Threatening To Leave Your Relationship – Video

I want to start a series of short videos designed to help people improve their relationships.  First up – Security!

Do you threaten your partner’s security?

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Threatening To Leave Your Relationship – Video — 10 Comments

  1. This is really great advice.
    I think some people don’t realize how destructive that type of behavior can be.
    You say it so well! Who wants to invest in a bank that’s going bankrupt, or stay in a sinking boat?

  2. My Dad should probably have seen this video when we were kids.
    I think he threatened to leave us approx every week or so.

    In the end, I lost all of my respect for him and left HIM instead.

    Fast forward to my first relationship where I was constantly afraid that my partner would leave me. Well, in the end he did. But it was a good thing. Our values were never aligned anyway. And I needed to grow the F up and grow some balls and backbone at the same time.

    Now, I am in a relationship where I am not taking the other person for granted (at least – I am trying my damnedest not to), and I really WANT this guy to be my man. I WANT to commit to a future with him, I WANT to be more than his girlfriend one day. I know he feels very good around me, and that is probably where you need to start – does it feel good to be around them? That is probably because they make you feel safe and secure!

  3. In my situation, the person I depended on financially, would tell me to leave constantly when I went against their wishes or stood up for myself or my child. They knew damn well I could not leave, so it was just a way to reinforce power over me. Basically I couldn’t win and I was repressed.

    All I thought about was finding a way to leave.

    So telling someone to leave has the same effect fyi.

  4. I’m still with them. They don’t do it anymore, now that I can actually leave… hmm howabout that? Proves they never really wanted me to leave. But I still haven’t forgotten how that made me feel. I will never forget it.

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