Time Moves At Various Speeds For Various People At Various Times

exploding clock salvador daliI have a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart and am very aware of time being a strange concept. For example, if a woman is waiting for a man to call, the days are like years but on the man’s end, he probably marking time very differently.

As another example, my husband and I can get together after 25 years apart and have all that time disappear in an instant as we experience the same feelings and chemistry we had as teenagers.

To offer a third example, my friend, Ben and I have our ascendants about 8 degrees apart. I am a late Capricorn rising, his ascendant is in early Aquarius which means our lives progress in tandem. We both have Saturn transiting the 7th for example, then the 8th and now the 9th.

This puts us both near the peak of our careers and while Ben has been steadily climbing, becoming more and more prominent over the last dozen years, it’s been less obvious in my case. His achievements has been visible (10th house Sun) while mine has been obscured (Saturn Neptune) but now the fogs lifts and it’s revealed that I am approximately as high up as he is – surprise! Guess I didn’t lose all that time after all.

Are you aware of time being wonky?  Give us an example.

pictured – Exploding Clock, Salvador Dali


Time Moves At Various Speeds For Various People At Various Times — 17 Comments

  1. Funny you make this post, I was thinking about time this morning and how slowly by which I feel it is passing. The past few months have been grueling in terms of its pace, but conversely, I feel I’ve made years of progress.

  2. Another Saturn-Neptune peep here. For me, 2010 just absolutely flew by. Flew! I can’t believe it’s 2011 already. I didn’t get a damned thing done, it seems. 🙂

    But I’m always aware of time being wonky. It’s like when I had people over for New Years; I could have sworn we only had, like, an hour of get-together, but it was 10. Work is 8.5 and regularly feels like 14 or more.
    Time, man. *shakes head* It’s an invention, anyway. 😉

  3. Also a Saturn/Neptune, for years I’ve been enthralled by Salvador Dali’s “Exploding Clock”, his other paintings and bizarre life story. He had a stellium in Taurus, don’t you know.

  4. Time expands with boredom. The more engaged you are, the more busy and passionate about what you are doing, the faster it goes.

    I’ve had good reason to examine this conundrum of relative time over the last year. Sometimes I’ve felt time has stood still and I’ve felt no different from the person I was 15 or 20 years ago – at others I’ve felt much much older. It’s been quite a roller-coaster

    That consciousness of time having passed only really sinks in because when you get to my age your body really DOES keep reminding you, both in it’s outward appearance and in its [mal]-functioning, that a lot of time has indeed passed – and is still ticking away! And that’s what prevents the ‘mental’ aspect of time becoming totally fogged, imo

  5. This is a very interesting topic. I recently broigh this up with the person I live with; how, when I was little, I would count the years until I could get my license. At 13, I remember thinking, “Ugh! I can’t believe I have to wait FOUR more years! That’s forever.” He said it’s because 4 years was 1/3 of my life, at that point. But now it feels like I got my licnse only yesterday…but it’s now been 12 years. It’s so strange. It’s sad how fleeting things seem as you get older. Having my mom say “Dont grow up too fast, your youth with seem like a blip in the grand scheme of life” was so unbelieveable at the time. It blows my mid that I’ve had my dog for 10 years. I got him when I was 19. He’s still a puppy to me.

  6. My last trip to Ireland was a massive time warp. I felt like I was standing in two times at once so much of the trip. Sitting in a pub with my husband’s old friends while they chatted about times gone by, I felt at once like a ghost and like a welcome part of the party. In the tubes in London I could feel the people huddling together during air raids. So many other examples of time travel on that trip.

  7. Yes!! Time changes for me, even throughout one day. The minutes in the morning pass by much more slowly for me than the minutes in the evening.

    And yes, when I’m waiting for the boy to call… it’s all I can do to not pull my hair out!

  8. When i am really busy and have a gazillion things to do in perhaps an hour before an appointment – or I am driving to get somewhere and there is no way I can make it on time, I make a request to the universe to please expand time and allow me to get there on time. (I am hugely sensitive to this as I was fired once for being 10 minutes late…..and I seem to always be 10 minutes late.) It is AMAZING how this works – to the minute most times – but then, I know that after that appointment is reached, time will increase / accelerate for the rest of the day. Kind of like a balancing out.
    The other day I was stuck in the traffic downtown with a friend in a really busy city and she had to collect her dog from the parlour at 1pm. It was Saturday and the shop would be closing at that time. I told her what I was doing, that she mustn’t worry and she kind of politely sneered. Anyways, as we arrived at the parlour I asked her what the time was……1pm. That afternoon went by in a blip.

  9. Yes, not to mention that time has another value when on a diet. It’s like in Supernatural: 4 months on earth equal 40 years in hell…4 months on normal food is 40 years on vegetables and weight watchers.
    I love Dali!

  10. I remember one day, when we had no power or internet for six hours (at least) – a beautiful Summer day, that seemed to go on *forever* with no TV or computer.

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