The Week Of The Mouth – Mars Pluto Square Mercury Jupiter


Mercury in Libra will conjoin Jupiter all week. Expect people to blurt, preach their truth and think they are smarter than they are.

This situation will be exacerbated as our collective big (Jupiter) mouths (Mercury) will be fueled and intensified by the square to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.

Now if you want to mix it up, fine. But be prepared to lose (Pluto) your social connections (Libra) and status (Capricorn) if you fail to control yourself and hit someone’s sore spot.

There is a safer option. Rather than joust with people who might kill you, you can seek higher education to empower yourself in a practical manner. With this, I can help.

Periodically, I hold workshops on specific topics I know people need help with. I know because I do so much consulting.

Often there is time to define a problem but not enough time to offer comprehensive help to solve it. This is because the problems are complicated and usually long-standing.  To resolve them, a person has to be transformed on a deep level.

This is definitely a good week to push the boundaries of your mind and learn new ways of thinking. Mars Pluto is focused. Choose the worst problem you have and commit to breaking through this week.

Saturn in Sagittarius – A Real Education

Choose this workshop if you struggle with inflation, if your ego has had a haircut or you have trouble defining your beliefs. People with planets in the later degrees of the mutable signs are headed for a hard time in 2017. This workshop will really help.

Saturn Transit The 12th House / Saturn Neptune – Staying Stable As Reality Morphs

If you’re lost in the fog, struggling to keep your faith as structures that contribute to your sense of security dissolve, this is the workshop to take. I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart. I’ve messed with this stuff for decades – I can help. If you have Saturn in your 12th house (transiting or natal) or Saturn in aspect to Neptune, this is the workshop for you.

Venus Saturn – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate

This workshop is for people with real and serious problems finding love:  Venus Saturn in aspect, Saturn in the 7th, Venus in Capricorn. There is a spectacular void when it comes to helping people with the lack of love in their life. I know I got this right because another astrologer, with a worldwide reputation, bought this transcript.  She has Venus Saturn in her chart and reported on facebook that it is the only thing she’s ever read on the topic that actually helps.

So there you go. One way or the other, your mind is likely to go out of bounds this week. You control its direction!



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