This Special Time Ahead Of The Full Moon In Virgo

Mars in Sagittarius Square The Stellium In Pisces Under The Full Moon In Virgo…

We’re ten days into this stellium in Pisces (possible) mess. It’s the square from Mars in Sagittarius that’s making it so challenging.

Mars in Sagittarius! You pull back you bow and let your arrow fly, aimed at Pisces. There is no telling where it goes from there.

There’s a chance it will have no effect at all. Pisces dissipates things; dissolves and disappears them.

There’s a chance your arrow swirls back around and hits you in the head.

But there is also a chance your arrow is caught by an angel. Some kind of ethereal force takes your effort and does things with it that are beyond your comprehension. There are so many ways this can play.

Consider my lifelong friendship with, Ben. You may have heard of him in some of my stories. We met in our twenties when we were both down and out. We both had reputations that preceded us. The people around us were curious how we might combine. Would we attract or repel? I was going to give him a fair shake but I was worried. He sounded so…formidable.

The day we met was astonishing. Ben is a Scorpio. He circled around me and said, “So you’re, Elsa. I’ve heard of you…”

My attitude at the time? “I’ve heard of you too,” I said. The look my face must have been like, if you want to fight, come on! But that’s not what happened.

Ben and I became friends and it happened fast. It happened in the moment.

No one could or would have predicted we’d maintain our friendship for all these years. We didn’t know it ourselves.

Ben reads this letter. He has friends who read this letter. Our lives and the lives of those around us have been impacted in ways impossible to quantify, all because of this collision that occurred so many years ago.

Considering this, you may want to go ahead and take a shot. When you do, it wouldn’t hurt to pray for a miracle.

What’s happening in your life?  What are you aiming for at this time?


This Special Time Ahead Of The Full Moon In Virgo — 16 Comments

  1. oh my. this stellium in pisces is hitting my 5th house hard. transiting mars in sag is in my 2nd house, conjuncting my natal moon and natal Neptune.

    what a mess. I am almost sabotaging myself. I am walking a delicate line. it’s almost like I woke up and decided that it was time to be a bad girl. it’s stupid. it’s like being high. I am so far gone and past reality it’s not even funny. I don’t know what to do.

  2. No wonder I felt foggy!!! I couldn’t concentrate last night to do homework as I usually do. Odd…

    But I’m stuck in a circle of domestic duties: find a job, find a place, stop spending my savings, stay in school. Buuuut I gotta find a place now, but then somehow get a job too, but I don’t like this job but I wanna stop spending my savings. Funny thing is, I’m currently employed by 2 companies (one is in WA).

    I can’t wait for this to be over. It’s not horrible, but it’s annoying.

  3. I am in a fog, my sleep is totally screwed up, I was hoping my hubby would get his lung biopsy this week but it has been put off until the 23rd. Just more weeks to be stressed out and having his birthday a week later does not help. So much for his birthday celebration plans because I am sure he will not be up for a party.

  4. I’m faced with a decision that could make or break me, my daughter and our future. Being the peace loving Pisces I want my daughter to go to Hawaii with a family friend and snap out of her 4 month current cycle of extreme rebellion. But…since my Aries daughter (15) has recently had a history of runningway, college parties, being groomed and shot at by gang members, besides mental health (possibly bipolar emerging like father I divorced) it seems like this is Time for residential treatment. But I may be the bad guy..Arg! Decision, decisions…

    • Oh my goodness! Bless your heart. ? Well, this moon is in Virgo and that’s a sign of healing. So I think you will have the right answer soon enough! Hope things get better for you all soon!! ❤️❤️

  5. Hi, Does this only mean about (relationships with lovers and or close friends). Because it is effecting my way of employment. (not sure) too foggy) story… any insight from Elea would be supportive. How does it effect Capricorn. 6/1/1956 Cap Sydney Australia early morning double Capricorn (so I am told by hospital) often wonder when is the true data collection when one is born)!!!
    ( I am in Australia) and as a 62 years old, I seeking employment and kind of starting a new career or sort of. its a mess and right now I also caught with Uranus in my 4 house opp. the 10 house. So I sort of temporarily move to a city with (older family members) to see if I could achieve employment. (bills) mixed feeling of missing my own home and family – tears of not knowing what is the correct thing to do. Despite that I have no plants in Pieces and or Virgo. I am loss and confused. Major issues with Vehicle break downs and costly repairs. (lies) about what is broken to be replaces as mechanical parts has show up this week. (as a Capricorn, I do not handle un expected events and disruptions from sound routines). (I just pray that I am able to find stability as I certainly am nervous and constantly upset emotional – causes other illness to unfold.) Really not sure what I suppose to be doing at the later part of my life I actually thought I was to slow down and retire but outside controls of living into he 21 century here in Australia, seem to have other opinion.

  6. Oh lordy, I am just aiming to be present, ya know in the moment, taking life as it comes. I live with moon, mercury conj in Sag natally, 11 h. (am 66yrs old) and have learned a great deal about foot in mouth disease. Also have n Chiron\Sun 4.50\5.01 Cappy 12 h. (Guess who came to dinner during Jan’s lunar eclipse?).25 degree Cappy asc. Still with me?
    Got Pisces intercepted in the second h where N node resides. Have been concerned about where I will be residing of late. Losing independance is “transition” to rival most.
    Future tripping can turn a frown upside down with conscious effort using the famous manifesting arts. But now…I think just staying conscious is my ticket. That and working at whatever needs, that feels appropriate considering the sextile to Saturn and a loaded 6th house. Surrendering to service has much power to ease a worried mind. Know anyone that can use a hand?

  7. School school and more school projects…. we are about halfway through the semester so starting to feel burned out and euphoric simultaniously. Working closely with some Sag energy right now for school project. I’m pisces. All of those scenarios you mentioned seem possible. I think the one about the arrow being caught by an angel seems most probable at this point. I’m not feeling any friction as of now.

  8. OMG, trying to keep track of bills and transactions, make a budget, etc is like nailing Jello to the wall. Good luck. At least I they have apps for everything. Still can’t figure out where all the money goes…..this Pisces dog is in my 3rd and 4th houses. Home life has been weird, too. Potential roommates show interest for two seconds then disappear into the ether…….

  9. Pisces 1st house here…. Boundaries is broken down/blurry by Mars (men’s) arrows. Even with Saturn in Cap and better boundaries, I was on a 2nd date with a man who didn’t listen to my (feeble attempts at) stopping him. I was affected by alcohol (Neptune) and so I was even weaker than usual.

    One thing is for sure; Neptune transitting 1st house has made me realize I need to be firm with a capital F regarding by physical boundaries! Ugh….

  10. Thank you Elsa! This is an amazingly poignant post for me. I took a chance today, I slung the arrow and just like you say, there is chance it dissipates and leads to nothing and there is a chance it leads to future opportunities that are yet unknown and there is even a chance it comes back to bite me. But I rolled the dice.. Mars in Sagittarius is aspecting my Sun and the full Moon aspects my Mars. I had to act.

  11. Oh dear. It’s not even noon and this day has been tiring already. I had class all morning, My group and I were supposed to do give a presentation but only 3 of 5 showed up, those missing not answering our calls. The presentation was missing information because one of the absentees didn’t even do their job. We couldn’t even start presenting because the teacher lectured us for what seemed a long time and made us repeat for another day. After that I had to be somewhat stern with two of my working groups because of the lack of communication. Everyone has been ignoring stuff I ask. So I felt I really needed to call their attention. No wonder most people don’t like me.

    • I just realized that this recent feeling of talking to a wall when trying to communicate with other classmates can be because of the Pisces stellium (which fall on my 11th).

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