , i enjoyed the delusion. i won’t make the same mistakes again that’s for sure.

    faith is indeed paramount. i second that 10000%

  14. I only had time to write my one comment earlier because of a lot of work but thought I’d come back and just say this was a profound post for me.

    I have started specifically writing down insights into a journal and it is helpful. There is not a Neptunian situation that I am consciously aware of at the moment but it is helpful in relation to many things and I am reflecting on the past at the moment.

    Definitely will be one I want to refer back to.

  15. Well these days I get very sick and disoriented and high from one cup of coffee and a slice of cake..

    I keep using the word “weird” to describe Neptune and other stuff. It’s a wonder how unpleasant all this feels. I have a lot of other transits going on but this is making them more difficult to access. I’m feeling a lot of doubt and flotsam of nostalgia I rejected during my moon pluto transit.

    How do you know you’re doing the right thing in life during a Sun square Neptune transit? I’m trying to focus on what I wanted to do when it started.

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