Things Getting Awkward?  Bring in a Gemini!

laughingThanksgiving for my family was small this year. My partner, stepson, sister, and I were the only ones in attendance at my mother’s house. Now, my partner and my stepson hadn’t ever been to my mom’s new place, and they had barely seen her since she and my father divorced last year. And on top of this, my partner and stepson are huge introverts who would rather pull out their fingernails than speak in a group. I could feeeeel the awkwardness seeping into the room.

Except, it didn’t.  Because my sister, a mega-Gemini with a grand trine in air, swooped in to save the day.

She kept me company in the kitchen as I cooked, playing with utensils (don’t let that woman near a turkey baster!), dancing around, and making me giggle into the cranberry sauce.

She dragged my partner to another room where they could tell each other stupid dirty jokes while the rest of us listened on and groaned.

She peppered my stepson with so many questions that he couldn’t help but come out of his shell. Because of her, my 14 year-old actually put down his phone and came into the kitchen for a cooking lesson, and proceeded to tell me hilarious stories about how awful his school lunches are.

She checked on my mom and joked around, making sure that she felt at home with her little house being so full of people.

When things got quiet, she distributed little gifts she had been collecting for all of us and told stories and jokes about each one (”Okay, I gave you bright pink lipstick. Now I want to see it in one of your videos because SOME OF US DON’T HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN TO READ YOUR BLOG POSTS”).

And at the actual dinner table, she held court, checking on everyone and making sure there were no lulls in the conversation.

She didn’t have any set ‘duties’ that day. She didn’t cook and didn’t bring much of anything. But the day would have been a total disaster without her. Because of her lively energy, the whole house was full of laughter and delight. Her effortless ability to ping pong between rooms and conversations made it seem like she was everywhere all the time, and she injected the whole day with sparkling, effervescent LIFE. She brought us together as a family when we could have all easily been silent pillars, doing our duty but ignoring the joy. She made Thanksgiving wonderful.


Gemini is so maligned and misunderstood in pop astrology. It’s like people think they have no purpose outside of trivia and lies. It’s absurd! Geminis, embodying the outward expression of Mercury, are CONNECTORS. They bring people and data and stories and thoughts together in new and unexpected ways. They charm us with jokes and novelty. They find commonality where everyone else is sure none exists. And when the whole world feels so heavy, they remind us to keep things light.

So the next time you’re about to enter an awkward social interaction, wrangle a Gemini friend into coming along! And if you can’t manage that, at least try to channel their energy. Remember that everyone is connected by our shared humanity. No matter what, you DO have something in common, and you CAN make a connection. And that wisdom is the gift Gemini brings to the world.

How do you feel about Gemini energy? If you’re a Gemini, have you ever had to save the day like this?

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Things Getting Awkward?  Bring in a Gemini! — 14 Comments

  1. I bring warring family together all the time, especially the holidays! Most just need to come out of themselves. Lighten up and show a little gratitude. Not hard.

  2. @Midara, your sister sounds like a sweetheart and a lot of fun!
    I’ve never thought of Gemini as lying as much as exaggerating or playing tricks or games with situations. And not nefariously, just having a bit of fun.

    I’m a Scorpio but I can appreciate Gemini energy. I have a Juno in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra and Chiron in Aquarius trine in my chart. I can be very social and love brining family together and if I had a big house and it wasn’t COVID I’d love to have more dinner parties. I’ve never had to rescue a gathering but I do get fully engaged!

  3. Love Gemini energy! My fiancé, daughter, and best friend are all Gemini suns! I don’t really associate any one sign with lying. I think people lie in general. My fiancé often saves the day and our daughter, at the age of 4, is a natural comedian and prankster. And she always wants to bring people together, her school friends, neighborhood friends, and ballet friends. She always planning a way to get them all together.

  4. You’ve made my day with this story, and you filled my heart with love and hope that one day I’ll have this again. Love ❤️

  5. If I use Placidus system I have Sun, Mercury and Mars in 3rd hs which I can relate to, most often.
    There are times (like this morning) when I say to myself, “that’s it. Just shut your mouth, you talk too much…” is there a cure?… ?
    Mercury is my natal chart ruler.

  6. What a delightful story! And so to the point. I did not appreciate my Gemini Moon until I started learning astrology in earnest, judging the sign as too superficial and trivial (says my Scorpio stellium). Then I began to reflect on what I’m actually like and yes, I have saved many a tense situation between people by injecting a one-liner that brought relief and laughter. Gemini – a much underrated energy for sure (and of course so are all the other signs if they only get the pop-astrology treatment). Thank you for spreading joy, Midara!

  7. On the other hand, the source of tension and unhappiness in my family is a Gemini. Very manipulative, very ANGRY, and the first to put anyone down.

  8. Triple Gemini here! And kid at heart at age 59. I really appreciate this because sometimes, we get stereotyped. I’m frequently reminded of a t-shirt I saw once that said, “Life is mysterious, don’t take it serious.” Easier said than done, but important to remember

  9. Both my parents are Gemini rising, and my daughter has her sun and Venus in Gemini. They all talk a lot and love gossip, lol. I don’t have any Gemini placements, but I have a third house stellium, so I like their energy a lot.

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