Three Stelliums: Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces: February 28 – March 1, 2022

three stelliums feb 28 2022Effective today!

This caught my eye! I particularly like Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in their own signs, with Mars in exaltation.  I know a lot of people feel down but I find it hard to believe something good won’t come of this.

I stumbled on this running through the charts to put something together about the Spring stellium in Pisces which begins in February and culminates at the end of April.  It’s going to be something to witness, I’d say, though the whole thing may be invisible.

It makes me think of a old post that goes all the way back to 2006. It seems off-topic but it’s not.  I advised this woman to do something invisible but utterly life-changing.

I’m 40 Years Old And Never Married

These three stelliums lend themselves to this kind of transcendent power play.  I really hope people don’t sleep on this!

What do you think? Does this look like an opportunity to you?


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Three Stelliums: Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces: February 28 – March 1, 2022 — 11 Comments

  1. This is basically my solar return. My solar return moon is at 13 degrees aquarius so just after this. The Venus mars Pluto is sextile my natal ascendant. My natal IC is 12 degrees Pisces and just starting to move our belongings into our new huge house we bought from the Catholic Church. My husbands MC is 14 degrees aquarius. Lost my baby last august and then lost a ton of weight. My changes are profound. I don’t feel like the same person and others sometimes don’t recognize me. My Pisces sun/IC conjunction likes to stay under the radar and is struggling with this. I felt my weight had something to do with losing her so I do not rejoice. I break down in tears if someone talks about my weight loss. I may have something physical going on that I need to check out so there is some worry. I hope this year is positive. All hope died for me last year. I also lost my grandfather who raised me. My Pisces sun square my Jupiter/Uranus in Sagittarius usually picks me up but NO. My progressed ascendant moved to 0 degrees Capricorn when I lost my baby girl and I felt all the sagittarian hopefulness leave my body.

  2. It FEELS like an opportunity for me. I have had an injured hip, an injury that stopped me from jogging around the track 10x, 3x a week several years ago. I recently stopped lamenting what I can’t do, and started focusing on what I can do. Hey! I used to keep really good records of things, and I can do that by buying a bunch of cute folios and stickers and a place to hold them, and voila! I organized my paperwork. I started canning jam and making saurkraut at home. I started thinking about what I can do, not what I cannot do. Pluto will be exactly cj my Jupiter in the 5th.

  3. Yes, it’s an opportunity for me as my birthday falls 2nd of March New Moon. New Moon conjunct jupiter on my natal SUN!!
    (6th house though but heyyy, I can’t complain!! I hope, believe & pray it’s positive..) I do not believe my luck if you ask me hehe!

    Mars,Venus,Pluto will be conjunct in my 4th house all of them on the same degree. How I feel about this, surely it’s a big inner(4th house) transformation.

    It’s also my Saturn Return later on this year(5th house) I’m unemployed making money off a GAME having a blast in it. I can’t complain, Thanks GOD!

    I’ve been through a lot but I feel it’ll be a positive year for me with this new moon solar energy, I finally feel strong enough to say NO to what isn’t for me, I won’t people-please (Libra ascendant) I’m sorry to anyone who hoped I would be, the past few years were dark & heavy, sometimes a little too heavy, but I’ve fought hard for this little energetic gift (I believe it is positive I pray for it…)

    I think if there was a pause button for time, this should be the year I should hit it & live like this for eternity ( LOL )

  4. My 2nd house is on fire!!!

    Mars venus pluto tightly conjunct my natal moon ar 28 degree capricorn.

    Transiting neptune is also trine my natal mars at 22 degree Capricorn and loosely conjunct my natal jupiter at 19 degree Pisces in 4th house.

    Natally I have moon conjunct mars and mars sextile jupiter.

    I feel like I m doing a redo of my self esteem (natal sun opp saturn/ saturn conjunct asc too). Earlier I have had really put low standards in terms of how people treated me wherein people took advantage of my niceness (venus in cancer) and left me wounded. I m reworking my ego – starting to understand my worth.

  5. Yes how about world peace
    I love to be in the dark of the moon at this time because it makes me think of the hunted being safe and I think that won’t be killings for two days or less possibility ??one can pray.Trifecta big winnings

  6. I’m lovin’ on this energy! Everybody I’m interacting with are like the energizer bunny. A “Let’s go! Let’s go!” kind of energy. It’s great to see and feel considering the winter doldrums we’ve been having

  7. Major depression…in personal outlook as well as regarding the deliberate chaos being enacted & ramped up on the world for over 2 years now..and feeling as if I’m disappearing… nearly homeless right now…I find myself more despondent then the depression I fought with when appx 2 decades ago I had to take full time care of my ailing parents, one with ALZ…Two of the conjunctions listed above: Sat+Mer & Sun+Jupiter+Moon plus Neptune nearby are all transiting the 1st house of my natal with the Pl+Ve+Ma in my Twelfth house…Please send some thoughts for hope for me devising means to climb out ASAP of the physical & emotional distress….and for us all to not succumb to this vampiric energy drain deliberately being conjured up all around…!

  8. this is really helping illuminate the jupiter vibe to me (mine is peregrine, so a bit… self contained.)
    i have been meeting amazing people who are pointing me forward in some really compelling ways. i am afraid to jump. i don’t know why. it is time to look myself in the face again.

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