Three Reasons Pride Month is More Relevant Than Ever

pride flagJune is Pride Month, and it is time to celebrate our LGBTQ friends and family. On top of that, it’s important to look at the origins of Pride, which can be traced back to the Stonewall riots. These were a series of protests after a police raid of a gay bar in 1969. I took a look at the astrology of that period, and I was shocked at the similarities to today.

·        Brutality Exposed. Jupiter, planet of truth and broadcasting, was conjunct Pluto, which can be associated with abuse of power. People who had no idea there even were gay bars in their city were suddenly made aware of the brutal conditions under which the gay community had been living. Pluto can operate in the darkness for years and years, but when Jupiter enters the picture, truth will out.

·        A New Love. Uranus at the time was in Libra, a Venus-ruled sign. This brought a whole new way of version of love into the mainstream. People all across the country became aware of the LGBTQ community and had to rearrange their notions of what relationships looked like. Just as today many of us are exposed to new Taurean ideas about the safety, stability, and comfort of marginalized communities, so were people then exposed to a new idea of love.

·        Out of the Shadows. Mars, ruler of rage and activism, was conjunct Neptune, ruler of all things hidden and obscured. Suddenly people were mad as hell and they weren’t willing to live in the shadows anymore. All the pain and sacrifices that had been quietly endured for years on end became unbearable overnight, and people flooded the streets in protest. The LGBTQ community was underground no more.

This moment in time is unique. The current protests are not the Stonewall protests, and they shouldn’t be treated as equivalent. But as the old saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”  Now is a time of profound unrest, and it’s worth thinking about what kind of legacy it will leave.

How do you think history will treat the current moment?

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Three Reasons Pride Month is More Relevant Than Ever — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you, Midara, for an excellent post. A revolution in love and revealing the mistreatment of an oppresed community by the dominant culture. Now Uranus in Taurus will hopefully bring a revolution in values in how we treat essential workers, people of color, indigenous people, to ensure the dignity and safety of all humans.

    As a white person, I recommend reading Robin DiAngelo’s book “White Fragility” to all white people. We need to wake up and acknowledge how we’re complicit in racism (even if we think we’re not) and how we can help be better ancestors to future generations during these revolutionary times.

    • I bought some Ibram X Kendi books and am probably going to buy Layla F Saad’s book.. racism is a mental illness among other things

  2. ‘Just as today many of us are exposed to new Taurean ideas about the safety, stability, and comfort of marginalized communities.’

    That’s whats unbelievably hard to swallow. We can’t get passive. The things people have to do to just get by and the adjustments they have to make.

  3. This is a time to uncover the masks worn so long because they(the masks) hid so many ugly secrets. The irony of masks and social distancing in the time of The Virus is how those ‘practices’ are leveling the field of social activism.
    I am an old brown woman facing the rage that will no longer simmer silently in my liver and in my braced-for-all-assaults body. Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in my 1st House with Black Moon Lilith not far away in Aquarius.
    I think history is in the making, and without deeply revolutionary (Uranus in Taurus) personal conversations that err on the side of discomfort for us all, on many levels, we will vote(not just at the polls but in our relationships) with our silence; and enforce owning more than enough (of any and all forms of ‘comfort’) is normal. This is a body-felt moment in history. It’s not enough to philosophize or gather for workshops. Body language must take on literal meaning in our conversations.

  4. It’s hard to say because we are still in the thick of it, and the opportunities are still there (waiting, waiting, waiting for us to grasp them) for REAL healing. Honestly, as of now, I don’t think most people know what healing is, much less how to do it. It happens in the hearts and minds of those that are suffering, nowhere else. Noone can grant it to you, and if they claim to be able to- watch out! Those are the ones who wish to continue to feed off of your suffering.

  5. Pride. The casual use of that word sends shudders down my back. Why? Because I am student of Greek mythology. The mythology upon which Western astrology is based. We need look no farther for pride. Its other word is ‘hubris’.

    Earlier than the Christian sentiments of ‘pride goeth before a fall’, there is Icarus, flying too close to the Sun. There is Casseopeia, declaring herself more beautiful than Aphrodite herself, Goddess of love. Hubris. Too big to fail. Too big to fall. Humility befits us all.

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