The Worst Sign In The Zodiac To Be Is…

I was talking to satori about the Mechanic who does the tech stuff on this site.  “I thanked him,” she said. “I thanked him for the forum.”

“Yeah, he built them. He also built the Astro Dispatch and that was no easy feat!  That thing in incredible and he doesn’t even know any astrology. Can you imagine?  400 astrologers benefit from that thing. They don’t even know his name.  All this work and it’s thankless.  Want my advice?  Whatever you do, don’t be a Virgo. If you are ever being born and someone says, wanna be a Virgo?  Say no.”

What sign would you advise against being?


The Worst Sign In The Zodiac To Be Is… — 72 Comments

  1. I agree with Virgo, but I’m going to take it a step further – don’t be a Gemini with a Virgo Moon. Oh my, having seen this OCD/ADD mess in action, it’s enough to make you tired just watching it. 😀

  2. I would also agree with Virgo. I do not understand their self-sacrifice bent At All. I mean, I guess someone has to do it, but…I’d go nuts.

  3. Note: I have NO Virgo but am surrounded by them (or Virgo risings) of late. They give me crap about not being self-sacrificing enough.

  4. Libra! who wants to always be the last person to make up their mind!

    finally figured out why I have sooo many Virgo Sun/rising people in my life and as clients (as well as Pisces) . . . my Moon-Neptune conjunction & 12th house Sun/water sign rising gives me a Pisces feel. glub, glub, glub 🙂

  5. Hey Neith, i would have to agree with you!
    I also read somewhere that libra is the only inanimate sign in the zodiac. Scales don’t have life in them! Don’t know what to make of that. im libra too, by the way lol.

  6. I’m not an astrologer, only a curious interested follower, but I have NEVER understood Capricorns. What are their virtues except being persistent at being plodding?

  7. Yah well some of us didn’t get the choice and get stuck with Virgo stelliums to boot. So unfair.

    Everyone else gets to run and play and fish and fly and we get to stay home and take vitamins and reorganize cabinets. Sheesh.

    Even I hate myself.

  8. the worst sign is cancer of course. so sensitive! too sensitive for this world! (puts hand to head and faints) 😉

    virgos are amazing but can drive me batty. i have a virgo moon and am close with another virgo moon and her intellectual hair splitting is maddening. but she’s deeply deeply compassionate

    lol togi — yeah my virgo moon loves to read about supplements and vitamins and then i get too anxious to take them!

  9. I would NEVER EVER EVER want to be a Virgo… EVER…

    … even though I have two planets in Virgo 😉

    And awwww… I like Cancer, moonpluto! 🙂 However, I can see how much a pain it is to be a Cancer. I have a moon in Cancer and I believe this is my strongest of all planets. I’m extremely hypersensitive and with the Pluto square – it’s an even bigger pain in the ass -_-

  10. Scorpio has such a bad reputation for the possibilities of really dark, depressing, Bad Stuff. Drugs, mental illness, what not – more so, it seems, than the other signs. There’s a definite shadow over Scorpio.

    I’m also in agreement with the person that said Libra, too. It’s hard having planets in Libra.

  11. I WISH I was a Capricorn, and I was going to vote for “try not to be a Gemini”, because I only have a Gemini moon and I find it exhausting.

  12. as per my opposition between Moon & Sun, I’m torn between Libra and Aries…if I HAD to make a choice *gasp* 😉 I’d have to say Libra, ONLY b/c I’ve known so many Libran women who were off their effin’ rocker…I’ve never met a sane one (yet! I hope there’s at least one out there!!) 😉

    p.s. I fully admit that my Libran Moon makes me off my rocker *emotionally* 😀

  13. Oh lunalie: didn’t know u had moon in cancer. Remembering various posts of yours, that makes Sooo much sense to me now. You seem very sensitive yet you have that double aries thing–

    I do like my cancerian self but always feel like I don’t quite… fit.

    I don’t know any scorpios these days– just a couple of mars in scorpio…

    As for libra. Hell, I’d love to be pretty and charming like libra (that’s how I seem them anyway)

  14. As a Cap with Virgo moon I think it hilarious they’ve both got a beating here (cap only once but it was a doozy!) I love Libra’s, I love how cute they are when they wander around unable to make up their minds, and they love when I make their decisions for them. All the cancer’s I know are soft and squishy (emotionally, not physically) and huggable. Scorpio men are fascinating, the women are a bit full on. Same with Aquarius males, my 2 best male friends are Aquarius but I don’t get the women at all. So as a woman, I’d think to be a Scorpio or Aquarius would be very hard work.

  15. Virgo sun or more than 2 virgo planets! Since we know that an accepting positive attitude toward one self is paramount for happiness, this is a scab picker with a magnifying glass–the self defeater’s dream machine. And, Scorpio loves to watch!

  16. i actually like being a virgo, but i’m kind of a freak.

    i wouldn’t want to be a capricorn. y’all get SO stressed and anxious about stuff from the ones i know anywho.

  17. Cancer drives me nuts because of all the damn crying. My Cancer grandma was a huge sobber. Pisces too.

    Capricorns luuuuuuuuuuuuuv work. On the one hand, that’s great, but on the other hand, I’m not gonna date one again and get dumped on Valentine’s Day so he can go work. I think Caps are fabulous as long as they don’t try to get romantically involved. Actually, that’s not true. You can date a Capricorn, just don’t date one who’s allowed to work overtime. Make darned sure you pick one who has a job where they are only allowed in the building from 8-5.

    • I’m sorry that I was born on the 14th of July! I can’t help being born. Cancer is just my sun sign, but my moon sign is Capricorn and my rising sign is libra

  18. My two cents on top of everything else- At least Virgos can get a feeling of solid accomplishment. “Yeah! I did that!” And sometimes little things make them really happy. Like getting the perfect color of paint mixed.

  19. Haha your so right Elsa, Scorpios love being Scorpios. I have asked myself the serious question of “what is the best sign in the Zodiac?” the answer was Scorpio ofcourse! But what sign would I NOT want to be would be Gemini or Virgo, to much insecurity and bull-shitting around.

  20. Hmm…

    I do not envy Pisces, though that may be due mostly to my history of (platonic) friendships with them, it starts great but eventually ends in a Cold War that never ends (since I’m always or nearly always the one who ends it).

    I envy Libra social skills, but their indecisiveness makes me question how Cardinal that sign supposedly is. I certainly wouldn’t want to be involved with one unless they had almost as many fixed planetary placements as I do.

    I envy the Capricorn archetype for their work ethic, but I’d rather be a Scorpio if I had a choice in changing my Sun sign (though I guess my Pluto aspects and 8th house asteroids might make up for the fact that it will never happen).


  21. i don’t myself as very virgo (ascedant)
    but i am tired of spending so much energy trying to help people who don’t want to be helped. what’s the point?

  22. I wouldn’t want to be a Pisces, they lack energy, get bullied easily, and don’t like the material world, which I think you must appreciate if you are to cherish God’s gifts. I would rather be an Aries. But being a Sagittarius with Mars in Aries is good enough!

    I like Pisces people, but I wouldn’t want to be them.

  23. Errr… all this time… all these people & we have exactly proven satoris point here!

    29 posts & STILL no one has Thanked the Mechanical Tech Guy =)

    *-*-*THIS SITE IS AWESOME*-*-*

  24. Sorry Guys… Think I should have said proven Elsa’s point!!! Too Rude *blush*
    Must learn to read one of these days

  25. yeah, thanks mechanic! I’ve often wondered what you look like…

    I simply have to stick up for Cappies here. They’re fabulous in bed. All that persistence and earthiness, as their partner you aren’t leaving until you’re fully satisfied. Besides, your legs are like jellyfish…

    I know, I know…you’re thinking that dull plodder? Um, they are WAY different without clothes on, way different. For a few hours, they actually relax and stop thinking about work.

  26. Gah. I don’t recognise any of the portraits of Capricorn here (‘cept Dixies)and am sick of arguing with people about it. So I think it’s definitely the worst to be, if the worst is defined as most misunderstood.

  27. Aries seems to be a tough – maybe challenging is more accurate, IDK – energy to integrate if one is a woman; at least that’s what I’ve taken from the ram women I’ve known. The ambition and absolute drive to “win” – some parts of society just don’t seem to feel this is cool when it’s coming from a woman. The directness, too, can put people off or intimidate them or whatever. I find it admirable but then again, I have often been “criticized” for same (maybe b/c I have Aries on the midheaven?)

  28. Big hugs, all around, and coffee/tea/shots too. I live here now. You can not get rid of me, just let me know when I’m being a Virgo. 🙂
    We sincerely do mean well, and that sense of accomplishment is most felt when it’s on the personal level (and good “work”). When we can’t make that work work out…oh man. Just let us polish the spiderwebs until we level out, and check in to make sure we’re still breathing and have something to fix or clean…

    Thanks SO MUCH for this post. It hits my own “today” topics on every level:

    I’m actually happy as heck to be me, now that I understand that it’s my job and I’m darn skippy good at it…and that SOME people do appreciate it.


    YEAY EVERYBODY! You wouldn’t really trade your stars, would you? Our “weaknesses” are the only thing that make our strengths manageable.

    Scorpios, feel free to chime in with a summary of all that in one koan. Sexy jerks. 😉

    Back to my homework. More hugs.

  29. McKenna @ 30: 29 posts & STILL no one has Thanked the Mechanical Tech Guy =)

    Liz thanked the Mechanic @ 18, which was over a year ago. I’ll thank the Mechanic myself, one mechanic to another: Thanks, dude!

    Elsa @ 12: But Scorpios love being Scorpios…

    Well, I personally can’t think of anything to recommend it. It just buys a lot of trouble, with not much in the way of return. Speaking as someone with Venus in Libra, *three* planets in Virgo and Mars in Cap along with the sun in Scorp.

    Doing Virgo stuff tends to be thankless yes, but it doesn’t cause all kinds of trouble the way doing Scorpio stuff does.

    [‘We all have our crosses to bear… etc. etc.’]

  30. Sag is trouble. My friends are Cap & Libra usually. Gemini into head games Taurus tries to boss me. I like Aries close to the ingress. They are entertaining. Scorpio is evasive, cancer; controling, pisces has it’s nose in a book, leo drama Qs. Virgo’s are aloof and nosey.

    I see my shadow, I’m here on earth and grateful.

  31. But worse than that I would hate to be a cancer

    virgo people have a brilliant sense of humor – taurus can be a bit too slow and capricorn are so convoluted they don’t even know it at least scorpios know that they have that going!
    I envy pisces, and libra and gemini and aquas something about them is just so ethereal – leos are the best friends one can have (even with their big egos) and sags are just lovable

  32. Sun sign? I’m surprised noone ever mentions Aquarius. The sun is in detriment in this sign. The ones I’ve met always seem a tad.. broken.

  33. Try being a Cap with Scorpio rising and moon in Scorpio with 3 other planets in Cap all conjuncting my sun. Then I have a venus in Sag in the first house which makes me look like a light hearted, and fun loving kind of woman without a care in the world. That my friends is difficult.

  34. Really? The sun’s in detriment in Aquarius? I never knew that before. (That makes me a double detriment then b/c my moon’s in Capricorn, LOL!) Buuuuut the sun’s my chart ruler, which I’ve always heard fortifies a person’s sun sign, so I’m safe! Definitely not broken. A tad demented, yes. But in one piece. 🙂

  35. I love being a Scorpio! 🙂 also like a lot my Aquarius rising, it’s just my Pisces Moon that I would like to change.

  36. my heart is aching for taurus as of late…i think it’s tough in this day and age..of instant gratification and less appreciation for the quality of things…things including both objects and relationships

    this comes to my mind after my 85 year old taurus mother shares with me the objects she treasures and has treasured for years and years…..she values the history, the craftsmanship, the person who gave it to her or the place she found it, and the story behind it….

  37. Dixie – 🙂 Merc rx got to me early too and blammed my computer out all day but I got back just in time to see your comment in the “recent” box and confirm with you that we have excellent taste, LOL!

  38. Im a virgo and yes can be a pain at times as all the signs can be. Im not OCD, can be critical, straight forward and very lovable great in bed and loyal. So I am sorry you have met such horrible Virgos but we are not all the same. I find Aries, Leos too selfish,liars, and not trustworthy & Scorpios selfcentered annoying demanding. Cancer can be cry babies I agree. Aquarius-NOT.

  39. Virgo sun
    Gemini moon
    Scorpio Venus
    Taurus Mars

    Oh and happily married to a Capricorn sun
    leo moon
    Sagi Venus
    Pisces Mars 20 plus years if it’s going to work it will.

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