This is A Good Day To Surprise Someone With A Thank You Or An Apology

Venus in Libra (manners) is mashed up with Uranus (surprise) and Pluto (healing) right now.  It’s a wonderful day to apologize or to let someone know you appreciate the way(s) they grace your life.

This is especially true in cases where there is a log jam.

Try it and you’ll see what I mean.


This is A Good Day To Surprise Someone With A Thank You Or An Apology — 13 Comments

  1. I tried it and it was enormously liberating. I thanked someone for bringing me into this century by suggesting (forcefully) I get a Roku, lol. It really has had a huge impact on life, I can’t tell you. I used to have an hour of escape via entertainment (alone) every few months. Now it is regular for me and I thought I ought to let the guy know…

  2. He won’t answer his door or his phone. I left an apology on his phone for my recent bad behavior. I’m also ready to accept that if he wanted me in his life he would have kept me in his life. I tried to be friends, but it obviously isn’t going to work. I have to quit going to go to my usual Wednesday music because he goes there, too. I’m tired of ripping off the scab. I can and will get over this. I don’t understand the emotional mess I am these days – I can usually detach (Aquarius Moon) pretty easily. I was settling with him and I know that – he could never give me what I really wanted – so why is this so hard?

  3. I have no one to apologize to. I’m mindful of expressing my gratitude every day to keep the good mojo flowing. So…maybe someone will contact me and apologize to me? For what, I don’t know. I’m in another one of those dry spells where none of my aspects seem to be doing anything.

  4. I am writting from Brazil. I’ve been following astrodispatch and ravenesque tarot, and I’d like to say that both are very good, and help me a lot (in veru dificult time). Yesterday, I had a bad surprise: ravenesque is out of net. So, I don’t know about ravenesque’s reasons, but maybe this message about apologize/forgive will be very intersting for all of us, including ravenesque. All my life I have to lead with this question: apologize/forgive (my natal chart is this: 21/12/1974, 14h15, sao paulo, brazil). I know that is important respect ourselves in some moments of our lives, be away for a while. But, apologize/forgive is the next step. I prefer that this message don’t be published, but I’d like a lot if it is sent to ravenesque, but I don’t know how can I communicate with the responsable to this other site. I am sending to this person my good energy. Maybe this message seems a little weird, but I have the best intention. It’s part of my centaurus nature. Sorry for my bad English. Best regards

  5. I am owed an apology, but very much doubt I will get one. He is too proud, too egotistical, lacks humility. So I will not hold my breathe. If only he read your blog!

  6. Hi Elsa, I just took your advice after reading this post and sent an apology that is about 2 and a half years overdue. Thanks for the boost in the right direction. My apology was sent electronically, even though I think it is sort of cowardly to do it that way if I have the option of doing it in person, which I do, but I figured I would take advantage of the timing. Appreciate the advice. This needed to happen and your prompting made it so.

  7. I apologized to both you and Annalisa, on Friday, and Saturday. I don’t think I have anyone else to apologize to. I’m thinking about it, though.

  8. Salali, you did not owe either one of us an apology. I am completely baffled as to what you are talking about both here and on the boards. No one has any problem with you, of any kind, that I am aware of.

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